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Luca Colombo, Andrea Braido & Giorgio Cordini

Luca Colombo, Andrea Braido & Giorgio Cordini - Here Comes The Sun - Acoustically The Beatles - 2007 - Unknown

Some issues of the album contain 18 tracks. (Listed at bottom). All the artists are relatively well known as brilliant guitarists, and the album itself contains 13 fabulous renditions of the Beatles classic songs, all played in either a jazz or Spanish/Latin guitar style. Described on one site as "Luca Colombo, Andrea Braido & Giorgio Cordini playing songs by The Beatles in `easy listening' guitar instrumental way. Great music if you want to set a fine mood, and relax". SQ is also excellent. There are references to a similar album @ http://www.racksandtags.com/al3xand3r91/444008/Luca-Colombo,-Andrea-Braido-_-Giorgio-Cordini-Here-Comes-The-Sun---Acoustically-The-Beatles, http://gewdlooks.multiply.com/journal?&page_start=100, and there's a photo of a similar album on Flickr @ http://www.flickr.com/photos/carriechow/68673464/ where a caption says that "The Beatles - Here Come The Sun (Acoustically), bought from Singapore! featuring Luca Colombo, Andrea Braido & Giorgio Cordini on acoustic guitars". All these references are speaking about an 18 track album. The post here with 13 tracks sounds too good to be a boot. In fact, the "dubious" cover art refers to HCCD. A great album and HR by A.O.O.F.C. More info on this album would be appreciated, including cover artwork [All tracks @ 256 Kbps: File size = 91 Mb]


1 Here Comes The Sun (03:02) *
2 And I Love Her (04:45)
3 Michelle (04:35)
4 Hey Jude (04:03)
5 Let It Be (04:20)
6 Here, There And Everywhere (04:21)
7 The Long And Winding Road (05:07)
8 Nowhere Man (04:08)
9 Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds (04:02)
10 Can't Buy Me Love (02:54)
11 Drive My Car (03:28)
12 A Hard Day's Night (04:16)
13 Yesterday (03:58)

* Composed by George Harrison. All other songs by Lennon & McCartney

This album was also released with the following tracks

1. 3:03 Here Comes The Sun 2. 3:08 Blackbird 3. 4:46 And I Love Her 4. 4:04 Hey Jude 5. 4:21 Let It Be 6. 4:22 Here, There And Everywhere 7. 3:32 Norwegian Wood 8. 4:09 Nowhere Man 9. 4:03 Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds 10. 2:55 Can't Buy Me Love 11. 3:36 Day Tripper 12. 4:06 Lady Madonna 13. 4:36 Michelle 14. 4:04 Something 15. 5:08 The Long And Winding Road 16. 3:29 Drive My Car 17. 4:17 A Hard Day's Night 18. 3:57 Yesterday


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