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Fleetwood Mac

Fleetwood Mac - The Golden Era Of Pop Music - 1972 - CBS (Netherlands)

All Fleetwood Mac fans most likely have all these tracks in their record collection, and probably in better sound quality. This is a Dutch CBS 2 x LP import vinyl compilation, and is a collection of 24 of some of the early Fleetwood Mac's best blues tracks. The album is a 128 bit version, so if you're a devoted audiophile, you might not feel it worthwhile to listen to this album. If you are not too familiar with the legendary Peter Green, and Fleetwood Mac, then this album will give you an idea of just how good the band were. Undoubtedly one of the greatest blues bands of all time. Peter Green remains a british blues institution, and there is no need to elaborate on his guitar playing and songwriting skills. Listen to FM's ""Mr. Wonderful" album. There is info on Fleetwood Mac's revamped "Madison Blues" album @ FLMAC/MADBLS You can find Christine Perfect's (McVie) 1970 s/t album @ CHRISPER/ST Check out Peter Green's "A Fool No More" album @ PGRN/AFNM and Mick Fleetwood's "The Visitor" album is available @ MFWD/TVSTR Read this amazing band's bio @ FLMAC/BIO/WIKI


A1 Black Magic Woman - P.A Green (2:50)
A2 Jigsaw Puzzle Blues - D.Kirwen (1:33)
A3 Stop Messin' Round -P.A Green/C.G Adams (2:35)
A4 Doctor Brown- B.Brown (3:43)
A5 Evenin' Boogie - J.Spencer (2:39)
A6 Albatross - P.A Green (3:07)

B1 Need Your Love So Bad - John/Allen (3:36)
B2 I've Lost My Baby - J.Spencer (4:14)
B3 Coming Home - E.James (2:38)
B4 I Believe My Time Ain't Long - E.James (2:55)
B5 The Sun Is Shining - E.James (3:05)
B6 Rollin' Man - P.A Green/C.G Adams (2:50)

C1 My Heart Beat Like A Hammer - J.Spencer (2:55)
C2 Merry Go Round - P.A Green (4:05)
C3 Long Grey Mare - P.A Green (2:15)
C4 Hellhound On My Trail - Trad. Arr. by P.A Green (2:00)
C5 Shake Your Moneymaker - E.James (2:55)
C6 Looking For Somebody - P.A Green (2:50)

D1 No Place To Go - C.Burnett (3:20)
D2 My Baby's Good To Me - J.Spencer (2:50)
D3 I Loved Another Woman - P.A Green (2:55)
D4 Cold Black Night - J.Spencer (3:15)
D5 The World Keep On Turning - P.A Green (2:30)
D6 Got To Move - Homesick James Williamson (3:20)


Mick Fleetwood - Drums
Peter Green - Vocals, Guitar
Danny Kirwan - Guitar, Vocals
John McVie - Bass
Jeremy Spencer - Guitar, Slide Guitar, Vocals