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Doron Zor

Doron Zor - A New Fusion - 2008 - Doron Zor

Doron Zor is one of Canada's foremost guitarists. He is a man who already earned his dues playing for countless sessions and creating for up and coming artists.However his genre of rock fusion uncommom to the Dutch music scene,has its roots in the Blues,which we all love. His new CD flows in this direction. It seems to be the month of the fusion releases. Doron Zor's guitar sound is situated somewhere between that of Robben Ford, Larry Carlton and Lee Ritenour. His playing is melodic and bluesy, just as these gentlemen, bassist Jon Czechowski perfectly provides for a tight funky rhythm. Take one of the clips attached it might give you the impression, that Doron is a "shredder", he is certainly not. It is only a promo for the handmade "Dot On Shaft" guitars for which he endorses . Funk, jazz, blues, sometimes what even sounds like samba rhythms are all melted together in his new CD release. Hence the name fusion . Of the nine songs, there are only three with vocals (Marshall Dane), but Doron is a guitarist, so we will not complain about it. "Susing It Out" which opens this CD is a Brazilian-like song, samba-fusion, mix.... in which the excellent drummer Paul Delong can show his craftsmanship. The funky shuffle "Do not Forget To Smooth It" has his name written all over it. A nice smooth sounding jazzy instrumental blues with a hefty guitar rhythm. For the first time vocals of Marshall Dane ...makes "Cat In A Cage", a song.. that contains the same ingredients, funk jazz and blues,a perfect dose, of Marshall's relaxed voice work. Jazz-rock, are the stronger elements that are presented, in "Drunken Egg" in which there are some intense, rock moments . In the song "Detroit Bleeds" Marshall gets help from Chris Hall long time musician and rock and roller for the intense vocals. The revival of "Cat In A Cage", which is about to conclude "Devil Woman" gives us a continuation of the same sound of Doron Zor. High energy merging with a strong guitar sound and his sublime craftmanship is something we rarely hear. Fusion Lovers, just listen. © http://www.sonicbids.com/2/EPK/?epk_id=213020#press

Roots Time said "Doron Zor's guitar sound is situated somewhere between that of Robben Ford, Larry Carlton and Lee Ritenour". Doron is influenced by guitarists like Larry Carlton, Robben Ford, Frank Gambale, and Scott Henderson. "A New Fusion" is not a groundbreaking album but it contains enough great blues and jazz funk elements and strong musicianship to make it a well above average album. Doron also composed all the tracks. Buy Doron's "Look Here" album and give these improving artists a break [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: File size = 93.6 Mb]


1 Susing It Out 4:22
2 New Beginning 2:53
3 Don't Forget to Smooth It 5:53
4 Cat in a Cage 3:59
5 Drunken Egg 4:22
6 When Seven Is Six 4:15
7 Blood Gone Bad 4:05
8 Detroit Bleeds 4:39
9 Cat in a Cage/Devil Woman 5:08

All tracks composed by Doron Zor


Doron Zor - Guitar
Jon Czechowski - Bass
Michael Fonfara - Keyboards
Paul DeLong - Drums
Marshall Dane, Chris Hall - Vocals


There’s a common thread woven through the most memorable personalities in the world whether they are masters in fine art, the environment, law, literature, medicine, music, politics, sports or technology. Each, at one time during their life, realized through a parent, professor, coach or mentor that the secret to individual success is: “it’s all in the approach.” Such epiphanies contributed to life altering moments and ever lasting change where growth was not optional and choices made must be done so wisely. This theory holds especially true for Toronto based fusion guitarist, virtuoso, and composer Doron Zor. Born in Israel to a thriving fashion designer mother and acclaimed musician father, Doron and his two older siblings acquired the laws of living in a highly creative environment at a very early age. The passion for fashion and love of music was ever present and inspired Doron to pick up his first guitar – an air guitar -- at age 7. Mimicking his brother it became apparent that it was only a matter of time before Doron would attain a guitar of his own; that happened 6 years later. A move to Canada had Doron accompany his father to one of his music adventures – Doron would do so on one condition: he, be allowed to play guitar his way. Initially enrolled in high school bands and any local group that would allow him to play, Doron’s early music influence was that of hard rock and heavy metal. His scope and perspective changed when he heard his first Vivaldi piece and in doing so returned to Israel in 2002 to learn under the watchful eye, demanding discipline and critical ear of Giora (Greg) Pekel at the Kawai Academy. Emphasis on geography, history, and music – classical, theory and counterpoint -- occupied over 10 hours a day of study time, and that didn’t include practice. Influences now included Paganini, Bach, Schubert as well as witnessing the musical genius of Giora’s friends collaborating. In 2004, Doron graduated with a Masters Degree in Music and in 2005 he returned to Toronto.In addition to playing at various guitar stores, Doron found himself working with the Toronto Symphony Youth Orchestra -- one of the leading in the world and performing pieces such as: Prelude in G Major, Elnero, Tristan and The Dark Knight. Accompanying him would be another Pekel – Ariel, son of Giora – as well as Alyssa Debare Sachwak, Maia Boriedo, Ilia Uriski, and Doug Foreman. This music project was released to CD and entitled “Live at the Royal Conservatory of Music”. Determined to go further, Doron took his newly formed quintet, “Poetic Justice” and classical compositions to the streets, opening and closing for various bands at clubs as well as performing at the Classical Music Conservatory. With off stage CD sales climbing, and his fan base growing, Doron’s musicality caught the attention of Toronto’s NOW Magazine where he was named and featured as the # 1 composer for 7 consecutive months. The ability to have more than one melody playing at the same time without interfering with the other became Doron’s music soul purpose. Quickly hired for session and production work for the likes of Leann Wilson, Laureen Hamel, and Mary Pettry as well as a re-release of Celine Dion's hit originally with Billy Newton-Davis “Can’t Live with You, Can’t Live Without You”, Doron released his first CD, A New Fusion (2006) produced by Chris Hall (Collage), and engineered by Terry Brown (Rush, Jimi Hendrix, Cutting Crew, Blue Rodeo). In the two short years that followed, Doron continued to make a name for himself as a monthly contributing writer to Mack Amp magazine offering up guitar tips. His first book “Theory Made Easy” with worldwide distribution rights is expected to hit stores and stands mid 2010. His many endorsements from guitar picks (DAVA), amplifiers (Mack), integrated tuners (N-Tune), strings (Wyres), circuits (Electro Harmonix), effect pedals (XOTic) and guitars (Bickertone) has elevated his musical status and contributed to the creation of his second and current Cd Kongo S’quare which expands on the conception of what the original fusion jazz legends brought forth in the 20th century. Having teamed up with some of Canada's finest musicians -- Michael Fonfara (Jimi Hendrix, Foreigner, Lou Reed) on keys, Jon Czechowski (Red Rider/Tom Cochrane) on bass, Aaron Spink (Steve Gadd, Randy Brecker) on drums and special guest Paul DeLong (Kim Mitchell) also on drums – Kongo S’quare with its heart and soul in the blues has all the ear markings of another inspiring production.In the short period of time that he’s graced the world with his wide range of musical talent, Doron Zor’s successes are attributed to, “it’s all in the approach”. Whether it’s a classroom of eager students waiting for lessons, the partnering of musicians waiting to rehearse, the music theory he’s prepared to share with the world, or simply respecting and handling his guitars the way only he understands, Doron continues to deliver a message through music that has no language: “Build a dream, then a life.” © 2009. All rights reserved © http://www.doronzor.com/biography.html


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Nothing is more refreshing than a surprise.
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The album is great and the kind of fusion I like.
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Hi,flyra. He's a great musician. I'm always on the look out for these musicians who need promotion. I'm so glad you like the music. Thanks, & TTU soon...P