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Dave Constantino Band

Dave Constantino Band - Bump In The Road - 2007 - Limelite Records

Dave Constantino has tasteful & polished blues rock style that has made him a legendary Western New York and National guitarist and singer. In the mid sixties he founded The Tweeds and wrote the 1967 regional hit “ A Thing Of The Past”. In the early seventies he joined forces with drummer, Paul Varga and bassist, Billy Sheehan to form the powerhouse trio, Talas. Talas became a Western New York success story and gained international recognition with classics like Dave’s song “ See Saw” . Their popularity extended into the 1990’s when they played reunion concerts to sold out shows, which led to a live CD release and international concerts. Dave has established himself as a regional icon with bands like Shyboy and most recently, The Dave Constantino Band with Ted and Tom Reinhardt. The Reinhardts are legends in their own right and perfectly compliment Dave’s bluesy rock style, to create a dynamic and powerful © http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/daveconstantino/from/allrecordlabelsperformance.

Dave Constantino is the frontman of legendary Buffalo band 'Talas' [which was known for being the first band of bassist Billy Sheehan]. Constantino was the band's original singer/guitarist, who featured on the few Talas studio albums, as well as the excellent live reunion disc "If We Only Knew Then...". Since then he's been busy getting his own music out there in such bands as Shyboy [w/ Talas drummer and other singer Paul Varga] and more recently on the blues scene as The Dave Constanino Band, which also features legendary Buffalo area musical brothers Ted and Tom Reinhardt [see Gamalon, Spyro Gyra, Willie and the Reinhardts...]. The band's 9-track debut disc is a fine mix of Dave's own blues and blues-rock songs. The album kicks off with the straight ahead blues of "Bump In The Road", and features such great songs as "Missing You", a haunting acoustic ballad, "Mystery Man", which starts out lightly before stepping up to become a cool blues rocker here, and "Where You Hidin'" - another great up-tempo funky blues track, featuring some killer guitar from the man himself. The album closes with a classy rendition of Jimi Henrix's "Manic Depression", which Dave guitar goes all out on. As much as I love Dave's Talas stuff for the big straight ahead guitar sound and his tough vocals, his new blues album showcases his talents as more than just a rocker, with various guitar sounds and great solos, as well as a whole different take on the man's vocal abilities. Smooth stuff. Should make for cool outdoor summertime sounds. - Review: © Kevin J. Julie / Universal Wheels, March 2007 http://www.travellersintime.com/UniversalWheels/constantinoreview.html

Sone of Dave's influences include Robin Trower, Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Paul Kossoff, Jeff Beck, BB King, Ritchie Blackmore, and SRV. He is one of the few musicians who has successfully made the transition from a straight up rock guitarist, to an exceptional blues rock guitarist as demonstrated on this album. Read an interview with Dave @ http://www.travellersintime.com/UniversalWheels/constantinointerview.html [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: File size = 82.8 Mb]


1. Bump In The Road 4:14
2. Nobody's Cryin' 3:35
3. Fit To Be Tied 3:53
4. Missing You 4:04
5. Mystery Man 4:42
6. Gave You Back 3:20
7. Pain In My Heart 4:19
8. Where You Hidin' 3:54
9. Manic Depression 4:44

All songs composed by Dave Constantino except "Manic Depression" by Jimi Hendrix


Dave Constantino - Guitar/Vocals
Tom Reinhardt - Bass
Ted Reinhardt - Drums


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