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Maggie Bell

Maggie Bell - Live Boston Usa 1975 - 2003 - Angel Air

Maggie Bell's career has been long and distinguished, and her work with the legendary Stone The Crows, an impressive solo back catalogue and the obscure but impressive Midnight Flyer established her as one of the finest female blues/rock vocalists of the last 30 years. These live tracks were taken from Maggie’s personal tape recordings, and captures the great British blued-rock singer at the beginning of her post-Stone the Crows solo career in this eight-track live set featuring "I Was In Chains" and a cover of the Beatles' "I Saw Her Standing There." She is in brilliant form here, opening for Bad Company at Boston Music Hall, USA during 1975’s tour of the USA. Charles Shaar Murray said of her live performances that year “I mean no one this side of Mao Tse-Tung can upstage Maggie Bell”. That really summed up her performance as she took no prisoners and won over all audiences she performed to. The sound quality on this recording could be better, but nevertheless, its a great album. Check out her bio and performance with The British Blues Quintet Live In Glasgow @ BBQ/MAGGIEBELL


1.Coming On Strong
2. Wishing Well
3. I Was In Chains
4. What You've Got Is So Good
5. If You Don't Know I Can Tell You
6. I Saw Him Standing There
7. Penicillin Blues
8. Goin' Down


Recorded from a support slot on Bad Company’s US tour it features ex-Stone the Crows vocalist Maggie Bell. She is very much an underrated talent and the good news is that she has a new solo album out later this year. The songs on here covers mainly, like Free’s ‘Wishing Well’ and the Beatles ‘I Saw Him Standing There’. The Free cover is a cheeky one in my book as Free’s vocalist Paul Rodgers was in the headlining band, Bad Company. The epic blues workout ‘Penicillin Blues’ features some classy guitar before Maggie’s vocals storm in midway. ‘Goin’ Down’ is blues rock Groundhogs style and fans of 70’s blues rock bands like Savoy Brown et al will find much to enjoy on here. Loud and rocky but sadly let down by the ‘tinny’ sound on the vocals - still worth a listen though to hear one of the UK’s leading female rock vocalists. © Jason Ritchie, © 2003 Angel Air Records. All rights reserved


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