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Various Artists (Beatles Related)

Various Artists - Here, There & Everywhere: The Songs Of The Beatles (A Windham Hill Collection) - 1999 - Windham Hill

Wikipedia states that "New Age music is broadly defined as relaxing, even "meditative", music that is primarily instrumental. Unlike relaxing forms of classical music, New Age music makes greater use of electronica and non-Western instrumentation. There is some debate on what can be considered "New Age music", for example several musicians in Celtic music or Smooth jazz have expressed annoyance at being labeled "New Age musicians." For more on that debate, see the article on New Age music (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Age_music). In addition, several musicians object to the label because they fear it implies a connection to the New Age movement." It is pointless discussing definitions where music genres are concerned. "New Age" generally encompasses a very broad spectrum, including artists like Enya, Peter Gabriel, Carlos Santana, Edgar Froese, Liquid Tension Experiment, Pat Metheny, Mike Oldfield, and Tangerine Dream. Much of this music can be "relaxing" and/or "meditative", keeping within the broad definition described by Wiki. A great deal of "New Age" music is regarded by many lovers of rock and pop music as boring and throwaway, and it is true that many "New Age" artists are pretentious, dull, and compose downright boring, monotonous music. However artists previously mentioned like Peter Gabriel, Tangerine Dream, and Pat Metheny have composed some superb music and have released many classic albums. "New Age" like every musical genre throws up good and bad music. The Windham Hill label usually specializes in New Age, folk, and acoustic music. You will usually find "Here, There & Everywhere" in record shops under the "New Age" category, but somebody made the great point that "when you’re covering the Beatles, how much can you screw up? Their song arrangements are virtually indestructible". If you like The Beatles (Who doesn't?), you may be interested in these Windham Hill arrangements. Most of the covers work very well, and this album is not a "throwaway", but genuinely worth listening to. [ All tracks @ 256 Kbps: File size = 90.3 Mb]


1 W.G. Snuffy Walden - You Won't See Me
2 Tuck & Patti - I Will
3 Wayne Johnson - Eleanor Rigby
4 Liz Story - Here, There and Everywhere
5 Michael Hedges - If I Needed Someone *
6 George Winston - Martha My Dear
7 Doyle Dykes - Girl
8 The Angels of Venice - Within You, Without You *
9 Sean Harkness - Blackbird
10 Tracy Silverman - Here Comes the Sun *
11 Lisa Lynne - Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds
12 Free Klassic - Mother Nature's Son
13 Liz Story - The Long and Winding Road

* Composed by George Harrison. All other songs by Lennon & McCartney


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