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The Groundhogs

The Groundhogs - US Tour '72 - 1999 - Akarma (Italy)

This album is compiled from the "Hoggin the Stage", and "BBC In Concert" sessions. and not from a US radio session as stated on some releases. The album has also been released as "Flight no. 5 to Houston". Some of these "unofficial" releases note that the tracks were "Recorded live in Houston, Texas 1972." The Groundhogs did one US tour in 1972, but not in Houston. Some versions also claim that the tunes are "all traditional songs, arranged by Tony McPhee". Even the official Akarma label release states, "After the successful release of the Live at Leeds album, another Groundhogs live performance is available on the Akarma label. Recorded in 1972, during the American tour made to promote the release of Split , U.S. Tour contains hot renditions of classics like 'Mistreated', 'Cherry Red', 'Still A Fool', and more." If you are a Groundhogs fan, you will most likely have heard these tracks before. If not, enjoy this great underrated band's raw blues rock sound.


Mistreated Townsend
Split, Pt. 1 McPhee-
Cherry Red McPhee
Groundhog Davenport
Still a Fool Waters

BAND [Needs Clarification]

Tony McPhee - Guitar/Vocals
Rick Adams - Guitar
Martin Kent , Pete Cruickshank - Bass
Mick Cook , Ken Pustelnik - Drums


A.O.O.F.C said...


p/w if needed is aoofc

normski said...

great live band;seen them about 8 times know all tracks got most of thier albums worth a listern

A.O.O.F.C said...

Hi,Normski. Tony McPhee & The Groundhogs played some serious heavy blues rock. Not to everybodys taste, but great music that will hit you like a sledgehammer. Thanks for comment....Paul