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Judie Tzuke

Judie Tzuke - BBC Live in Concert - 1995 - Windsong (USA)

Recorded live by the BBC at The Paris Theatre in Regent St, London on 10/10/81. "Excellent songs selected from her earliest work, this 1981 live recording gives the listener a good sample of her talent. Judy Tzuke is truly one of the most talented lyricists around. Some of her work will reach right down and give your emotions a wedgie, most noteably "Ladies Night" and "Understanding." Both tunes are exceptionally passionate, but if you're feeling the least bit lonely or dumped upon, these two songs might give you that last bump off the ledge. Yet all her work is not from the bottom of the heart, as many on this CD are recipes for smiles. As for the recording, keep in mind it's almost two decades old, and some of the concert goers were probably listening to 8-tracks to and from, but it is actually good to very good. The drums are front and center on the recording, voice neither overdone nor under. The only complaint I can register, and it's small, is that some of the audience appreciation is the loudest part of the track. Otherwise, anyone familiar with Judy will proudly add this to the collection. Just wish the record label would make more of her stuff available." (5 out of 5 stars) - from CD Review "Wish I was at the show" 04/08/1999 © 2006 - 2011 SwapaDVD.com. All Rights Reserved http://www.swapacd.com/Judie-Tzuke-BBC-Radio-1/cd/224170/

In 1979 Judie's beautiful "Stay with Me till Dawn" stayed in the UK charts for 16 weeks and is still played regularly on worldwide radio. In June 2002, the song was voted in at No. 39 in a BBC Radio 2 poll to decide the top fifty British songs of the past fifty years. The song has appeared on dozens of compilation albums and regularly appears in all time most popular song lists. Like so many other artists, it seems that the lady is remembered for one big hit. "BBC Live in Concert" contains plenty of other well structured, melodic songs, mostly composed by Judie with Mike Paxman. It is well worth checking Judie Tzuke's back catalogue. She is a beautiful vocalist, and a very underrated and great musician. She has covered folk, jazz, blues, and rock, but unfortunately her career has had more "downs" than "ups". Try and listen to her "Road Noise: The Official Bootleg" album, and check out her "Welcome To The Cruise" album @ JTZUK/W2TC [All tracks @ Vbr: File size = 104 Mb]


1. You Are The Phoenix - Paul Muggleton / Bob Noble
2. Sukarita - Mike Paxman / Judie Tzuke
3. Higher & Higher - Bob Noble / Mike Paxman / Judie Tzuke
4. Stay With Me Till Dawn - Mike Paxman / Judie Tzuke
5. The Flesh Is Weak - Bob Noble / Mike Paxman / Judie Tzuke
6. Southern Smiles - Mike Paxman / Judie Tzuke
7. Katiera Island - Mike Paxman / Judie Tzuke
8. Ladies Night - Mike Paxman / Judie Tzuke
9. City Of Swimming Pools - Mike Paxman / Judie Tzuke
10. China Town - Mike Paxman / Judie Tzuke
11. Black Furs - Mike Paxman / Judie Tzuke
12. Sports Car - Mike Paxman / Judie Tzuke
13. Understanding - Mike Paxman / Judie Tzuke


Judie Tzuke - Vocals
Mike Paxman - Guitar
Paul Muggleton - Guitar & Percussion
Rhino Edwards - Bass
Bob Noble - Keyboards
Charlie Morgan - Drums


Judie Tzuke (born Judie Myers, 3 April 1956 in London) is an English singer/songwriter. Her father, Sefton Myers, was a successful property developer who also managed artists and singers—most notably Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice during the writing of Jesus Christ Superstar. Her family relocated from Poland to England in the 1920s, and changed their surname from Tzuke to Myers. When Tzuke embarked on her singing career, she decided to reclaim the family's Polish name. Her mother, Jean Silverside, was a television actress. Tzuke has two children: Bailey, also a singer-songwriter, and Tallula Muggleton-Tzuke. Her partner Paul Muggleton has three children: Annie Moody Muggleton; Andy Muggleton and Jamie Muggleton. Educated in the visual arts, performing arts, and music, Tzuke performed in folk clubs from the age of 15. Her meeting with Mike Paxman in 1975 was a turning point and they began to collaborate. They eventually secured a recording contract and formed a band with Paul Muggleton. Under the name of "Tzuke and Paxo," the band released singles, beginning with "These are the Laws" (1975). Judie and Paul later had two children together, Bailey and Tallula. Tzuke's career proper began in 1977, when she signed to Elton John's label Rocket Records. Her first single on Rocket, "For You" (1978), was released under the name of Tzuke and Paxo. However, her first major success - the classic single "Stay with Me till Dawn", released in 1979 - was released simply under "Judie Tzuke". Judie's first album, Welcome to the Cruise, which featured "Stay with Me till Dawn" and some of the Tzuke and Paxo singles, achieved great critical and commercial success. In 2002, "Stay With Me till Dawn" was chosen by the British public as one of the fifty best British songs 1952-2002 (ranking number 39). The song was also sampled by Mylo in the song "Need You Tonite", which is taken from his 2004 album Destroy Rock & Roll. The singer's second album, Sportscar (1980), did not fare so well; possibly because Elton John decided to change his label's distribution company part-way through his American tour (on which Judie was support act), meaning that all support for the tour, and for Tzuke's records in the USA, was pulled. Tzuke released one more record on Rocket, I Am the Phoenix (1982), but then decided to leave for Chrysalis Records. In 1982 Tzuke joined a new label, Chrysalis Records, which promoted well in the UK music press her first album for them, Shoot The Moon. The album gained good reviews and spawned three singles, including a picture disc 7", with the album faring well in the UK charts. Tzuke completed a 57 date tour of the UK, culminating as the headline act at that year's Glastonbury Festival. The performance was recorded for a TV special on UK commercial broadcaster ITV. Several performances from the tour were recorded and released at the end of 1982 as a double album, Road Noise: The Official Bootleg. In summer 1983 Rocket Records issued The Best, an odd compilation album which left out two of her single releases. "Black Furs" was issued as a single using a different recording than that which featured on the album or previous issue I Am The Phoenix. September 1983 saw the release of the much anticipated Ritmo album (Italian for rhythm). The album was somewhat a departure from previous work with a much more electronic feel. The single "Jeanie No" preceded the album and was played heavily on radio, yet did not chart. An edit and extended remix of the track were issued on 7" and 12" (Tzuke's first). The subsequent single "How Do I Feel?" did not fare any better. Chrysalis did not release the album or singles outside of the UK. During autumn 1983 Tzuke toured, taking in larger (but fewer) venues. Tzuke believed that Chrysalis was not interested in promoting her material and decided to take control of her releases, opting for an independent company release of material over the next two years. "You" was released in October 1984; a cover of a lesser-known Marvin Gaye track, turning a rather sedate piece into a grinding electro production. Several different versions of the track were released on the 7" and 12" issues. In early 1985 "I'll Be The One" was issued as the second single, released with an impressive video to promote the track. The Cat Is Out album was released in spring 1985 charting at number 35. June 1985 saw the third single "Love Like Fire" released, again with several remixes on the 7" and 12" issues. September 1985 saw the final single "This Side of Heaven" issued at the same time as the tour. The Cat Is Out Tour proved to be Tzuke's most successful to date with capacity crowds at some of the UK's largest venues. The Fairfield Halls, Croydon date was recorded for a TV special, which many years later was issued as a CD/DVD release. "This Side of Heaven" began to be played by BBC Radio 1 DJ Gary Davis, who made it his record of the week in January 1985, helping Tzuke to reach number 100 in the UK charts. According to Record Mirror in their 1985 end of year review of artists and sales, by the end of 1985 Tzuke was the 5th best selling British female singer for the first half of the 1980s. After a quiet period following the birth of her daughter Bailey, in 1989 the Turning Stones album was released and "We'll Go Dreaming" became Tzuke's first top 75 hit for ten years. Turning Stones charted reasonably, but was quickly deleted by Polydor following a dispute over the 1989 tour, which was subsequently cancelled, enraging fans who turned up to venues. Tzuke later apologised to fans telling them that the cancellation of the tour was out of her control and not her fault, but at the time was gagged by her record company from saying anything publicly on the matter as mentioned by her when she appeared as a guest on Radio 1's Friday evening show "Round Table" reviewing that weeks releases. August 1990 saw another record company, Columbia Records (CBS), issuing a new single "God Only Knows" a cover version of the Beach Boys classic. Despite the single issued in myriad versions (7", 7" poster wrap, limited edition numbered 10", 12" and CD single) plus a video, the song failed to gain chart success, but the video did get viewings on ITV's Breakfast Show. A limited promo 12" was issued of a remix made by DJ Judge Jewels. The song also featured in an ITV documentary series about recording techniques, where Judie and producers Mike Paxman and Paul Muggleton showed hoe the song had been constructed using sound bytes of her voice which were transposed into a synthesizer range. The next album Left Hand Talking was released in May 1991. March 1991 saw a 3 track promo issued widely in independent record stores, and April 1991 two performances at London's Shaw Theatre.These performances were the first time neither Muggleton, Paxman or Noble were part of her live band. "Outlaws" was released in June 1991, on the Columbia label and readily available in independent retailers, but made no impact upon the charts.Radio 1 DJ Richard Skinner made the song his record of the week on his Saturday afternoon show. Taking control of the copyright of her material, Tzuke and Paul set up a studio in their home and the 1992 album Wonderland was released on the Essential Label in September 1992, with two single releases, "Wonderland" and "Fly", which were performed on the BBC1 lunchtime programme "Pebble Mill At One" opening and closing the show in November 1992. Neither album nor singles charted, but the album gained good reviews and featured the talents of Brian May from Queen and Nigel Kennedy on violin. Tzuke stated in a later interview used in the inner booklet of the reissue of the album in 2002 that Wonderland was the album she felt most proud of as a songwriter. Most of the album was co-written with Bob Noble. Autumn 1992 saw a small tour, this time playing at much smaller venues spread out between early October and late November 1992 using the musicians who played upon the album. August 1995 saw the release of two albums. The BBC issued its recording of the September 1981 concert and Polygram issued a compilation album called Stay With Me Till Dawn which drew on Tzuke's first three albums released on Rocket with tracks from the Turning Stones Polydor release. The album included four single remixes which had not previously been available on CD. Under the Angels was issued on Big Moon Records in October 1996, Tzuke and Paul's own record label. With Big Moon Records, Tzuke's audience has grown steadily; Tzuke toured Under the Angels and released a live CD, Over the Moon (1997), and went on to record a second studio album, Secret Agent (1999). Bob Harris of BBC Radio 2 included one of her songs, "Tonight" (from Secret Agent), on his compilation CD. In 2000 Elton John was persuaded to give back to Tzuke the rights to her first three albums recorded under Rocket Records; Tzuke named her tour later that year the "Phoenix Tour," a reference to her last Rocket Records album, "I Am the Phoenix." Following this came a new live album (Six Days Before the Flood, 2000), a new studio album (Queen Secret Keeper, 2001) and a third live album (Drive Live, 2002). In 2004 musician Mylo sampled "Stay With Me Till Dawn" on "Need You Tonite" from his debut album Destroy Rock & Roll. The level of Tzuke's success under Big Moon has been such that she has been approached by a number of well-known artists to work as a songwriter. Over the last few years, Tzuke has contributed vocals and co-written with a varied selection of artists, including 4 top 40 hits for Lucie Silvas and the majority of songs on her "Breath In" and "The Same Side" albums from 2005 and 2007. In 2006, Tzuke provided vocals for the song "Falling Down" for the group Hybrid and their album "I Choose Noise." January 2006 saw a Judie co-write "Strange Love" hit the UK top twenty for the group Phixx. Two Judie co-writes featured on Canadian identical twins Ryandan self-named release for Universal in 2007. "Like The Sun" and "High" were both released as singles. Their album reached number 7 in the UK album charts. In 2007, Tzuke released the album Songs 1, during her biggest tour in almost a decade, with her daughter Bailey Tzuke on backing vocals, and collaborations with other musicians, such as Gareth Gates on piano. June 2008 saw the release of Tzuke's sixteenth studio album, Songs 2. Judie co-wrote 4 tracks from releases by Morcheeba during 2008, and featured vocally on 2 tracks from the "Dive Deep" album, including the lead single "Enjoy The Ride". October/November 2008 saw Judie reach number 37 in the USA adult contemporary chart with a cover of "Captain Of The Heart" guesting on vocals for American Jazz combo Project Grand Slam on their self-titled album . The track was not officially released as a single, but through popularity with air play and downloading became a chart success. Hot on the heels of this there was an official USA release (via CD Baby only) and international download release of the single "Christmas And I'm Home". Judie recorded versions of the song with Haim Cotton, pianist with Project Grand Slam. Proceeds from sales went to the New York Ronald McDonald's charity. On 18 July 2009 Judie took part in a Teenage Cancer benefit concert at Kilworth House, Leicestershire alongside Lucie Silvas, performing 3 tracks solo (Love me No More, Stay With Me Till Dawn and If [When You're Gone]) accompanied by a string quartet. Judie returned to the stage for an encore performance alongside Lucie singing their co-written "Place To Hide" as a duet, receiving a standing ovation from th entire audience. Judie Tzuke is due to release a thirty year celebratory double-album titled "Moon On a Mirrorball" which will feature over thirty songs from her back catalogue, re-recorded songs and some new songs, one of which, "If (When You Go)", was performed on Michael Ball's Radio 2 show in August 2009. "Moon On A Mirror Ball" will be released on 19 April 2010 by WRASSE Records (WRASS259). The 33 tracks include four new songs. On March 16, 2010 Wrasse records re-released all the Big Moon back catalogue as downloads. 12 April 2010 sees the release of the single "If (When You Go)" by Wrasse. 19 April also sees the physical re-issue of Judie's first album "Welcome To The Cruise". Wrasse also have plans to re-issue Judie's 1989 album "Turning Stones". A planned tour for June 2010 to promote "Moon On A Mirrorball" has been delayed until October 2010, with a special concert planned at Islington's Union Chapel for Thursday 7 October.


Born Judie Myers in London on April 3, 1956, British pop/rock singer Judie Tzuke enjoyed some commercial success in her homeland for a spell during the 1980s, but was not able to translate it stateside. Judie's Polish immigrant parents had changed their last names from Tzuke to Myers shortly after relocating to England (it was a common last name in their new home of Yorkshire), but by the time Judie began establishing her singing career, she had decided to use original family surname. Both of Tzuke's parents were involved in music: her father, Sefton Myers, managed artists and singers (and supported both Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice as the duo penned Jesus Christ Superstar), while her mother, Jean Silverside, acted in several popular films and TV shows. By her teenage years, Judie began penning poems and setting them to a guitar accompaniment, showcasing her original compositions at local folk clubs. Soon after, Tzuke met a songwriting collaborator in Mike Paxman, and the duo (known as Tzuke & Paxo) caught the attention of renowned producer Tony Visconti, who signed them to his Good Earth record label. The duo only managed to issue an obscure, lone 1977 single, "These are the Laws" b/w "It's Only Fantasies," before Tzuke was signed as a solo artist to Elton John's Rocket label (Paxman would remain on board, however, as a singer/guitarist/songwriter for several years). Tzuke first issued a single for her new label, "For You," which was a moderate success on U.K. radio (scraping the Top 40), but around the time of the release of her full-length debut in 1979, Welcome to the Cruise, Tzuke scored a more substantial hit with "Stay with Me 'Till Dawn," which resulted in the song staying on the British charts for 16 weeks and several appearances on the popular Tops of the Pops TV program. Despite landing a prime touring spots opening for her pal Elton John (and playing to an estimated 450,000 people at New York's Central Park), John's label switched distribution in the U.S. around this time, which made it increasingly hard to find Tzuke's music in record stores. Despite it all, Tzuke's career continued to prosper in England, resulting in such further popular releases as 1980's Sportscar, 1981's I Am the Phoenix, and 1982's Shoot the Moon (in addition to appearances at British festivals and a pair of sold-out shows at the Hammersmith Odeon). Tzuke hoped that signing with a new label (Chrysalis) would bring her recording career to the next level. This, unfortunately, proved not to be the case, as Tzuke appeared to be lost in the shuffle when she issued her next studio release, Ritmo, in 1983. Undeterred, Tzuke continued to issue further albums, including 1985's The Cat Is Out (recorded entirely at her home studio), 1989's Turning Stones, 1991's Left Hand Talking, and 1996's Wonderland (which featured a cameo by Queen guitarist Brian May). Tzuke formed her own record label, Big Moon Records, shortly thereafter, which issued Under the Angels and the in-concert Over the Moon in 1997; Secret Agent followed in 1998, as well as another live set, Six Days Before the Flood, in 2000. Around the same time, Elton John decided to return the copyrights of Tzuke's first three (and most popular) albums back to her, which resulted in all being remastered and reissued on Big Moon. Tzuke's next studio effort, Queen Secret Keeper, was released in 2001, with an all-covers album, The Beauty of Hindsight, following in 2003. The 2004 album After the End of the Beginning preceded her two-volume Songs series, with the first volume (2007) focusing on her softer material while the second (2008) favored rock. Two years later, her career-spanning Moon on a Mirrorball was supported by a tour of the U.K. © Greg Prato © 2011 Rovi Corporation. All Rights Reserved http://www.allmusic.com/artist/judie-tzuke-p133442/biography


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