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Hammer Of The Gods (Dave LaRue, Mike Portnoy, Daniel Gildenlöw, Paul Gilbert) [Led Zeppelin Related]

Hammer Of The Gods (Dave LaRue, Mike Portnoy, Daniel Gildenlöw, Paul Gilbert) - Two Nights In North America - 2006 - Mp4 Productions

There has being some criticism of Swedish multi-instrumentalist Daniel Gildenlöw’s vocals on this album, some critics saying that the guy’s voice is “not strong enough”, is “strained at times”, and he “doesn’t always hit the high notes”. It is difficult to dismiss comparisons with the great Robert Plant and if you are a fan of the mighty Led Zeppelin, of course you will want to hear decent covers. In my opinion, the vocals are not a huge problem. I am a huge Zeppelin fan. The first vinyl album I ever bought was Led Zeppelin 11. LZ2 & LZ4 are two of the greatest rock albums ever released. Some of the musicians on this album also played on the brilliant Beatles cover album (Yellow Matter Custard), and nobody compared Mike Portnoy or Paul Gilbert’s vocals or musicianship to Paul McCartney or John Lennon. How could you? The music and the musicianship on that album is incredible. The musicianship on this album is also tremendous and Daniel Gildenlöw’s vocals certainly don’t diminish the quality of these great musicians’ interpretations of 21 great Zeppelin tracks. Paul Gilbert and Mike Portnoy are fabulously talented musicians and all their work is worth listening to. Daniel Gildenlöw is probably best known as the guitarist and vocalist for the progressive metal band Pain of Salvation, and this guy CAN sing. Disc 1 "One Night In Montreal" was recorded at The Montreal Drum Featival on Friday November 7th 2003, and Disc 2 "One Night In New York City" was recorded in BB King's Blues Club, New York City on Wednesday November 5th 2003. The album is HR by A.O.O.F.C. N.B: Although this album is an “official bootleg” and perfectly legit, sq at times is average and more sophisticated recording and mixing techniques would have made it a better album [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: Pt 1 (CD 1) = 140 Mb: Pt 2 (CD 2) = 159 Mb]


CD 1 - One Night In Montreal

The Song Remains the Same - Page & Plant
Heartbreaker - Bonham, Jones, Page, Plant
Livin' Lovin' Maid (She's Just a Woman) - Page & Plant
The Rover - Page & Plant
Houses of the Holy - Page & Plant
Misty Mountain Hop - Jones, Page, Plant
Immigrant Song - Page & Plant
The Rain Song - Page & Plant
Dazed and Confused - Page

CD 2- One Night In New York City

In the Light - Jones, Page, Plant
Celebration Day - Jones, Page, Plant
Night Flight - Jones, Page, Plant
The Wanton Song - Page & Plant
Out on the Tiles - Bonham, Page, Plant
Moby Dick / Drum Solo - Bonham, Jones, Page
Ten Years Gone - Page & Plant
Black Dog - Jones, Page, Plant
The Ocean - Bonham, Jones, Page, Plant
Thank You - Page & Plant
How Many More Times - Bonham, Jones, Page, Plant
I'm Gonna Crawl - Jones, Page, Plant


Paul Gilbert - Guitars
Dave LaRue - Bass
Mike Portnoy - Drums
Daniel Gildenlöw - Vocals


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the file A is impossible to download..maybe it's got something wrong ...can you check that out please...thank you very much

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Hi,francisco. The file seems ok to me. Try http://speedshare.org/download.php?setlang=en&id=3BA8E92D1

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Oh wow! Oh wow! And finally OH WOW!!!! Thanks for sharing this. I cannot wait to play it.

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No problems with the links at all. Portnoy and Gilbert up to their usual high standard too.

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Hi,Francisco. That is great to know! Thanks for letting me know. TTU soon...Paul

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Hi,ratso. Thanks a million. Some people were having problems with the links, but there's so many pc op systems nowadays with different antiviruses, etc, some people don't know how to get the link. Thanks for telling me. Yes. Those guys like Pornoy, Gilbert, Sheehan, etc know what real music is all about. TVM & TTU later...Paul