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Thanatopsis - Thanatopsis - 2001 - TDRSmusic

Thanatopsis is an American progressive rock band, comprising prolific guitarist Brian Carroll aka Buckethead, keyboardist Travis Dickerson and drummer Ramy Antoun. Taking its name from the poem by William Cullen Bryant, the band has released three albums: Thanatopsis in 2001, Axiology in 2003 and Anatomize in 2006. In 2010, Dickerson and Buckethead used unreleased tracks from the Thanatopsis and Axiology album sessions to make another album called, Left Hanging. Find out more about Buckethead @ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buckethead Travis Dickerson @ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Travis_Dickerson and Ramy Antoun @ http://www.drumsoloartist.com/wiki/drummers2/ramy_antoun

Finally, the album I've been waiting for since Transmutation: inventive, high-energy funk-rock with honest-to-goodness band interaction. Buckethead lays down heavy bass and rhythm riffage, Dickerson uses a variety of keyboard approaches from funky piano ("Mortheol") to insistent trance-style synth ("In Their Millions"), and drummer Ramy Antoun plays a constant stream of jazzy fills without straying too far from the underlying pulse. In fact, at times Bucket's whiz-bang solos are the least interesting part of the mix, which is a nice problem to have, and when his soloing is at its peak ("Twinge," in which playing with a pitch-shifter yields remarkable results) the record soars. Some of the tunes are straightforward grooves ("Mortheol"), while "Final Reparation" deftly mixes in sampled classical elements (piano and sampled strings), but they all develop, as keyboard lines and guitar crunches fade in and out, and never fall into robotic repetition. You might ask for more challenging compositions, but otherwise it's a top-notch outing. All instrumental except for brief computerized vocals on "A Thanatopsis"; produced and co-written by Dickerson. © (DBW) © Wilson & Alroy http://www.warr.org/buckethead.html#Thanatopsis

A great heavy jazz funk fusion album from guitarist Brian Carroll aka Buckethead, keyboardist Travis Dickerson and drummer Ramy Antoun. HR by A.O.O.F.C. Check out the band's "Axiology" album


1 Worm Hole 4:44
2 In Their Millions 6:27
3 Pyrrhic Victory 3:49
4 Final Reparation 4:25
5 Mortheol 4:03
6 Myopia 4:53
7 Vertex 2:40
8 Twinge 5:45
9 Last Rites 2:09
10 A Thanatopsis 6:03

All tracks composed by Brian Carroll aka Buckethead & Travis Dickerson


Guitar - Buckethead
Keyboards - Travis Dickerson
Drums - Ramy Antoun