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Julian Sas

Julian Sas - Where Will it End? - 1996 - Corazong Records

Often called the "Dutch Hendrix", Julian Sas has become a guitar hero in the Netherlands. He has been compared to artists like Johnny Winter and Rory Gallagher. He was even invited several times to take Rory’s place in the original Rory Gallagher Band. He is certainly not a new Jimi Hendrix. There was only one Jimi! But being Julian Sas is good enough in itself. The Julian Sas Band is one of the strongest 3 piece blues/rock bands you will ever hear. Julian is a solid and sometimes spectacular player, decent vocalist, and usually backed by the tremendous rhythm section of Pierre de Haard on drums and a most impressive Phil Poffe' on bass. ‘Where Will It End!?’ is Julian Sas’s first album and was released in 1996. It was recorded, on invitation, in the famous Dolfin Studios in Frankfurt, Germany in 2 days, without any overdubs, put on CD as it was played live in the studio.This is earthy, gutsy, honest, dynamic, and electrifying boogie blues and soul rock. Julian is a great but underrated guitarist and a great Rory Gallagher fan. Join the club! LOL! Read more about this album @ http://www.cavalier-musicmanagement.com/artists/7-julian-sas/releases/15-where-will-it-end-- Check out Julian’s “A Smile To My Soul” album on this blog and buy his great "Bound To Roll" album and support great blues rock [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: File size = 117 Mb]


1. Turpentine Moan 3:07
2. Honey Babe 4:16
3. Make Up Your Mind 7:54
4. Goin'down 5:04
5. Trying to Do Right 3:04
6. Travelling Home 3:19
7. Home Feeling 3:44
8. Voodoo Love 4:57
9. I Don't Know 3:44
10. Stranger Blues 4:56
11. Serves Me Right to Suffer 7:16

All tracks composed by Julian Sas, Phil Poffé, & Pierre de Haard except Track 4 by Don Nix, Track 9 by Julian Sas, Track 10 by Elmore James, and Track 11 Trad.


Julian Sas - Guitars, Blues Harp, National Duolian, Vocals
Phil Poffé - Bass Guitar
Pierre 'Boogiemachine' de Haard - Drums


Hello everybody. My name is Julian. I was born on a river in 1970 in a small town in the center of the Netherlands called Beneden-Leeuwen. Since I was born I have been a restless person, This is something that I still have today. Only until I was 6 years old I knew where this was coming from; I saw this movie called the Toronto rock 'n roll festival. There I saw Jerry lee lewis and Chuck Berry. From that day on I knew what I was going to be In my life I wanted to make music. I was hooked as a little child on what I felt when I saw this movie, it was Jerry lees immense energy and maybe more important for my future I saw Chuck's guitar. My mother saw that I dreamed and talked only about guitars from that day on. So they gave me little toyguitars and stuff like that but I kept dreaming about the real thing. By the time I was 10 I was into bands like Motorhead and AC/DC, Judas priest and Iron Maiden and more heavy stuff. Loud guitars and big Marshall amps and again a lot of energy. They saw me listening to music that most children of my age weren't doing at that time so I started again about a real guitar and when I was about 12 years old I got one an Ibanez les paul copy which I still have today. With a guitar comes an amplifier so they gave me this 30 watt Yamaha where I could practice with. I started to listen to anything I could lay my hands on, and this is something that I still do today. I have never had no musical schooling so this is for me the only way to learn music. By listening and playing you start to know how things work. A friend of mine taught me some basic chords and a few scales and something about where to put your fingers and that was it. The rest was up to me. By the time I was 13 I heard something that really got me deep emotionally and his name was Muddy Waters. From that day on I decided to dedicate my life to blues and bluesrock. When I was not in school I played guitar, I kinda locked myself in my room to become what I wanted. The guitar became and still is an obsession for me. I'm a very quiet guy in fact and this instrument really gave me the chance to express my feelings. When I was 17 years old it was 1987 and that was great year for me because I met a girl who is now my wife; someone who knows what drives me in being a musician and understand what music means to me. And it was the first time I saw Rory Gallagher. He shocked my world big time. That was what I was going to be. I started a band and two years later I quit school, because we had a lot of gigs and becoming a history teacher was not my thing. I must have had a thousand jobs and a lot of jams and bands and duo's but by the time I was 26 I started this band called Julian Sas Band. We got a record deal and the first album was called 'Where will it end!?'. And that my friends is still the story today, when it is up to me we got along time coming, because we really love what we do. For me being a musician is all about freedom and doing what you really love. I am fortunate to be in such a position but then again I worked hard for it and still work hard for it because nothing in life comes easy. So this is my story. I want to tell you that for me playing music is something I try to do until the day I will lay my guitar down and I will meet the great spirits in the sky. I will always write songs about loneliness and oppression and being free out on the road. Music still comforts my ever restless soul. Which after all these years is still inside of me... Thank you for making my dream come true......... Julian © 2001-2012 www.juliansas.com


The Julian Sas Band is one of the leading blues rock bands in The Netherlands. Since they began playing together about 7 years ago, they have released 7 CD's, 1 DVD and done an awful lot of gigs. In 1998 the band received a public award for their second album called 'A Smile to my Soul'. It was listed as one of the best blues CD's of that year. In 1999, the Julian Sas Band was top of the bill at the legendary Fehmarn Festival (the German equivalent of Woodstock), which was entirely dedicated to the memory of Jimi Hendrix. The Band also featured at the Rory Gallagher Tribute in the Belgium town of Wespelare. In september 2000, they released 'Spirits On The Rise', their fifth and most recent album. Julian Sas lives in Beneden Leeuwen, a small town that lies between the rivers Maas and Waal in what might be called the Blues Delta of The Netherlands. This is where he finds inspiration for many of his songs. Although Julian is only 32, he is already being compared to American guitar giants such as Johnny Winter, Walter Trout and Jimi Hendrix. He can play load and aggressive as well as heartrendingly subtle, and no-one can play a boogie like he does. Most of the songs he writes are based on riffs of John Lee Hooker, Freddy King, Willy Dixon, Memphis Slim or other major blues artists. Julian is a great fan of the late Rory Gallagher and the fact that he was invited to take Rory's place in the original Rory Gallagher Band on a number of occasions, clearly shows how his fellow musicians have come to respect him. Pierre de Haard, the drummer in the band, lives in Germany. Since the end of the sixties, he has been playing various styles of music. Pierre, who is also known as the 'Boogie Machine', loves to improvise together with Julian. Tenny Tahamata of Moluccan origin is the bassplayer and lives in Tiel, The Netherlands. He's selftaught, has done experience with various local bands playing all kinds of music. The last years Tenny played with blues rock trio Half Past Midnight, which accompanied Curtis Knight until his death. In between he did several gigs with harp player Keith Dunn before to join the Julian Sas Band. © www.juliansas.com © http://www.mymusicbase.ru/PPB/ppb10/Bio_1047.htm

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