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Steve Hackett, John Paul Jones, Paul Gilbert, Nuno Bettencourt

Steve Hackett, John Paul Jones, Paul Gilbert, Nuno Bettencourt - (Hard Rock Cafe, Japan 20th Anniversary Special Live) Guitar Wars - 2004 - Universal International

A live concert celebrating the twentieth anniversary of the famous Japan Hard Rock Cafe. Performances took place on 28th & 29th, August 2003 at Akasaka Blitz, a music venue in Minato, Tokyo, which is owned and operated by Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc. The guitar summit features the “Guitar Wars” participants Steve Hackett, John Paul Jones, the amazing Paul Gilbert and Nuno Bettencourt, better known as the axemen from Mr.Big, Genesis, Extreme and the bassist from Led Zeppelin. Each of the 'band' members gets a set, so there is a Paul Gilbert set, a John Paul Jones set, a Nuno Bettencourt set and a Steve Hackett set. This CD version of the gigs include 13 great tracks including a ripping closing encore of the Zeppelin classic "Rock And Roll”. As long as these guys are playing, Rock & Roll will never die. Great stuff! You can buy a DVD of this concert with extra tracks and features [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: File size = 179 Mb]


Paul Gilbert Set

1 – Gettin’ Betta - Cowling, Travers 5:35
2 – Viking Kong - Gilbert 7:32
3 – I Like Rock - Gilbert 3:22

John Paul Jones Set

4 – Tidal - Jones 5:13
5 – Steel Away - Jones 5:41
6 – Nobody’s Fault But Mine - Page, Plant 8:04

Nuno Bettencourt Set

7 – Gravity - Bettencourt 5:47
8 – Get The Funk Out - Bettencourt 6:47
9 – More Than Words - Bettencourt, Cherone 5:35

Steve Hackett Set

10 – Firth Of Fifth - Genesis 3:30
11 – Mechanical Bride -Hackett 8:03
12 – Los Endos - Hackett 6:27


13 – Rock And Roll - Bonham, Jones, Page, Plant 6:05


Paul Gilbert - Guitars, Vocals
Steve Hackett - Guitars, Harmonica, Vocals
Nuno Bettencourt - Guitars, Drums, Vocals
Mike Szuter - Guitar, Bass Guitar, Vocals
John Paul Jones - Bass Guitar, Lap Steel Guitar, Mandolin
Roger King - Keyboards
Pat Mastelotto - Drums
Gary Cherone - Vocals


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