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Jess Roden

Jess Roden - Live at the BBC - 1996 - Band Of Joy

The last official gig by the Jess Roden Band was a televised show for the BBC's "Sight And Sound, In Concert" program which was simulcast on BBC Radio 1 in 1977. Four extra BBC session tracks from 1975 were added to the setlist, and the whole album was released as "Live at the BBC" in 1996. It's a great album from the very underrated, but supremely gifted British vocalist. As vocalists go Jess is up there with the likes of Paul Carrack, Paul Rodgers, and others. His voice has been described as "one of the quintessential white soul voices of the '70's". For over 40 years, Jess has done just about everything in rock music, except become a household name. He has appeared on albums by The Meters, The Doors, Steve Winwood, The Who, Mott the Hoople, Keef Hartley, Sandy Denny, Paul Kossoff, Jim Capaldi, Stomu Yamashta, Peter Green, and many more. He has a voice of pure gold, and to many people in the record buying world, he remains an undiscovered treasure. Read http://www.bobharris.org/whispers/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=1937 for info on Jess Roden albums/sessions. A used copy of this CD is for sale on Amazon @ £79.98.....Never gonna promote music that way! We're talking about great underrated soul blues from a brilliant and neglected British vocalist, not something for hanging on a wall in The Louvre. Search this blog for related releases. Most if not all of Jess' releases are still only available on vinyl or those awful "digitized from vinyl" CD's. There is talk about a large chunk of Jess' work being remixed and remastered for CD release. If this becomes available, see if you can buy it for a fair price [All tracks @ 192 Kbps: File size = 105 Mb]


1. The Ballad Of Big Sally - Cartwright, Roberts
2. On A Winner With You - Roden, Webb
3. In A Circle - Webb, Cartwright
4. Desperado - Henley, Frey
5. Stay In Bed - Roden
6. Crystal Eye - Roden
7. You Can Leave Your Hat On - Newman
8. Blowin' - Roden, Cartwright
9. Can't Get Next To You - Whitfield, Strong
10. Jump Mama - Roden
11. All Night Long - Cartwright
12. Lies - Cale
13. Honey Don't Worry - Cartwright
14. Under Suspicion - Roden
15. What Took Me So Long? - Roden

N.B: Tracks 1-11 were recorded in December, 1976 at BBC's Maida Vale 4 for BBC's Radio 1 In Concert program on 15.1.77, and Tracks 12-15 were recorded for the BBC John Peel Show on 24.4.75 at the BBC's Maida Vale 4 studio


Jess Roden (Vocals) - Tracks 1-15
Bruce Roberts (Guitar) - Tracks 1-15
Steve Webb (Guitar) - Tracks 1-15
John Cartwright (Bass) - Tracks 1-15
Billy Livsey (Keyboards) - Tracks 1-11
Pete Hunt (Drums) - Tracks 1-15
Ron Taylor (Alto Saxophone) - Tracks 1-15
Chris Gower (Trombone) - Tracks 1-15


Singer/guitarist Jess Roden was born in Kidderminster in England's West Midlands, and his first band was the Shakedown Sounds. In 1967, he joined the Alan Bown Set as their new lead singer. Although their records never charted nationally, he did pick up a fandom in London (and belatedly became something of a star on the Northern Soul scene) with the release of their single "Emergency 999". He remained with the Bown group through 1970, after which he formed the band Bronco, and later worked on Wildlife, the third Mott The Hoople album, and with Keef Hartley on the album Lancashire Hustler. In the mid-1970's, he teamed up with ex-Doors John Densmore and Robby Kreiger in the Butts Band, and sang on their first album. Roden finally emerged as a solo artist in his own right in the mid-1970's on Island Records, with his 1974 self-titled solo album, which was cut in New Orleans and included Allen Toussaint and Art Neville on keyboards. His albums throughout the 1970's got great reviews but he never saw any significant sales; in between his own work, he managed to sing and play on albums by Carol Grimes, Jim Capaldi, Stomu Yamashta, Sandy Denny, and Grace Jones. He was with the group Rivits on Island, for one album at the outset of the 1980's. © Bruce Eder © 2012 Rovi Corporation. All Rights Reserved http://www.allmusic.com/artist/jess-roden-p20236/biography


Jess Roden (born 28 December 1947) is an English rock singer and guitarist. Roden's first band was The Raiders followed by The Shakedown Sound which also included the guitarist, Kevyn Gammond, and keyboard player August Eadon (aka Gus Yeadon). In 1966, he joined The Alan Bown Set as their new lead singer. Although their records rarely charted, Roden and the band did pick up a considerable fans in London, and belatedly became a minor star on the Northern soul scene, with the release of their single, "Emergency 999". He remained with the Alan Bown through to the late 1960s, but left after recording the album The Alan Bown! His vocals were re-recorded by his replacement Robert Palmer for the UK release of the album, although Roden's original vocals remained on the U.S. release. Roden later appeared as a backing vocalist to Palmer on his 1983 appearance on The Tube. In 1970 Roden returned to Worcestershire and formed the band Bronco but left after two albums to embark on a solo album. During this period, he also worked on Wildlife, the third Mott the Hoople album, and sang and played on albums by Carol Grimes, Jim Capaldi, Sandy Denny, and sang lead vocals on Keef Hartley's 1973 album Lancashire Hustler. His solo album plans were sidelined when, in the same year, he was asked to team up with ex-Doors John Densmore and Robby Krieger in The Butts Band, together with Phil Chenn (bass) and Roy Davies (keyboards). The album was recorded in London and Kingston, Jamaica and released in America on Blue Thumb and Island (rest of the world). Roden, Chenn and Davies remained with the group for one album and a brief US tour. Roden finally emerged as a solo artist in the mid 1970s on Island Records, with his 1974 self-titled solo album. It was recorded at Olympia and Basing St Studios in London as well as New Orleans, Louisiana, and included contributions from Allen Toussaint and Art Neville on keyboards. He then formed The Jess Roden Band (originally Iguana - based in Southampton), with whom three further albums were recorded (Keep Your Hat On, Play It Dirty, PLay It Class and Blowin') - the latter recorded live in Birmingham and Leicester during 1976. Always a major touring draw, the band never achieved significant record sales and disbanded in 1977. Following the ending of the JRB, Roden relocated to New York and cut two further solo albums for Island (The Player Not The Game and Stonechaser). He formed The Rivits with Peter Wood (who co-wrote Year Of The Cat with Al Stewart), for one album Multiplay. During initial sessions for a second Rivits album that was due to be recorded at Compass Point Studios, Roden sang back-up vocals for Grace Jones Pull Up To The Bumper. On returning to New York, Roden worked as a graphic artist while, at the same time, recording Seven Windows, an album that was produced by Steve Dwire and Michael MacDonald. Just before the album was released, Roden returned to live and work in the UK. He returned with a new band, The Humans, in 1991. With a line-up featuring Jim Capaldi, Gary Grainger, Bill Burke and Nick Graham, the outfit produced two albums, only for Roden disappear from the music scene once more in the mid 1990s. One rare recent appearance was at Granville's Brasserie, in Stone, Staffordshire. As of April, 2008, according to his brother Nick, "Basically he now runs his own graphic design business, but not in New York. He lives near to London and is enjoying the quiet life. Up until about 4-5 years ago, he sang about once a year with an outfit called the SAS band with other singers and musicians. I believe Roy Wood, Roger Taylor, Brian May, Paul Young, etc. were also involved. I cannot speak on his behalf, but when I went down to see him two weeks ago, I asked him if he would be doing anymore singing, but seeing as he has not sung in such a while, I can honestly say it is most unlikely."


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File Jess next to Terry Reid... you won't be disappointed...

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Hi,A. I've got Terry's great Seed of Memory album. I'll check out more of his stuff. Thanks for the recommendation. TTU soon...P

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Thankz for all the Jess Roden stuff!
Still love it.

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Jess Roden is, for me, THE English Soul / Rock singer, and this band were great. Loved the live album "Blowin'", just wish all his stuff was re-released on CD..My bank manager would hate it, but I'd be a happy man...

A.O.O.F.C said...

Hi, Purpleblues. Jess was definitely one of the greatest ever British soul singers. If all his stuff is coming out on CD, I'll be first in the queue! Thanks, & TTU later...P

Neil Storey said...

Interesting to see that the 'Live @ The BBC' CD is (was) being offered on Amazon for that kind of money... shows its a little more scarce than anyone imagines!

To clear up all the rumours etc – a full-scale Anthology IS about to be released. And yes, it does (will) include well over 50% of previously unheard material as well as all of the key cuts and more.

Track-listings / news etc are being posted on www.jessroden.com now and the full track-listing will be up by end of 1st week April. Availability details to follow.

All best
curator – JessRoden.com

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Cheers,Neil. Great info. Looking forward to that anthology! TTU soon...P

Neil Storey said...

Track listings for CD 1 and CD2 are already up... track-listing for CD3 has just been announced!

Hidden Masters | The Jess Roden Anthology CD 3 – G... http://neilstorey.blogspot.com/2012/03/hidden-masters-jess-roden-anthology-cd_29.html?spref=tw

Neil Storey said...

Hidden Masters proudly announce The Jess Roden Anthology has been produced and compiled in full collaboration with Jess. 5CDs, over 80 songs. All of the tracks are being fully re-mastered from the original analogue source tapes, indeed, many of the tunes we're including have never been digitised before and well over 50% of the material – on what we believe is a career defining edition – has never been heard before.

http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/jessroden for details

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Any chance of a new link please for this album? I can't find it anywhere else. Thanks

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Hi Grant. Sorry. I haven't got album to repost. Try comment box to request it, & TYVM...Paul