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Kick The Cat

Kick The Cat - Weirdo - 2002 - Blujazz Records

Kick the Cat is Chicago's most highly acclaimed fusion ensemble. Since forming in 1996, the band has been wowing audiences with their high energy shows. Their compositions are grounded in the traditions of jazz, rock and funk and feature complex harmony, odd time signatures, and extended improvisations. The group's spontaneity and uncanny communication make each of their live performances a unique adventure in interactive music-making © CANdYRAT Records http://www.candyrat.com/artists/KickTheCat/Weirdo/

It always amazes me to hear bands like Kick the Cat, reason being is that typically music this good will almost always have some major big name musicians involved, well, these guys are most assuredly major musicians, but not the household names that would be on the minds of most fusion fans out there. They are a quartet from the Chicago area, that play complexly arranged pieces, showing a high caliber of technical expertise on their respective instruments, and never shy to display ferocious solo spots when called upon. You can imagine that with a band name like Kick the Cat, that the music has a quirkiness attached to the already impressive display of talent, this is a fact, check the song titles and use your imagination. The aptly named song titles are a significant indicator of what these guys are all about. The music is serious fusion, but with a playful undercurrent. This is not music that is strangely new to most well-listened fusion heads, you can hear trace elements of the likes of Tribal Tech, The Dregs, A Helmet of Gnats, Elektric Band, Stratus, The Code, Passport as well as a few others, they are a band that will definitly appeal to anyone that appreciates those bands. There are more different variations on fusion explored by Kick the Cat than one would expect, which gives this cd a huge thumbs up for creative flare. The band has a good feel for most any style of fusion, and the musicianship and creative capability to be a force in the new wave of young artists that are led to explore the parameters of their chosen craft in this underappreciated genre. This is a can't miss cd folks. © MJBrady Published on: 16 Apr 2003 © ProGGnosis - Progressive Rock & Fusion http://www.proggnosis.com/PGRelease.asp?RID=7223

[All tracks @ 320 Kbps: File size = 120 Mb] Listen to KTC's "Scramble" album


1. The Weirdo (0:34)
2. Chip Monkey - Clemente (7:44)
3. Yo! - Clemente (8:05)
4. P.S. Sorry No Flowers This Time - Siebold (1:58)
5. Two Down - Siebold (5:49)
6. Right Side of the Bed - KTC (0:48)
7. I'm Lovin Life - Clemente (6:36)
8. Visigoths' Overture - Tellis-Nayak (1:18)
9. Breakfast with the Visigoths - Tellis-Nayak (6:20)
10. She's Beautiful - Clemente (1:49)
11. The Nine Lives of Thor - Clemente (9:39)
12. Hash House - Tellis-Nayak (5:40)
13. Revenge of The Mongrels - KTC (2:53)
14. The Weirdo (reprise) (0:11)


Chris Siebold - Guitar
Chris Clemente - Bass
Vijay - Keyboards
Kris Myers - Drums


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