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Jimmy Herring, T.Lavitz, Richie Hayward, Kenny Gradney

Jimmy Herring, T.Lavitz, Richie Hayward, Kenny Gradney - Endangered Species - 2001 - Tone Center

During the '90s and through 2001, guitarist Jimmy Herring and keyboardist T. Lavitz have been recording/performing with the quasi-fusion jam band outfit known as Jazz Is Dead. Meanwhile, Herring has garnered a laudable reputation due to his work with the inventive Aquarium Rescue Unit band, whereas Lavitz gained prominence with the Dixie Dregs (aka the Dregs) amid several solo outings. Here, the duo aligns with Little Feat's rhythm section: drummer Ritchie Hayward and bassist Kenny Gradney. Essentially, the quartet goes straight for the jugular via a no-nonsense approach; however, the artists pay strict attention to compositional form. Heated soloing abounds as the band also incorporates New Orleans-style shuffle rhythms along with a few nods to the Dregs' infamous melding of Southern rock, jazzy chord progressions, and tricky time signatures. Nonetheless, the quartet sustains quite a bit of interest throughout, largely due to Herring and Lavitz's superb soloing and the rhythm sections' pulsating attack. Highly recommended. Glenn Astarita © 2012 Rovi Corp | All Rights Reserved http://www.allmusic.com/album/endangered-species-mw0000012337

A great album of progressive jazz rock, funk, and Southern rock from master guitarist Jimmy Herring (The Dead, ARU, Project Z), the late keyboardist T. Lavitz (Jazz is Dead, Dixie Dregs), and the rhythm section of Little Feat, bassist Kenny Gradney and the late, great drummer Richie Hayward. The album is loaded with tight funky grooves and sophisticated music interplay. HR by A.O.O.F.C. Listen to Jimmy Herring's "Lifeboat" album, T. Lavitz "Gossip" album, and Little Feat's "The Last Record Album" [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: File size = 119 Mb]


1 Headstrong - Jimmy Herring 5:31
2 The New Berkley Park - T Lavitz 4:03
3 Slowlo - T Lavitz 5:35
4 Pickled Hearing - Jimmy Herring / T Lavitz 5:00
5 Lockwood Folley - Jimmy Herring 8:08
6 Justice - T Lavitz 5:36
7 Cats Out Da Bag - Kenny Gradney / T Lavitz 5:49
8 Camel Lope - T Lavitz 5:01
9 The Gospel Truth - Ricky Keller / T Lavitz 5:18


Jimmy Herring - Guitar
Kenny Gradney - Bass
T Lavitz - Organ, Piano
Richie Hayward - Drums

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