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Samuel Eddy

Samuel Eddy - Strangers On The Run - 1995 - SPV

"This album confirms Sam's own fully developed sound and style largely complemented by his rock solid rhythm section, comprising of Sam's long-time experienced bassist Gerald "Sully" O'Sullivan and Ger Farrell, one of Ireland's finest young rock drummers. Together Samuel Eddy and his band have successfully captured their live energetic feel in the studio. Sam co-produced the album with veteran engineer/producer Robin Black (Black Sabbath, Jethro Tull etc.). But most importantly, this new album displays clear evidence of Sam's growing talent as a competent singer/songwriter and unique guitarist who plays with a passion and feel that is second to none. "Strangers on the Run" also features guest appearances by the late Irish blues rock legend Rory Gallagher, Dutch guitar virtuoso Jan Akkerman and Irish saxophone star Keith Donald of Moving Hearts". - From the album press release

Samuel Eddy (Eamonn McCormack) is a blues rock guitarist from Dublin's Northside, in Ireland. He began playing acoustic guitar, aged nine. At sixteen he was performing live on Irish radio. He also won a major college competition using his own material. He played in a few bands throughout Ireland, but eventually went to the U.S.A. where he travelled extensively. Much of his guitar style and technique are derived from American blues musicians. An underrated guitarist and songwriter, he released his debut s/t album ("Samuel Eddy") in 1991 on which he put Donal and Rory Gallagher's on the album's "thanks to" list. The Samuel Eddy Band toured and recorded with Rory Gallagher among others.

Jan Akkerman in a 1995 interview said, "Samuel Eddy, and that's an Irishman too. He played in Zaandam two days ago and then I played with him and then I was told by Niall McCormick, Sam's manager, that on that same night Rory had died. That had been broadcast on English radio. So that was a strange thing. A few weeks before that I had worked with him in a studio in England, in Ripley of all places, the village of birth of my Archvictor Eric Clapton, I just think it's strange, just strange. I'm playing a very beautiful song with him called “Mystica.” Read the full extract of this piece @ http://www.roryon.com/famous221.html where Jan Akkerman is speaking about the death of Rory Gallagher.

Samuel Eddy is better known on the European circuit than in his native Ireland. In the early 2000's he was touring Europe with guitar aces Walter Trout and Popa Chubby with great success.There is a lot of confusion concerning "Samuel Eddy". Beginning his career with his birth name, Eamonn McCormack, he then assumed the name Samuel Eddy. Later he led an Irish band called Aimon, and today he has reverted back to his original name of Eamonn McCormack. This may partly account on why the guy is not better known to blues fans. "Strangers On The Run" is a solid blues rock album of ten original tracks and one Don Nix cover. At least two of Eamonn's heroes play on the album. The late great Rory Gallagher plays guitar and slide guitar on "Falsely Accused", and the one and only Jan Akkerman plays guitar on "Night In The `Dam" and guitar and synth. guitar on the instrumental track, "Mystica" referred to earlier. Other guest musicians include Moving Hearts' saxophonist Keith Donald. The sound is reminiscent at times of the late Gary Moore and Phil Lynott, but that's ok! The song material could be stronger, but it's hard to fault the musicianship. Eamonn McCormack (Sam) is a talented guy and deserves a wider hearing. If you are interested in his s/t album ("Samuel Eddy" !!), please contact this blog [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: File size = 73.2 Mb]


1. Sweetest Revenge
2. Stranger On The Run
3. Snake Tattoo
4. Blues On Your Doorstep
5. Night In The `Dam
6. Funkytown
7. Mystica (Instrumental)
8. Get Lost
9. Ain't Goin' Cheap
10. Turn Around
11. Falsely Accused

All songs composed by Samuel Eddy (Lyrics & Music) and Gerald O'Sullivan (Music) except "Turn around", by Don Nix


Samuel Eddy - Guitars, Electric Slide & Acoustic Guitars, Vocals
Jan Akkerman - Guitar, Track 5; Guitar & Guitar Synth. Track 7
Rory Gallagher - Guitar & Slide Guitar, Track 11
Gerald "Sully" O'Sullivan - Bass Guitar
Nick Hogart - Piano, Track 3: Strings, Track 4
Ger Farrell - Drums & Percussion
Keith Donald - Soprano Sax, Track 2; Alto Sax, Tracks 8 & 10
Robert C. Brookes - Blues Harp, Track 9

ABOUT SAMUEL EDDY (Eamonn McCormack)

One of the finest blues rock guitarists to emerge from Ireland. Eamonn built his name as “Samuel Eddy” across Europe throughout the eighties and nineties by constant touring and festival appearances. Feeling close to burn out Eamonn took a six month hiatus from the road that turned into eight years and lasted until late 2009 when he returned full time as an International artist. In 2009 the critically acclaimed “Kindred Spirits” album was released featuring special guests Rory Gallagher (his last studio performance), Jan Akkerman, Herman Brood and Keith Donald. Next February 2012 his latest studio album “Heal my Faith” id due for worldwide release on the In Akustik label. Eamonn was born in the centre of Dublin, the capital city of Ireland and was raised on a Northside suburb. He started out on the acoustic guitar at nine years of age. Earliest influences included Slade, Cat Stevens, Neil Young and Rory Gallagher. By twelve he was singing along with his guitar and performing at church folk masses. Soon, finding the church music somewhat restricting the young teenager acquired his first electric guitar (a Guild Starfire) progressed to lead guitar and joined a local garage cover band prior to playing his first paid gig. By now influences extending to Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Thin Lizzy and Dutch group Focus. At sixteen Eamonn performed live on a national Irish radio show. Around this time he also won a major high school competition performing his own material. After a short stint playing in various bands throughout Ireland, Eamonn headed off to the U.S.A. where he performed extensively. There he broadened his musical horizons, gained vital stage experience and absorbed fresh American music and cultural influences. This blended together nicely with his earlier influences. Returning to Ireland after four years traveling and performing in the States Eamonn was by now developing a very unique sound and style all of his own. This style was solidified whilst Eamonn performed extensively under the stage name "Samuel Eddy" establishing himself across Europe, the hard way, through a grueling tour schedule. Samuel Eddy and his band were rewarded for their efforts as they garnered the reputation of Major European Music Festival Favorites. Eamonn as Samuel Eddy signed with Universe Productions/Virgin Records and SPV records worldwide. Recorded three critically acclaimed studio albums that sold very well confirming that an exciting young up and coming World Class Guitarist was emerging out of Ireland. Throughout the Nineties also saw a young Eamonn play, tour and record with many of his earliest guitar influences such as Rory Gallagher, Johnny Winter, Jan Akkerman (ex. Focus ) and Nils Lofgren. Another highlight of this period was Eamonn and his Bands unforgettable performance at the Parkpop festival in Holland to an audience of around a half a million people, sharing the bill with Robert Plant and more. Eamonn also got to play the prestige Rockpalast in Germany which was televised and broadcast right across Europe. Eamonn and his band have been described by the press as "A Modern Day Power Trio" and that is something that has not changed to this day, and performances both live and in the studio are a force to be reckoned with. Early 2002 Eamonn toured in Europe with Californian Blues-rock guitar ace Walter Trout and New York guitar slinger Popa Chubby as well as recording 8 new tracks engineered by Paul Thomas ( U2, Phil Lynott ) in Dublin before finishing the year successfully with a blinding show opening for the legendary ZZ Top in Amsterdam. After the Amsterdam concert Eamonn decided to take a break from the road, travel the world, write some new material, jammed with various artistes in the USA and back home set up the successful Indie record label True Talent Records developing young Irish Rock talent such as Leanne Harte and Glyder. On his own label Eamonn decided to release a best of album; mainly of Samuel Eddy tracks featuring previously released re-mastered and some newer un-released songs. He also decided to drop his old stage name and revert to his real name Eamonn McCormack. Enter the surprise worldwide success of “Kindred Spirits” featuring tracks with special guests Rory Gallagher, Jan Akkerman, Herman Brood and Keith Donald. Following the success of “Kindred Spirits” (which by 2009 had put an end to his almost eight year hiatus from the road) returned to the road full time and is fast establishing himself as one of the finest Bluesrock performers on the Worlld bluesrock circuit. 2011 saw Eamonn, now one of Ireland’s finest guitarists sign a worldwide 4 album, 2 DVD record deal with In Akustik Records and a new album is already recorded live in Tool House Studios, Germany. This new album titled: “Heal My Faith” is due for Global release in Feb. 2012. Yet again using the tried and tested power trio format Eamonn is backed by the top rhythm section consisting of Marc Inti on bass and Josef Kirschgen on the drums. Eamonn is a true artiste, a master of his craft who always performs with that heart-felt passion synonymous with true Irish music legends in the making... © Facebook © 2011 · Français (France) © http://fr-fr.facebook.com/pages/Eamonn-McCormack/106708849846?v=info


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