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Travis Larson Band

Travis Larson Band - Rate of Change - 2006 - Precision Records

"The soulful fury of this talented three-piece, the Travis Larson Band, washes the stink of the recording industry’s lame offerings out into the gutters while unleashing it’s unique brand of instrumental rock fusion (think of a musical stew mixing a thick brown Rush gravy with big hearty chunks of Steve Morse and a dash of Jeff Beck).” With six studio albums and two full-length performance DVDs, the award-winning Travis Larson Band is firmly rooted as one of instrumental music’s premiere acts, having worked on record with Steve Lukather (Toto), Victor Wooten (Bela Fleck), Dave LaRue (Joe Satriani, John Petrucci, Dixie Dregs), Vinx (Sting, Herbie Hancock) and having shared live billing with Ted Nugent, UFO, Steve Morse (Deep Purple, Dixie Dregs), Ronnie Montrose, to name a few. Travis Larson Band's recent release Soundmind earned accolades as Guitar Player Magazine Editor's Top Three in 2011. Comprised of Travis Larson (guitar), Jennifer Young (bass), and Dale Moon (drums), TLB’s complicated phrasing, impossible timing, and seamless flow cause some to suspect that the band must surely operate from only one, albeit enormous, brain. Aided by endorsement relationships with Ernie Ball/MusicMan, Electro-Voice, Digitech, Markbass, DV Mark,Gretsch, and Sabian this tiny band with the big sound has found its way into the festivals, theaters, clubs and music stores across the nation, not to mention the traveling 53-foot tractor-trailer truck tours and music industry events. Well known for their live performances, the Travis Larson Band masterfully delivers full throttle rock-fusion that soars with originality and some say, has the power to unshackle the listener of the chains that bind them to the doldrums of day to day living. – from TLB Biography © http://www.travislarsonband.com/presskit.html

One might believe from opening track "Sticks and Stones" that guitarists Travis Larson and Steve Morse were separated at birth - their dynamics and melodic sensibilities seem that similar. But Larson does have his own (jazz-friendly) compositional style. And, unlike many fret freaks out there, thank goodness he values lyricality over shred factor. Rate of Change is the Travis Larson Band's fourth instrumental disc and its most accomplished so far: The tracks are exquisitely arranged and melodically tasty, the playing is smoothly confident while technically brilliant, and production is so sonically crisp the sound practically leaps from your speakers. While Larson's guitar work is the main focus here, bassist Jennifer Young and drummer Dale Moon are skilled enablers. They must be, to keep pace with Travis' sleight-of-hand changeups. Much of Rate of Change is buoyantly exuberant, as the band both rocks hard ("Thin Air," "Hell's Half Acre," "Plain Ugly") and lets off the accelerator for fusiony jazz groovin' ("Other Place," "Sums"). Whatever path Larson points his guitar down, I'm one listener who gladly will follow. By & © John Collinge Progression Magazine / Summer 2008

The fourth offering from the Travis Larson Band, Rate of Change, could be likened to saddling up a nine legged horse. It’s unique, will certainly pique the interest of anyone exposed to it and is capable of taking you on an extended journey to the far reaches of your imagination. Although the entirety of the disc is comprised of 12 original Larson penned tracks, the innovative riffs, tricky time signatures, flowing counter melodies and hearty peppering of bass throughout, leave the listener feeling as if they’ve somehow lucked into an extra disc. Rate of Change (ROC) showcases the bands diversity and confirms their disdain for formula. This fusion rock trio unleashes an edgy rock assault with the likes of, ” Up in Arms”, “Hells Half Acre” and “Plain Ugly” while counter balancing the attack with the soulful gem “Sums” and the melodic masterpiece “Dear God”. The album explores a plethora of musical variety (including a jazz fueled splash of exotic keyboard) without sounding lost. The purpose is deliberate, exhilarating and masterfully executed. The Travis Larson Band (TLB) has illustrated a knack for orchestrating chaos and Rate of Change is a shining example of their craft. Where most bands create a micro melody and crowd it like a herd of hobos simultaneously discovering an unguarded bottle of port, TLB puts many unique melodic treasures in each tune and binds them together with fiery leads, thump-tacular bass nuggets and a tasty barrage of thinking-man drum support, thus creating a soulful tapestry of diverse, mind-bending prog-rock. Lucky us! Rate of Change challenges the listener to pull up the anchor on the tired ship S.S. Predictability and ford the wild rivers of untamed instrumental rock fusion at its satisfying best. Rarely does an album show up that forces me to become a better listener but this darn thing has more textures than a greased warthog with the measles. It’s chock full of fresh Larson licks that seem to build, expand and explode. Young and Moon deliver a complementary substructure that is both complex and inspired yet not a single note seems unnecessary. As if this CD hasn’t given enough, it also contains two jewels worthy of special mention. Selection 10, Good and the Bad, is a cool breeze in a scorched desert. It features a melodic stroll with Larson and Young embarking on an enchanted acoustic journey sans percussion. ROC closes with the breathtaking, Room to Breath. Moon opens the tune with an alluring rhythm reminiscent of an early American battle march (I told you this thing has texture!) and then is gently placed in the capable hands of Larson and Young, bringing to fruition the “Sleepwalk” of the new millennium. Considering Larson has the know-how to run the fret board in the blink of an eye, it is his applied patience that allows this tune to ferment to full melodic maturity. Young’s hypnotic bass offering enhances the tunes melancholy feel while simultaneously creating a hint toward redemption. Music, when executed correctly, can free the listener of the chains and responsibilities that bind them to the doldrums of day to day living. ROC not only has the power to unshackle the listener from the web of life’s mundane entanglements, but in the right dose may serve as the catalyst that launches the newly freed into the act of smashing the doors off of the cages of their self-imprisoned constituency. Don’t mind the white hot burns of new found pleasure derived from the soul massaging original TLB recordings, rather, embrace them and realize that not unlike traveling toward the creamy filling found in the center of the Twinkies golden sponge cake,,, RATE OF CHANGE is a journey well worth the taking. By & © Ray Sansom – from http://www.travislarsonband.com/reviews/sansom_review_roc.html

TLB, the acclaimed award winning instrumental progressive jazz rock fusion trio from San Luis Obispo, California has been playing their signature brew of power trio riffs and grooves for over twelve years now with great success. “Rate of Change” is packed with top shelf musicianship and great compositions from Travis Larson, and the album is HR by A.O.O.F.C. Listen to TLB’s “Burn Season” album [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: File size = 112 Mb]


1 Sticks and Stones (4:53)
2 Up In Arms (3:54)
3 Winter Still (4:08)
4 Other Place (4:11)
5 Dear God (4:22)
6 The Saros (3:53)
7 Thin Air (3:41)
8 Sums (3:51)
9 Hell's Half Acre (3:38)
10 Good And The Bad (2:52)
11 Plain Ugly (3:43)
12 Room To Breathe (4:28)

All tracks composed by Travis Larson


Travis Larson - Electric & Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards
Jennifer Young - Bass Guitar
Dale Moon - Drums, Percussion


For rock guitar fans looking for instrumental jams à la such '80s shredders as Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, and Eric Johnson, the Travis Larson Band has made sure the genre is still living and breathing in the new millennium. The group consists of guitarist Travis Larson, bassist Jennifer Young, and drummer Dale Moon, but has been known to include extra players from time to time (strings, keys, and added percussion). The trio has shared the stage with such accomplished instrumentalists as Gary Hoey, Adrian Legg, former Band of Gypsies drummer Buddy Miles, Bill Bruford's Earthworks, and King Crimson's Trey Gunn. As evidenced by such albums as 2000's self-titled debut and 2001's Suspension (where Victor Wooten had a guest appearance), the trio specializes in well-constructed, melodic rock compositions. Vinx guested on 2004's Burn Season while 2006 saw the release of Rate of Change and the Rock Show DVD. In 2009, they followed that up with a CD and DVD release of Rate of Change Live. Soundmind appeared in 2011. © Greg Prato, Rovi

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