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Billy Peek

Billy Peek - Can a White Boy Play the Blues - 1986 - Rivertown Records

Billy Peek is an acclaimed bluesman that has been playing on and off for in the Saint Louis, Missouri area for over 50 years. He had a local hit, "Can A White Boy Play The Blues" recorded for Marlo. However, his main claim to fame is having played and toured extensively with Chuck Berry, and Rod Stewart. Before that, Billy fronted a band in the Gaslight Square in Saint Louis, Missouri with Bonnie Bramlett (Bonnie Lee). Billy played lead guitar, and recorded and toured with Rod Stewart for a few years. He played on five of Stewart's albums. You can hear some of his work on "The Rod Stewart Sessions 1971-1998" album, and Stewart's "Blondes Have More Fun" album. Listen to Billy's guitar on Chuck Berry's "Concerto in B Goode" album. Obviously, Billy's stints with Chuck Berry, Rod Stewart, and others influenced his music, and CAWBPTB is a very much rock, blues, and soul influenced album. There is a great version of Ike Turner's "Prancin'" on the album, although all the cuts are good. Billy Peek is a good vocalist, and a top class guitar player, who has been underrated for a long time. Not unusual, considering he has mainly been a "bridesmaid" for the bigger guys. There is no questioning Billy Peek's talent. He is a great blues rock guitarist, with Grade A credentials. He penned six of the tracks on this album, and also covers songs by Sonny Boy Williamson, Don D. Robey & Joe Medwick, and as previously mentioned, Ike Turner. This is a very short album, but what's here is good. Some of Billy's best guitar work can be heard on Eric Carmen's "Tonight You're Mine" album. Promote this guy and buy his great "The Answer" album. N.B: Can anybody help out with a complete musicians credit list for this album?


1 Can A White Boy Play The Blues? (05:23)
2 Good Mornin' School Girl (03:18
3 Good Lovin' Baby (02:47)
4 Prancin' (02:40)
5 Peek-A-Boo Inn (02:56)
6 Farther Up The Road (02:52)
7 Bobbie Lolli-Bop (02:53)
8 Bad One Legged Lover (02:48)
9 Rock'N Roll Guitar Man (03:44)

Tracks 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, & 9 composed by Billy Peek: Track 2 composed by Sonny Boy Williamson: Track 4 composed by Ike Turner: Track 6 composed by By Don D. Robey & Joe Medwick Veasey

MUSICiANS [ Incomplete}

Billy Peek - Guitar, Vocals
Andy O' Connor - Drums, Percussion
Harry Simon - Saxophone


Billy Peek is one of St. Louis's greatest treasures, but his talent is truly a national music legend. He is more than an accomplished guitarist who has played with the best of them. He is an artist who gives a hard-driving combination of rock n' roll and rhythm n' blues. He is an elite member of Blues Royalty, and one of the finest rock and blues guitarists in the country. His repertoire includes 50's Chuck Berry and Ike and Tina Turner style rock and roll music along with Albert King, Elmore James and BB King style blues. An electrifying entertainer - Billy composes, performs and sings a wide variety of music with his own band which includes Dave Moreland on Bass guitar and Don Tieman on drums. He has toured with Chuck Berry and was the lead guitarist for over five years and four albums with Rod Stewart. His guitar work on such hit songs as "Hot Legs." "Blondes Have More Fun," "Passion," "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy" and "Born Loose" have been heard by millions of fans all over the world. Billy played throughout St. Louis in the "Gaslight Square" era and has always had a steady following of Swing and Imperial style dancers that can't get enough of that rhythm and blues. His first solo album is packed full of original Billy Peek music featuring such artists as Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Legend Johnnie Johnson on piano. He is still getting enormous local attention and there's a reason. When he asks the title, "Can A White Boy Play The Blues?", the answer is a resounding "YES!" © KETC - © 2003-2009 MySpace. All Rights Reserved


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