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Alex Machacek, Jeff Sipe, Neal Fountain

Alex Machacek, Jeff Sipe, Neal Fountain - The Official Triangle Sessions (Live) - 2008 - AbstractLogix

2008 Release. This was a special weekend of music. Alex Machacek, Jeff Sipe and Neal Fountain performed three nights of music during the last weekend of June in North Carolina. It was the very first time that Alex and Neal met. Neal Fountain hails from the musical hotbed of Athens, GA, and has been playing professionally from the age of 14. Best known as a sideman to Col. Bruce Hampton and the Fiji Mariners (a post-A.R.U. project of Hamptons) and drumming phenom Jeff Sipe. Neals name is on the short list of greater Atlanta's finest musicians.Matt Garrison was originally scheduled to play with Alex and Jeff as part of the Improvision DVD Shoot. However we had to postpone the DVD shoot because of scheduling conflicts. Neal came on a very short notice and played just great with Alex and Sipe. It got better with every night. So this music is from the final performance from Raleigh. Beautiful moments throughout the entire evening. © http://www.abstractlogix.com/xcart/product.php?productid=23864&cat=0&page=1

Austrian-born electric guitarist Alex Machacek is one of the young post-John Scofield/John McLaughlin/Allan Holdsworth performers whose melodic sense is in a phase of being developed. While he's beyond the noodling stage on this, his fourth album, one gets a sense that he's still a work in progress to find his clear and present voice, preferring to toy with sounds, voicings, and techniques that will serve his ideas better down the road. This live performance in Raleigh, NC, at the Lincoln Theatre is an exercise in that searching process, the guitarist teamed with drummer Jeff Sipe and electric bassist Neal Fountain. While certainly in the jam band area, one could mistake them for a quintessential power trio, but they are not there yet. Instead, Machacek and his mates are satisfied with elongating linear single lines stretched out over a ten-minute average until they slightly change up the mood. The more toned-down and prettier tracks seem to suit them, as the electrified improvisations simmer and at times explode, but rarely boil. The most interesting idea the group espouses collectively is during "Yoga for Cats 1," a spacy and soupy, deep and dark mood, followed by the pleasant "Neal's Fountain" in a traipse pulse, as Machacek's processed guitar is switched off on an alternate passage in shades of McLaughlin. The straight rock-funk of "Gem1" has noisy repeat phrases that meld into a jam, then mold the experiments into various sounds that are not necessarily musical. Synthesized sighing and a faux waltz identify "Pinchproof," while the end of the set has the band in a more sedate and even laid-back mood during "Along Came a Spider," crossing bar lines and offering a more melodic sense. "Put Me Back to Sleep" is an off-putting title that concludes the concert in lighter, acoustic modes with synthesizers as window dressing. The young bassist and drummer recall an embryonic Stanley Clarke and Tony Williams, respectively, minus over the top brashness and showy pyrotechnics, competent but undistinguished. Machacek is an interesting player whose music will advance over time into something distinctive; it's just not there yet. © Michael G. Nastos © 2014 AllMusic, a division of All Media Network, LLC. | All Rights Reserved http://www.allmusic.com/album/official-triangle-sessions-mw0000806614

The great Austrian-born electric guitarist Alex Machacek is joined by drummer Jeff Sipe and bass player Neal Fountain. Great Holdsworthian style fusion recorded live in concert in 2008 in N.Carolina, US. Not a shredfest but nice, at times subtle, with well structured compositions brilliantly played by three masters of the genre [All tracks @ 192 Kbps: File size = 98.2 Mb]


1 Pinchproof - Fountain, Machacek, Sipe
2 Strafe - Machacek
3 Very Sad - Machacek
4 Gem1 - Fountain, Machacek, Sipe
5 Yoga for Cats1/Neil's Fountain - Fountain, Machacek, Sipe
6 Along came a Spider - Machacek
7 Put me back to Sleep - Machacek


Alex Machacek - Guitar
Neal Fountain - Bass
Jeff Sipe - Drums

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