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Rory Block

Rory Block - I've Got a Rock in My Sock! - 1986 - Rounder

Rory's broadest-based and most accessible album of blues, folk ì and contemporary pop-oriented material, with guests Taj Mahal, Stevie Wonder and others. Rory Block is one of the greatest living acoustic blues artists. She can hold her own with the legends who inspired her. Her playing is perfect, her singing otherworldly as she wrestles with ghosts, shadows and legends. If you like blues rock/country blues music steeped in tradition and genuine feeling, Rory Block is your woman. There is info on the superb "Sisters & Brothers" album by Eric Bibb, Rory Block & Maria Muldaur @ Sisters & Brothers/Block and check out her "The Lady And Mr. Johnson" album @ BLOCK/LAMJ PW = Zappa


1.Send the Man Back Home - Rory Block
2.Moon's Goin' Down - Charlie Patton
3.Gypsie Boy - Rory Block
4.I've Got a Rock in My Sock - Rory Block
5.Foreign Lander - trad.
6.Goin' Back to the Country - Rory Block
7.M & O Blues - Willie Brown
8.Lovin' Whiskey - Rory Block
9.Highland Overture - Rory Block


Rory Block: synthesized bass, drum programming (1,8), acoustic guitar (2,3,6,8,9), background vocals
Warren Bernhardt: piano (4,6,8), synthesizer (8)
David Bromberg: fiddle (4), electric guitar (6)
Gary Burke: drums and percussion (6)
Stephen Foote: synthesizer (9)
Howard Johnson: tuba (4)
Taj Mahal: harmonica (2,7)
Vinnie Martucci: synthesizer (3)
Melody McCully: background vocals (1)
Huey McDonald: bass (4,8)
Scott Petito: bass (3)
Bud Rizzo: electric guitar (1,6,8)
Donnell Spencer: drums (3,4)
Arthur Stead: synthesizer (6)
Pamela Vincent: background vocals (1)
Joyce Wislon: background vocals (1)
Stevie Wonder: harmonica (3)


Rory Block (born as 'Aurora Block', November 6, 1949) is an American female blues guitarist and singer, a notable exponent of the country blues style. Rory Block was born in Princeton, New Jersey and grew up in Manhattan. Her father, Allan Block, ran a sandal shop in Greenwich Village in the 1960s, and the constant presence of members of the Greenwich Village folk music scene made an impression on the young girl, who studied classical guitar. Around age 14, she began to be fascinated by old Mississippi Delta blues, listening to old albums, transcribing them, and learning to play the songs. At age 15, she left home to seek out the remaining blues giants, such as Mississippi John Hurt, Reverend Gary Davis and Son House, and hone her craft in the traditional manner of blues musicians; then she moved to California where she played in clubs and coffeehouses. After retiring temporarily to raise a family, Block returned to the music business in the 1970s with middling success until signing with Rounder Records in 1981, who encouraged her to return to her love for the classical blues form. Since then she has carved out her own niche, releasing numerous critically acclaimed albums of original and traditional songs, including many Robert Johnson covers. Block has won four W. C. Handy Awards, two for "Traditional Blues Female Artist" (1997, 1998), and two for "Acoustic Blues Album of the Year" (1996, 1999). Copyright. (c) Mojohand. 2001. All rights reserved