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Dweezil Zappa

Dweezil Zappa - Zappa Plays Zappa [Audio CD 3/ Disc 5 / Fan Pack Boxset ] - 2008 - Razor & Tie

Considered by many to be a musical genius, the late composer, guitarist and producer, Frank Zappa's body of work is vast, eclectic and diverse. In 1993 his untimely death deprived thousands of his loyal fans Frank's satirical flair and brilliant musicianship. A few years ago, Frank Zappa's eldest son Dweezil decided that his father's music was not been given the exposure it deserves and he created Zappa Plays Zappa , an extensive concert tour that brought selected compositions from his father's huge body of work back to the stage. Dweezil said, "Frank's music is unique. It deserves to be discovered by today's audience. They don't have any idea what they are missing. His music is not going to suddenly appear on popular radio or TV programs and it's not going to get massive exposure in the media, so the only way to introduce it to new people is to play his music live. Frank always called his music the 'World's Finest Optional Entertainment' and it really is." The Zappa Plays Zappa tour gives audiences a chance to spend an evening with Frank Zappa's wonderful, weird, and often complex music, meticulously performed by a mix of brilliant musicians who previously played with Frank Zappa including Mothers of Invention member Napoleon Murphy Brock. In 2006, two critically-acclaimed 2006 Zappa Plays Zappa concerts were filmed and recorded in Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington, respectively. The music was released on DVDs featuring over three hours of fantastic performances from Dweezil's fabulous group of players, including special guests Steve Vai, and Terry Bozzio. A limited edition fanpack is available featuring the two-DVD set and also three CDs containing the entire audio content, totalling 270 minutes. The disc here is the audio CD 3/Disc 5 of the Zappa Plays Zappa Fan Pack edition which brilliantly commemorates Frank Zappa's more rock-oriented compositions from the 1960s through the 1980s.This album is also available as a one disc CD, a 2 disc CD, and a 2 disc DVD. Check out Dweezil's "Automatic" album on this blog, and listen to Frank Zappa's "Apostrophe" album [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: File size = 145 Mb]

[Audio CD 3/ Disc 5]


1 Zomby Woof
2 Black Napkins
3 The Torture Never Stops
4 Oh No
5 Son Of Orange County
6 Trouble Every Day
7 Sofa
8 Cheepnis

All tracks composed by Frank Zappa


Dweezil Zappa - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Jamie W.Kime - Guitar, Vocals
Steve Vai - Guitar
Pete Griffin - Bass, Vocals
Scheila Gonzales - Keyboards, Saxophone, Flute, Vocals
Aaron Arntz - Keyboards, Trumpet, Vocals
Terry Bozzio, Joe Travers - Drums, Vocals
Billy Hulting - Percussion, Mallets, Manic Ranting
Napoleon Murphy Brock - Sax, Flute, Vocals


Son of Frank Zappa and a heavy metal disciple of Eddie Van Halen and Steve Vai, Dweezil released his first album, Havin' a Bad Day, in 1986. He worked a stint as a VJ on MTV, appeared in the films Pretty in Pink and The Running Man, and had a brief sojourn in TV situation comedy with his sister Moon Unit, on 1988-1989's Normal Life. Dweezil also issued his second album, My Guitar Wants to Kill Your Mama, in 1988, following it in 1991 with Confessions, and subsequently took a break from solo recording. He worked in television for a time, composing the theme song to the sadly short-lived Ben Stiller Show and voicing the character of Ajax on the brilliant USA Network animated series Duckman. He next formed the band Z with brother Ahmet on vocals; the group released two albums together: 1994's Shampoohorn and 1996's Music for Pets. In addition to his work as a session guitarist, Zappa busied himself with Happy Hour ( a TV show for the USA Network which debuted in 1999 and was co-hosted with Ahmet ), and his first solo album in nine years, 2000s mostly instrumental Automatic. Following this, Dweezil fell back out of the public eye and re-dedicated himself to learning guitar, changing his style a bit and adopting many of his father's picking techniques. In 2005, he assembled a crack band of younger players and recruited FZ alumni Steve Vai, Terry Bozzio, and Napoleon Murphy Brock for the critically acclaimed Zappa Plays Zappa tour which hit the road in the summer of 2006. The band (with Brock ostensibly as the frontman) performed an entire program of Frank Zappa compositions with Vai and Bozzio appearing as guests and Dweezil himself as lead guitarist/bandleader. Between legs of that tour, he released Go with What You Know, easily his most ambitious album to date. A studio version and DVD of Zappa Plays Zappa appeared in 2008 with a live album from the project -- Return of the Son Of... -- following in 2010. © Cub Koda © 2011 Rovi Corporation. All Rights Reserved http://www.allmusic.com/artist/dweezil-zappa-p5902/biography


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