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Jan Akkerman

Jan Akkerman - From The Basement -1984 - CBS (Netherlands)

Although this is regarded as one of Jan Akkerman’s weaker albums by many music critics, Jan's unique approach to the electric guitar is adequately displayed here. This album was recorded “slap bang” in the middle of the ‘80’s synth sound, mainly by a classic three-man line-up with Dino Walcott on bass and drummer Hans Waterman. Jan Akkerman made full use of an array of Roland synth guitars and various other equipment to create a sound which at the time many music publications regarded as unworthy of Jan’s rock and fusion guitar talents. The album is somewhat uneven, with elements of blues rock, metal, and even a reggae version of Dylan's "All Along The Watchtower” which sounds outrageously good unless you’re a Dylan purist! In addition There is also a terrific remake of the Brainbox classic “Dark Rose”. However, many Jan Akkerman fans regard this as a good album. Ok, maybe they're biased, but the guy is one of the greatest guitarists of all time, and rarely disappoints with his guitar expertise. Some bonus editions of this album contain up to nine extra tracks. Listen to Jan’s superb “A Real Elegant Gypsy” album and Focus’ now classic “Live At The Rainbow” album [All tracks @ 320Kbps: File size = 108 Mb]


1. Headbanger - Jan Akkerman
2. All Along the Watchtower - Bob Dylan
3. Dark Rose - Jan Akkerman, Kaz Lux
4. Wallenberg - Jan Akkerman
5. From The Basement - Jan Akkerman
6. P.C.B. Chicken - Jan Akkerman
7. Status Quo - Jan Akkerman, Dino Walcott


Jan Akkerman - Guitar, Various Roland Guitar Synths, Bass, Drum Programming, Voices on Tracks 3,4,6
Dino Walcott - Bass Guitar on Tracks 2,3,7: Harmonica on Track 7: Voices on Tracks 2,7
Thijs Van Leer - 2nd Synth on Track 1
Sergio Castillo - Simmonds Electronic Drums on Tracks 1,4,5
Hans Waterman - Drums (w.p.’s) on Track 2
Piet Eisma aka Pierre Percu - Percussion on Tracks 2,3,7
Kaz Lux - Vocals on “Dark Rose”


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Password is aoofc

Freg said...

Not a bad album, but highly inconsistent. Agreed he's a brilliant player but this is a long way from his best.

Thanks, though!

A.O.O.F.C said...

Hi,Freg.It is inconsistent, but I've always got time for Jan Akkerman. He's my second favourite all time guitarist. Guess who my No.1 is? Thanks, & TTU soon...Paul