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Bon - Two Plus Two - 2004 - LoLo

Lozaga captures the spirit of Ralph Towner, John McLaughlin and of course Allan Holdsworth.- GIBRALTAR MAGAZINE

"Either with his hard-hitting power trio or with his adventurous fusion ensemble Gongzilla, Lozaga has distinguished himself as an accomplished player with the courage to follow his imagination. Lozaga summons lots of edgy experimentalism with a progressive-rock slant on Bon's Two Plus Two. Bill Milkowski - Jazziz

Guitarist Bon Lozaga and bassist Hansford Rowe, both ex-PM's Gong play some great heavy metal jazz fusion with inspired improvisation using some tasty atmospheric chording and blistering soloing. Drummer Vic Stevens, futuristic guitarist David Torn and drummer Glenn Leonard play some of the most original dynamic and potent fusion you will ever hear. If you are into Zappa and Gongzilla, you may appreciate the work that went into this great album. If you like One Direction or Westlife, please give this album a miss. This compilation includes tracks from the first two Bon albums plus two new tracks recorded in April 2004 and is HR by A.O.O.F.C. Listen to Bon’s “To The Bone” album and David Torn’s absolutely stunning “Cloud About Mercury” album. There is info about Gongzilla’s “Five Even” album @ http://overdoseoffingalcocoa.blogspot.com/2011/05/gongzilla.html [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: File size = 123 Mb]


1. The One [#] 5:55
2. Unknown Too [#] 6:15
3. Undertow 6:33
4. On the Spot 3:38
5. Kronos 11:01
6. So Far Away 5:22
7. Full Circle/Coming Home 4:29
8. Talk to Me 5:25
9. Into the Sun 4:43

[#] Previously unreleased

All tracks composed by Bon Lozaga


Bon Lozaga (guitar, keyboards, loops)
David Torn (guitar, loops)
Hansford Rowe (bass guitar)
Glenn Leonard , Vic Stevens (drums)
Caryn Lin (violin)

About Bon Lozaga

Bon Lozaga, guitarist and founding member of Gongzilla, joined PM's GONG on the Expresso II album when Stomu Yamashta (Island Records) heard one of his demo tapes and referred him to the group’s manager. Bon recorded four records and toured extensively throughout Europe and America with the band. In 1993 Bon regrouped with GONG bassist Hansford Rowe and formed BON, his first solo project, and recorded Full Circle/Coming Home and To the Bone for LoLo Records. Their association continues in the monster group Gongzilla (featuring guests such as Allan Holdsworth, David Torn, David Fiuczynski, and recently Chuck Garvey and Jim Loughlin of moe.). Gongzilla continues touring in the US, Canada, Japan and Europe. Bon has had the good fortune to work and record with some of the most talented and innovative musicians in the world. The list includes Eddie Jobson (UK, Zappa), Percy Jones (Brand X), Mark Craney (Jethro Tull, Jean-Luc Ponty), Gary Husband (John McLaughlin) and Happy Rhodes just to name a few. © http://www.lolorecords.com/bon_lozaga.html

About David Torn

New York-based composer, multi-instrumentalist, producer, singer, writer, and self-described "texturalist/guitarist" David Torn lent his distinctive style to numerous films and documentaries and collaborations. He worked with composers Howard Shore, Carter Burwell, and Ryuichi Sakamoto, as well as appeared on recordings from k.d. lang, David Bowie, Jim Carroll, Laurie Anderson, and a host of others. His solo works include Best Laid Plans (1984), Cloud About Mercury (1986), Door X (1990), Tripping Over God (1995), What Means Solid, Traveller? (1996), Splattercell's Oah (2000), the soundtrack to the Heath Ledger thriller The Order (2003), and the ECM release Prezens (2007). ©James Christopher Monger © 2013 Rovi Corp | All Rights Reserved

About Hansford Rowe

Hansford Rowe is a fusion bass guitarist. Basically a self-taught musician, Rowe played bass in a local New York City band in jazz clubs until he met drummer Pierre Moerlen. He moved to France with Moerlen and became a member of Gong, taking part in their transformation into Pierre Moerlen's Gong (PMG) in 1977, playing on their albums Expresso II, Downwind, Live, Time is the Key and Leave It Open. In 1986, he appeared on a re-united PMG album Breakthrough and in 1988 on Second Wind and Full Circle Live '88. In 1994, he was co-founder of Gongzilla with other former PMG members and continues to work with the band. In 1999 he released a solo album recorded in Quebec and New York City entitled "No Other". The album was recorded with long-time compatriot Bon Lozaga (guitar) and other guest musicians. The tour for the album featured singer-songwriter Happy Rhodes. In 2001, Rowe and Lozaga played on Rhodes' album Find Me, and toured the album in 2004.

Read about Glenn Leonard @ http://oregonmusicnews.com/tag/glenn-leonard/, Vic Stevens @ http://www.vicstevens.com/biography.php, and Caryn Lin @ http://www.carynlin.com/main.cfm?action=bio

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