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Steely Dan

Steely Dan - Shuffle Diplomacy At The Acropolis, July 9, 2011, The Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, 2nd Night - 2011 - A Damnjim/WombBoy Production

If Steely Dan, a group whose sardonic and cerebral word play is most closely matched by the literacy of Elvis Costello and whose jazz musicianship is worthy of a headlining slot at the Village Vanguard or Blue Note, seem an unlikely act to have a crowd grooving in the aisles, it’s just the continuation of a remarkable three-decade run in which they’ve confounded casual listeners and industry experts alike. While once considered unlikely to be rock radio stars or an in-demand touring act, the Steely Dan of today is both, and still doing it all in the band’s own inimitable way. © 2011 The Hollywood Reporter. All rights reserved by & © Steve Baltin 4:38 PM PDT 7/9/2011 http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/review/steely-dan-at-greek-theater-209442

The previous night at the Greek, Steely Dan had played the entire classic "Aja" album (which is now an official selection of the Library of Congress for its National Recording Registry) along with a few old favourites, and Steely Dan also played “You Got The Bear", which Donald introduced as a song originally written for their "Aja" album. Now if only these guys would include tracks like "The Second Arrangement" in their repertoire, it would make a lot of people very happy. This second night concert from 9/9/11 by the "Jazz-Rock Ambassadors to the Galaxy" was advertised as the first "Vox Populi" night of the Shuffle Diplomacy Twenty Eleven Tour. All but three of the tracks played are regular band numbers. Steely Dan have released some of the best jazz rock music of the last four decades, and hopefully a new studio album by Don will arrive soon. Steely Dan have only released one official live album, "Alive In America", which is full of studio enhancements. "Marian McPartland's Piano Jazz with guests Steely Dan" is a live album but regarded as a McPartland release. The three best "unoff" Steely Dan live albums are "Memphis Blues Again", and "Live At The Record Plant", both from the 1970's and "Live At The Wembley Arena" from the '90's. Outside these releases there are many other concert recordings, but most are of atrocious sound quality. This concert from the Greek, LA is of better quality than most other Dan "unoffs" but unless you are a Steely Dan afficianado, you may not be interested. [All tracks @ 160 Kbps: 2 x rar files (2 separate CD's): Combined files' size = 140 Mb]



Dizzy's Bidness aka Dizzy's Business
Black Friday
Hey 19
Your Gold Teeth
Time Out Of Mind
Show Biz Kids


Dirty Work / Wade In The Water
Babylon Sisters
Neighbor's Daughter /Band Intros
Reelin' In The Years
My Old School
Do It Again
Kid Charlemagne
Last Tango In Paris

All tracks by W.Becker & D.Fagen except "Dizzy's Bidness aka Dizzy's Business" by Ernie Wilkins, "Wade In The Water" by John Wesley Work II & Frederick J. Work, "Neighbor's Daughter" by Allen Toussaint, "Band Intros" by Walter Becker, and "Last Tango In Paris" by Gato Barbieri


The Miles High Big Band are -
Donald Fagen - Keyboards, Vocals
Walter Becker - Guitar
Jon Herington - Guitar
Freddie Washington - Bass
Jim Beard - Keyboards
Keith Carlock - Drums
Roger Rosenberg - Baritone Saxophone
Walt Weiskopf - Saxophone
Michael Leonhart - Trumpet
Jim Pugh - Trombone
The Embassy Brats: Catherine Russell, Cindy Mizelle, Carolyn Leonhart-Escoffery - Backing Vocals


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...go back Jack, do it again...thanks muchely Mr Fingal...

ratso said...

...btw, good storage site too...

Eric said...

Not sure I know this lot...
Hmm :P

K, What's the deal with singer Annie Kavanough's relation to them?
I know her from early 70's outfit "Fancy".
In their bio. it states she was involved with them early on.

I checked all my Dan albums = no mention of her.
The Greatest Hits has the full rundown of all the musicians who worked with them up top that point.

Maybe she did backing vocals uncredited?

A.O.O.F.C said...

Cheers,ratso! It's getting hard to find good file hosts. I hope this one lasts. More Dan coming soon from Here At The Western World...Watch this space!...TTU soon...P

A.O.O.F.C said...

Hi,Eric. Pretty obscure band. There's a couple of songs I've heard from them. One has the lyrics "How about a kiss from your cousin the priest?", and the other one has "Its your favorite porno movie". Maybe you can track them down, Eric! Don't know what the story is with Annie Kavanagh. I got queries answered before from Hans(DOT)Verlouw(AT)Home(DOT)nl If he doesn't know, then nobody knows!...TTU soon, Eric

Andrew said...

Thanks for all of the great music! Glad to see that you are using other services besides Rapidshare! Since I haven't renewed my rapids they don seem too keen to let me download any of their files!


A.O.O.F.C said...

Hi,Andrew. No probs. hanks. Rapidshite are greedy f**k**s. You can download links using JDownloader. It'd free software. It's full of crapware but once downloaded, you can remove all the crap. Just follow the instructions. TTU soon...P

Eric said...

@Paul, Too much Dan is never enough :D

I tried researching her = not a whole lot.
Yeah, would be curious if you could unearth any info. on what she did with them.

Maybe it's really miniscule and it was played up.

A.O.O.F.C said...

Any connection with Steely Dan looks good on a CV. SD didn't use that many different female backing vocalists, so whatever she did, it must be very obscure. But I'm interested in all SD connections, so I'll get to the bottom of it! Pity about the sound quality of these Dan "unoffs". I think this one was recorded 10 rows back from front! I've heard worse. I wonder are these concerts still being recorded by the back room boys? Don's voice is not bad on some of the tracks. I thought his voice was f**ked reading a few recent concert reviews. Don't think we'll see Don's new solo this year. Whatcha think, Eric? TTU soon...P

Eric said...

@ Paul, Annie Kavanough replaced Helen Caunt(early Penthouse Pet 7 Rod Stewart cast off)in U.K. group Fancy who cut 2 albums.
The pedigree of musicians was quite good.
Ray Fenwick - guitar, Mo Foster Bass orig.

She was a really good singer ,but can't find squat about her outside of this band and the Dan connection.

I haven't grabbed this live show so I can't really say about his voice.
But a few other more recent live things I heard sounded a little rough vocally.
I'm not hot on the drummer either.
Imo he's not up to their standards of musicianship.
He's good, but as I said...

A.O.O.F.C said...

Hi,Eric. Thanks for the info on Ms.Kavanagh. There's SFA about her Dan connection anywhere. I'll have a chat with Don & Walt next time they hit my town! I've gotta be honest. Don's voice is not what it was. These live Dan concerts are becoming a joke with no new material being played, and some of the musicians used would not be playing on Dan studio albums. Saw another album recently by the US band Fancy called "Meeting You Here" from '71...Not bad. TTU soon...P

Anonymous said...

Thanks a million

A.O.O.F.C said...

TVM,Anon. Keep in touch...P

pauleti said...

Please help me! I had a cd of an italian steely dan cover band live but have lost the damn thing. I know you had it but after spending a couple of hours going through your archives I can't find it. If you still have the link I would greatly appreciate it. Many thanks and keep up the splendid work

pauleti said...

Need the link for the Italian cover band's live Steely Dan gig. Any help gratly appreciated.

A.O.O.F.C said...

Hi,pauleti. That album was Lucrezio de Seta & His Scurvy Brothers - The Music Of Steely Dan Live. I had to remove link after legal threats!...P