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Jiva - Jiva - 1975 - Dark Horse

Jiva was a California soft rock band with a sound that's a mixture of Hall & Oates, Splinter, and George Harrison. Not a bad album. Little is known about the band, and any info is appreciated. Did Gary Wright play on this album?


Something's Going On In L.A.
The Closer I Get
Love Is A Treasure
Take My Love
Hey Brother
World Of Love
What You're Waiting For
It's Time You Know
Don't Be Sad
All Is Well

All songs composed by Lanning, Hilton, & Strauss


Michael Scott Lanning, Thomas Walter Hilton - guitar, vocals
James Strauss - bass, vocals
Michael Reed - percussion, drums


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Anonymous said...

The members of Jiva were devotees of Guru Maharaj Ji back in the 70s. Guru Maharaj Ji would throw festivals (think Woodstock) all over the world a few times a year. Jiva performed at many of them.

I loved Jiva. They were all a great bunch of guys.

Tommy was a virtuoso on guitar. He'd play at our weekend meetings. It was SO fun because he'd alway get us in the groove.

Strauss was a stand up comic with a good head for business.

Mike Lanning was good as gold but I never understood why he was on welfare.

Reedo wasn't part of the premie crowd as far as I could tell. I never saw him off stage.

A.O.O.F.C said...

Thanks, anonymous. Great info.I'd never read that info in a mag or book. Tell me more! Please keep in touch

Anonymous said...

Music was a huge part of the premie culture of the 1970s. In LA that meant musicians like Michael Nouri (yes, he plays guitar and sings as well as he acts) and Jiva.

Manning, Hilton and Strauss were regulars at our weekend Satsang meetings. However, they rarely played together. They usually played solo or with 1 other musician.

Tommy made it a habit of playing duets with various other musicians. And out of all the members he did the most Satsang gigs and was the most spiritual.

I don't mean that in a dogmatic sense. While Manning and Strauss always made performances loads of fun it was Tommy who could really cast a spell over the crowd.

He didn't do it with the Manning charisma or the Strauss humor. He did it by focusing his artist's heart and soul through his guitar.

If music could lead you to God, Tommy was the Pied Piper.

A.O.O.F.C said...

Thanks. You know your stuff, and obviously have close links with the band. Thanks for the invaluable information, and I'd love to hear more from you! Keep in touch