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Mon Dyh

Mon Dyh - Murderer - 1980 - Private Pressing/Self Released

A great band, but very hard to find any detailed info about them. "The Crack In The Cosmic Egg" has this to say, - "An obscure Berlin rock band, formed in 1979, and regulars on the local club scene for some years. Mon Dyh were very indebted to British styled blues and heavy rock, strongly song-saturated, in the early Groundhogs territory. Still unusual on occasion, and with some progressive touches, their gruff German accented Bruce Springsteen cum Tony McPhee styled vocalist takes some getting used to!"

"Murderer" is an exceptional album. It's an outstanding heavy blues rock album. Andreas Pröhl is a terrific guitarist and songwriter, and everything about this album is good. It is HR by A.O.O.F.C. It is surprising that more info is not available about this band. (Maybe I'm looking in the wrong places !). The CD re-release contains two bonus track. The sleeve notes are in German, and A.O.O.F.C would love a translation. The band released three albums, and their "Am Galgen" album is a brilliant and overlooked album. They also released an album entitled "Confused Mind". More details about this great band would be appreciated.


A1 Don't You Break My Heart (4:42)
A2 Murderer (3:52)
A3 Trying (4:52)
A4 Magic Piano (5:54)

B1 Just A Minute (3:40)
B2 A Needle Must Not Lay Down (4:27)
B3 One Second Man (2:45)
B4 Encountered The Edge (5:50)
9 All Along The Watchtower (4:51) [Bonus]
10 Have You Ever Loved A Woman (6:08) [Bonus]

Tracks A 1 - A 4, and B 1 - B 4 composed by Andreas Pröhl. Track 9 composed by Bob Dylan, & Track 10 composed by Billy Myles

N.B: Released in 1992 on CD on GreenTree Records with two bonus tracks, "All Along The Watchtower" , and "Have You Ever Loved A Woman". The tracks are included in this post.


Acoustic Guitar - Harald Künemund
Bass - Harald Frohloff
Drums - Markus Worbs
Vocals, Guitar - Andreas Pröhl


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