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Proof - Proof - 1971 - No label (Private pressing): [ Release here is from 2003 on Akarma Records ]

Proof were an Alaskan blues-rock band, led by Gary Sloan. The band's two albums are nearly impossible to find now. Both albums are good. Only the sonic quality spoils the album posted here. This album is taken from two live concerts in May, and August 1970 (The main bands were Jefferson Airplane on 30/5/1970, and Rick Nelson on 8/8/1970). There are good hard rockin' covers including "Snatch It Back", "Ridin On The L & N", "Aint Got You" and "Highway 61 Revisited" amongst others. Gary Sloan also played with artists like Billy Preston, Muddy Waters, Jorma Kaukonen, and John Mayall. Proof were a great band, but the sound quality on this album leaves a lot to be desired. The album's tracks are from Anchorage, Alaska dates, and originally, only about 300 labelless pressings of the album were issued. Sound is bad. (There is an improvement on tracks 5-8). There is poor instrument separation, and vocals are often distorted and muffled. It would be great to hear a better version of this album, as all the tracks are great rock standards and played very well by the band. Also, all the tracks are original band arrangements. But there you have it. You have been warned. If you are a diehard blues rock fan, by all means give the album a listen. If anybody is aware of better recordings of this album, A.O.O.F.C would be extremely interested. Try and find the Band's "Fifth Anniversary Phonograph Record" for a better idea of this band's talent.



(Jefferson Airplane Concert May 30, 1970, recorded by Bill Iverson and Gary Sloan)
1. Highway 61 Revisited (B. Dylan, add. lyrics by G. Sloan) 5.10
2. Snatch it Back (Jr. Wells) 5.30
3. Why (Lonnie Mack) 4.55
4. Ridin' on the L + N (trad. arr. by G. Sloan, R. Reid) 5.05


(Rick Nelson Concert August 8th 1970 recorded by Michael Jennings, Zut Sound and Gary Sloan)
1. Loves Made a Fool of You (Buddy Holly) 3.27
2. She Don't Come Here Anymore (Lonnie Mack) 4.40
3. Ain't Got You (J. Reed) / Baby, Please Don't Go (Trad. arr. by G. Sloan, M. Thompson) 10.05

N.B: On this CD release, Track 3 on Side 2 is listed as two separate tracks

Gary Sloan - harmonica, lead vocals
Courtney Cunningham - guitar
Rufus Reid - background vocals, guitar
Spike - bass
Ted Luther - drums
Mark Thompson - vocals