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Lothar Kosse

Lothar Kosse - Rainmaker - 1999 - Felsenfest

"Rainmaker" is the third all instrumental solo album from the veteran German guitarist, singer and songwriter Lothar Kosse. Lothar is backed by a Grade A band consisting of the amazing Vinnie Colaiuta on drums, Gary Lunn on bass and Matthias Heimlicer on keyboards. The great guitarist Phil Keaggy plays a guitar solo on "Walk On Water". Lothar is well known for his “Christian” beliefs and music. This blog is not affiliated with any religious or political doctrines and is only concerned with music. Many people are put off listening to music because of certain artists’ religious beliefs or the labelling of music as “Christian” or other descriptions. It is probably irrelevant even to mention this aspect of Lothar Kosse’s life, but it would be a pity if good music was overlooked on these grounds. It is worthwhile knowing that Lothar is an outstanding guitarist and this album contains 10 ultra-bluesy rock fusion instrumentals rich in dynamics and played with a soulful style. There are no outstanding tracks as regards originality, but it is great to hear a guitarist “at the top of his game” and always a joy to hear musicians like Phil Keaggy and the one and only Vinnie Colaiuta. Check out Lothar’s “One for All” album [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: File size = 115 Mb]


1. World Of Wonders (3:50)
2. When God Comes To Town (5:29)
3. Sons Of Asaph (5:04)
4. Rainmaker (6:56)
5. Fall On Me (5:52)
6. ZooZoo (4:05)
7. Walk On Water (6:09)
8. When I See You (4:42)
9. Boom (5:25)
10. Little Big One (Song for Simon) (4:47)


Lothar Kosse - Guitar, Keyboards, Programming
Phil Keaggy - Guitar Solo on "Walk on Water"
Gary Lunn - Bass
Matthias Heimlicher - Keyboards, Programming
Vinnie Colaiuta - Drums


Lothar Kosse (born 3 September 1959 ) is a Christian singer , guitarist and songwriter. Lothar took a degree in popular music at the Academy of Music and Fine Arts in Hamburg and then studied architecture at the University of Hannover. In 1987 he finished his studies as a graduate architect. He participates in various Christian musical projects and has released several solo albums. Kosse has a high reputation in Germany. As a guitarist, arranger, composer and producer, he has worked on over a hundred CDs, with national and international artists. In Cologne Lothar Kosse passes since 1996, the "Cologne Worship Night", an alternative music event, which in the Cologne club scene "e-business" or at various open-air venues (eg in front of Cologne Cathedral) takes place regularly . His other activities include concerts at home and abroad. The band by Lothar Kosse include: Daniel Jakobi on drums, Manuel Holder on keyboards and Sebastian Roth bass [Translated from German]

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