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Simone Fiorletta

Simone Fiorletta - My Secret Diary - 2007 - Lion Music

Italian guitarist Simone Fiorletta returns fresh from the critical praise poured on his work on Moonlight Comedy’s recent ‘Dorothy’ album with his second solo album “My Secret Diary”. With a reputation as one of the worlds most exciting new players thanks to his previous solo work ‘Parallel Worlds’ and the blazing guitar firepower heard on Moonlight Comedy’s two Lion Music releases to date. “My Secret Diary” sees Simone evolve his approach to the solo album concept bringing a more refined style and expressive sound through a myriad of styles all showcasing Simone’s versatility on the instrument. Influenced by life and his emotions Simone describes the album as, “A mirror of my soul” and its this very personal touch that makes ‘My Secret Diary’ a very accessible album for any music fan. It’s easy to hear why guitar lovers the world over are quickly recognising the Fiorletta brand of guitar magic. The ten tracks on “My Secret Diary” sees Simone team up with a world class backing band of Andrea De Paoli (Labyrinth) on keyboards, Pasko (Cans) on bass and legendary drummer Tony Liotta (Sting, Tina Turner and many more) for a truly enjoyable release. © 2004-2013 GuitarEuroMedia http://www.guitareuromedia.com/simone-fiorletta-my-secret-diary-p-415?osCsid=50ff8e2aec50ed42af19de721314d621

Good instrumental melodic rock with incisive guitar solos and amazing keyboards from Andrea De Paoli. At times the album can be a little “sweet”, but Simone is not trying to be another Wayne Krantz and there is no doubting this guy’s astounding guitar talents. Check out Simone’s “Parallel Worlds” album and read an interview with him @ http://www.guitar9.com/interview120.html [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: File size = 112 Mb]


1. A Day In California 5:21
2. I Came Back 5:53
3. To Fly Over The Rainbow 5:02
4. Welcome, Anita! 6:29
5. Only Three Minutes To Dream 3:39
6. Borderline 4:45
7. You Are My Past, Present, Future 3:44
8. Brawl In A Saloon 5:10
9. The Beginning Of A New Era 5:02
10. Good Bye 5:26

All tracks composed by Simone Fiorletta except track 7 composed by Andrea De Paoli


Simone Fiorletta - Guitar
Pasko - Bass
Andrea De Paoli - Keyboards
Tony Liotta - Drums


A.O.O.F.C said...


P/W is aoofc

francisco santos said...

i have is last...''Personalities (2013)''...have you heard it yet ?...if not just say the word

francisco santos said...

do you have ''Parallel Worlds (2005)''???... i am missing that one

francisco santos said...

and also missing ''The Beginning (2004)''...do you have it also ????...if yes can you post them (2004 & 2005 ones)...thank you very much

A.O.O.F.C said...

Hi,Francisco. I only have "My Secret Diary", "Personalities", and "When Reality Is Nothing". Thanks...Paul

francisco santos said...

hello Paul !...i menage to get ''Parallel Worlds (2005)''...''The Beginnig (2004)'' is sold out, check every good shop (exp. Amazon, Abstrack Logix,& more)...nothing, them i request from Simone himself...no answer...keep digging...maybe,maybe

A.O.O.F.C said...

Hi,Francisco. I'll keep trying. It's bound to turn up somewhere. I'll send out my scouts! TVM & TTU later..Paul