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The Jazz Ministry

The Jazz Ministry - Another Night At The Baked Potato 2005 - 2005 - LMNOP

Recorded @ The North Hollywood Baked Potato on March 11th, 12th, and April 8th 2005. This a powerful and stunning fusion statement by four master musicians. The band plays entirely instrumental jazz grooves with plenty of improvised jamming. Greg Mathieson plays keyboards and is joined by the brilliant Michael Landau on guitar, and Abe Laboriel on bass. Abraham Laboriel Jr. plays drums. Greg has said that "The rules for this band were no rehearsals and no sound checks. Just show up to the gig and count it off! So with those rules the band played with freedom, joy and abandon, and that made for some really great moments. As a musician there have been so many great moments that have not been recorded, and that's why I'm so grateful that these were". This album is VHR by A.O.O.F.C. N.B: Greg Mathieson, Abraham Laboriel Sr., Michael Landau, and Vinnie Colaiuta previously played this venue in June, and July 2000. The concert was recorded and released as the album "Mathieson, Laboriel, Landau & Colaiuta Live At The Baked Potato 2000" in 2001. You will find that album @ http://overdoseoffingalcocoa.blogspot.com/2011/08/mathieson-laboriel-landau-colaiuta.html Listen to Abe Laboriel, Jr playing snare drums on Scritti Politti's great "Anomie & Bonhomie" album. Check out Abraham Laboriel Sr.'s "Guidum" album. Greg Mathieson's "For My Friends" is a great album, as is Michael Landau's "Renegade Creation" album. The Michael Landau Group's "Live" album is @ MICHLAND/LIVE [All tracks @ 160 Kbps: 2 x rar files: Pt.1 = Disc 1[89.2 Mb], & Pt.2 = Disc 2 [87.5 Mb]


1 The Sauce 16:32
2 Goyo 15:48
3 Song For My Grandfather 13:07
4 MB 7:35
5 Q T π 17:02


1 I Don't Know 15:12
2 Slow Glide 17:17
3 Greg's Groove 16:32
4 HB "A Nice Place To Live" 8:32
5 LMNOP 19:00

All tracks composed by Greg Mathieson except "Q T π" by Greg Mathieson & Abraham Laboriel


Michael Landau - Guitars
Abraham Laboriel Sr. - Bass
Greg Mathieson - Keyboards
Abraham Laboriel Jr. - Drums


A.O.O.F.C said...

LINK Pt..2

p/w if needed is aoofc

Danneau said...

Great Stuff. Thank you.

A.O.O.F.C said...

Hi,Danneau. Grade A jazz rock. Not enough of this kind of music around. Thanks as usual, & TTU later...P