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Mistress - Mistress - 1979 - RSO

After the disbandment of Country Weather in 1972, guitarist Greg Douglass teamed up with bassist Brian Kilcourse and Bill Baron to form the Bay-area power trio, Mistress. The band later included two Southern Rockers, David Warner Brown who had played bass for Boz Scaggs and Gregg Alman, and guitarist, Danny Chauncey. Charlie Williams sang vocals and his voice had a natural rock intonation and just the right phrasing to give the band a seasoned sound. The band had a flair for writing catchy and melodic tunes. Although the group had a local following, they were unable to secure a record deal for their self-recorded debut and disbanded. In late 1976, Greg Douglass reformed Mistress. The band's s/t album was recorded in 1977 for RSO Records, who released it 2 years later, shortly before the band split. The album is nothing spectacular, but included is a good cover of Neil Young's "Cinnamon Girl" and there are some catchy ballads and good musicianship throughout. This is just one of many bands who never got the chance to improve. More importantly, the album was produced by the late Thomas Jefferson Kaye who also contributed some rhythm guitar and vocals. He also recorded a great album called "First Grade" found on this blog. N.B: Sound quality on this vinyl issue is only good to fair. A remastered CD edition would make a big difference


Situations - Danny Chauncey, Charlie Williams, David Warner Brown
High On The Ride - Chris Paulsen, Dave Walker
Mistrusted Love - Kenny Hopkins
Dixie Flyer - Thomas Jefferson Kaye, David Warner Brown
China Lake - Danny Chauncey, Charlie Williams, David Warner Brown
Whose Side Are You On? - Kenny Hopkins, Charlie Williams
You Got The Love - Charlie Williams, Kenny Hopkins, Danny Chauncey
Tellin' Me Lies - Charlie Williams, Danny Chauncey, Kenny Hopkins
Cinnamon Girl - Neil Young (Joe Yankee)
Letter To California - Robert Lynn Crabb, Charlie Williams


Danny Chauncey - Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Vocals (Background)
Kenny Hopkins - Rhythm & Slide Guitars, 2nd Lead Vocals, Vocals (Background)
David Warner Brown - Bass Guitar, Vocals (Background)
Chris Paulsen - Drums
Charlie Williams - Lead Vocals


Thomas Jefferson Kaye - Guitar (Rhythm), Vocals (Background)
John McFee - Pedal Steel Guitar
Douglas Dillard - Banjo
Michael Utley - Keyboards
Rick Clark, Dave Walker - Vocals (Background)


brambleman said...

Mistress has some nice cuts like Mistrusted Love. John McFee was in Huey Lewis' Clover, recorded the "My Aim is True" album with Costello and then went on to The Doobie Brothers.

A.O.O.F.C said...

Thanks,brambleman. That's good info. You know your music! Cheers, & TTU soon

A.O.O.F.C said...

Thanks,brambleman. That's good info. You know your music! Cheers, & TTU soon

Eric said...

Hey Paul, This was out on cd legit (might still be)not too long ago.
Greg Douglass was selling it on his website and Amazon had it.

A.O.O.F.C said...

Hi,Eric. Howzitgoin'? I saw the album on CD. What do you think of it? TTU soon....P

Eric said...

It didn't blow me away.But it's decent.
I tend to get bored with mainstream rock @ times.
But that's just me.
He's a good player no doubt.

A.O.O.F.C said...

Hi,Eric. Mainstream rock's not my bag either. Like you, I get bored with the quality of many of these albums. Still, I won't exclude any music with some kind of merit, and it's not a bad album. TTU soon...P

Anonymous said...

Any chance you could re-up this?

A.O.O.F.C said...

Hi,A. I don't have original album to re-up. Maybe somebody reading this could help. Thanks a million...Paul