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Steve Gornall


Steve Gornall - Steppin' Out - 1997 - Golden Gate Records

Sideman for Bob Seger and Joe Cocker steps out on his own. From Detroit Michigan, blues guitarist Steve Gornall tears it up with some west coast heavies: Don Bassey: Bass, Kevin Hayes: Drums ( Robert Cray Band), Jimmy Pugh: Keyboards (Robert Cray Band, Chris Isaak), Jim Boggio: Accordion (Sonoma Swamp Dogs). The vocals wail, and the guitar soars as the band thunders through ten songs (eight new originals). This isn't "fall asleep in your beer" blues. No, this is "get on your feet and have a good time" rockin' blues! Awarded an Honorary Lifetime Membership by ther Detroit Blues Society © http://www.globerecords.com/cgi-bin/db/search.cgi?phrase=Steve+Gornall&specific=focus

Steve is originally from Detroit where he received an Honorary Lifetime Achievement Award from the Detroit Blues Society in 1992. He has played guitar for Bob Seger; and in 1996, he toured the USA as Joe Cocker's lead guitarist on the House of Blues Barnburner Tour. This is Steve's 2nd CD. It features Robert Cray's drummer and keyboard player (Kevin Hayes and Jimmy Pugh, respectively). Steve's long-time bass player, Don Bassey, lays down a nice heavy groove for Steve to play some amazing blues-guitar licks. There's some nice slide work on here as well! There are 10 originals and 2 covers on this recording. A good "Honest To God" blues rocker. Check out Steve Gornall & The Blue Collar Blues Band's s/t album


1 Vodka, Beer, Wine & Whiskey
2 Blue Monday
3 Who's Been Talking?
4 Howl, Wind, Howl
5 Highway 29
6 Steppin' Out
7 Good Woman Blues
8 Honk If You Have The Blues
9 Cajun BBQ
10 Seven Year Itch

All songs composed by Steve Gornall except "Who's Been Talking?" by Chester Burnette, and "Steppin' Out" by James Bracken


Steve Gornall - Guitar, Vocals
Don Bassey - Bass
Kevin Hayes - Drums [ Robert Cray Band]
Jimmy Pugh - Keyboards [ Robert Cray Band]
Jim Boggio - Accordion on "Cajun BBQ" [ Sonoma Swamp Dogs]


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