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Bluebone - Bluebone - 2000 - Bluebone

"The self-titled CD by BLUEBONE cooks! The 12 originals and one cover will definitely have your foot tappin' and your body swayin'. The collective talent of the four band members is truly present and accounted for. Thirty years of live performances is the evidence for the obvious fact, THEY AIN'T JUST A BAR BAND! See them "live" to experience the full essence of their music, but, until you get that chance, the CD will get you through." - The Commander; Cadillac Blues with the Commander 91.3 FM WLVR Bethlehem

"...the latest and greatest in the world of roots music, the self titled disc from BLUEBONE is cut from tavern-shaking cloth. Bluebone's originals draw on a wide variety of stylistic range from the light SRV-isms of "Faster Than You Know" to the ballad "When Blue Was Just a Color"...Shuffles abound, usually with a lazy, Jimmy Reed feeling. The funky closer "Big Love" works well. - Tom Hyslop, Blues Revue Magazine

"The group Bluebone has released it's own collection of roaring, rocking performances... the disc is a quality collection of blues tunes. And if the Bluebone members don't leave you crying in your beer, they'll certainly set you to moving on the dance floor at any one of their appearances at local bars and nightclubs. The guitar work by Jay Bethel and Dan McPheeters is sharp, and the two receive great backup by bassist Steve Smith and drummer Andy Vernon....if you want to hear a band doing a good job playing straightforward blues, Bluebone is worth a listen." - Steve Cronin, At The Shore, Press of Atlantic City

"Bluebone is quite simply the best at what they do...They blow you away with their unique take on the blues. Keeping the blues fresh and interesting isn't easy...Bluebone can do it!" - Dallas Mayer, former music critic for CREAM

Bluebone is a great blues rock band based in Cape May, New Jersey, USA. Guitarist, Jay Bethel has said that "We always love Cape May crowds because we've gotten to know a lot of them, and they are very enthusiastic. Because of the area's tourist population, we gained fans from all over the country, and now they go see our shows wherever we play." The band also play frequently in the Philadelphia and Maryland areas. The band play a good mix of covers and originals. They cover Ike Turner's "Matchbox" on the s/t album here. The band regularly cover songs by BB King, Freddie King, Albert King, Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Tommy Castro, Fats Domino, Willie Dixon, Bo Diddley, Jimi Hendrix, Big Bill Broonzy, and many others. Jay Bethel has stated that "We all love to perform and are all lifelong players. Last year (2008), I celebrated my 40th year of playing paid gigs, with Van (Burris) at 30 years. The idea behind Bluebone was to play music we enjoyed, and to write and record music in those genres. Our original music has been widely accepted and usually tops the requests when we play live." Jay says "Bluebone is most comparable to B.B., Freddy and Albert King, as well as Eric Clapton with a little rockabilly, old school rock 'n' roll and jazz thrown in". A New York Times article referred to the band as being "one of the few, top-notch blues bands operating out of New Jersey". The band has also sold albums and received radio play in Europe and South America, but are still relatively unknown in the blues world. Buy Bluebone's great "Devil Keep Chewin'" album and promote real music! Albums can be bought through cdbaby.com


1. She Took A Taxi
2. Matchbox
3. Y3X
4. When Blue Was Just A Color
5. Hey Baby
6. Life's Twisted Tree
7. Faster Than You Know
8. Girl of My Dreams
9. Exit Zero Blues
10. Bad Dog
11. Freudian Slip
12. Tough Break
13. Big Love

All songs © Bluebone 2000, except "Matchbox", © Ike Turner


Dan McPheeters, Jay Bethel - Guitar and Vocals
Steve Smith - Bass
Andy Vernon - Drums


BLUEBONE began as four musicians that defied the labels and the hype to play hard-hitting music of their own. The band has grown into a family- a movement- of music from the heart to the heart. It doesn't seem to matter which of the BLUEBONE alumni are back to perform, or which new folks enter the family, BLUEBONE is ALWAYS about the most earnest, heart-felt performance. From family to fans to friends to the band, BLUEBONE is first and foremost, the most honest, intense, and emotional music you will find anywhere. Each BLUEBONE performer has roughly thirty years experience playing live, and they have come together to make a statement. Refusing to fit into an industry mold, they play a variety of guitar driven, contemporary blues and blues rock that is artful and inspired. Their sound is tight, emotional, and often hard-hitting, as they perform thier repetoire of both originals and cover tunes. Bluebone originals can be sampled on their fine cds. Their debut, "Bluebone" is a collection of great original songs. "Live @ Cape May" is a snapshot of this powerful band at their best- live. "We The People" is a release of two songs that shouldn't be missed. "RADIO", their latest release(April 2005), is their best recorded work yet, with powerful, driving songs. A list of Bluebone cover songs includes material by BB, Freddie, and Albert King, Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Tommy Castro, Fats Domino, Willie Dixon, Bo Diddley, Jimi Hendrix, Big Bill Broonzy, Ike Turner, and many more. Bluebone has received airlplay on many radio stations, including Cadillac Blues with the Commander on WLVR, WRDV FM, and Jonny Meister's Blues Show on WXPN Philadelphia. They have also recieved enthusiastic reviews of their cd in national publications such as Blues Review Magazine and Blues Access Magazine. Other favorable reviews have come from regional publications, including At The Shore Magazine and the Montgomery County TICKET, as well as the Jersey Shore Jazz & Blues Foundation and Oklahoma Blues Society newsletters. Recently Bluebone was mentioned in a New York Times article as one of the few, top-notch blues bands operating out of New Jersey. As a group, Bluebone boasts over 120 years of live performance experience playing various kinds of music. Bluebone has shared the stage or played on the same bill with Carl Weathersby, Georgie Bonds, Heather Hardy, Roomful of Blues, Son Seals, Frank Bey, Miss E.C. Scott, Archie Jenkins, Eddie Clearwater, Steve Jankowski, George Mesterhazy, Levon Helm, Sweet Georgie Brown, and Shemeika Copeland. They believe that blues are the basis of nearly everything they have played in the past, and they bring those various flavors back home- to the blues. They know how to play, and they play what they love. Bluebone is associated with ASCAP. © http://www.bluebone.net/


One of the founders of Bluebone, has traveled the world in various bands, including a ship's band during a three year stint in the Navy. His strong vocals and searing guitar work were fan favorites. Dan contributed clever lyrics and "In-your-face" guitar licks to Bluebone's original songs, and he always incited a good deal of mischief and fun on stage. Dan can be heard on the Bluebone, Live @ Cape May, We The People, and Radio cds. © http://www.bluebone.net/


A BLUEBONE founder, Jay has played a variety of instruments in a wide variety of bands, including rock, country, blues, lounge acts, and he even played guitar for an Elvis impersonator. Heavily influenced by Eric Clapton, the Allman Brothers, BB, Freddie, and Albert King , his guitar weeps and hollers throughout Bluebone's music. Jay's vocals are warm and soulful, while his guitar playing is inventive and emotion-packed. A prolific songwriter, Jay has won songwriting awards from both Billboard and ASCAP. He performs these songs in Bluebone as well as in other projects with different musicians. Jay has performed on all of the Bluebone cds © http://www.bluebone.net/


A BLUEBONE Founder, Steve Smith was a huge part of the original BLUEBONE sound with his fretless bass. Steve has performed in many different acts and styles of music, including zydeco and a tour with Danny & the Juniors. Steve is currently performing regularly with Wire & Wood. Steve can be heard on the Bluebone, Live @ Cape May, We The People, and Radio cds. © http://www.bluebone.net/


A BLUEBONE founder, Andy Vernon has a tremendous sense of time and the perfect placement of accents. Andy has performed all over, with the Manatees, RD-1, and has even performed in Albert Collins' backup band. Andy can be heard on Bluebone, Live @ Cape May, and We The People cds. Andy is the drummer who set the bar (very high) for Bluebone drummers, and still performs with the band occasionally on percussion. © http://www.bluebone.net/


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