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Fuze - DiG - 2002 - Online Bands Music

Fuze started out as a group of musicians getting together on Saturday nights to jam and have some fun playing music together. Over the years, they have evolved into a modern fusion band with a unique blend of rock, jazz, funk, blues and more. DiG is the first serious studio recording for Fuze with a variety of sounds ranging from tight fusion jazz-rock to funk and blues presented with an aggressive approach. This music is quite different than what you would hear on a smooth jazz station and has a more updated sound than the '70s fusion favorites. Fuze has consistently gained a lot of attention on the web with their unique fusion sound and have had great success with a weekly live audio webcast called the Saturday Night Jam. The songs from DiG have also been featured on a number of popular internet radio shows. © http://www.onlinebands.com/artists/fuze/?page_id=37

Fuze is a Detroit based modern electric jazz-rock band that creates all original instrumental music. The music covers jazz and blues to rock and funk with great improvised jams and a unique and high energy approach to fusion. The band has a unique approach to the songwriting process using improvisation to spontaneously create new music, always exploring new audio landscapes in search of fresh grooves. Buy Fuze's "Best of Saturday Night Jams 2005-2006" album
[Tracks @ 192-320 Kbps: File size = 53.5 Mb]


1. Complicated Man - Craig Wisper, Joe Purrenhage
2. Toejam - Joe Purrenhage
3. Funk To Jazz - Joe Purrenhage
4. Critical Mass - Craig Wisper
5. Two Doors Down - Craig Wisper
6. Bioptic Void - Craig Wisper
7. Dark Flight - Craig Wisper, Doug Nolls, Joe Purrenhage, Marcus McGlown


Craig Wisper - Lead Guitar
Joe Purrenhage - Guitar and Keyboards
Doug Nolls - Bass and Taurus Pedals
Marcus McGlown - Drums and Percussion


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"An Overdose of Fingal Cocoa", where too much Lawrence Juber is not nearly enough!
Thanks again.

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Cheers,ratso! I'm running out of his stuff! It's great that you like his playing. Thanks a million. I may have one more album from LJ up shortly. Thanks a million, & TTU soon...P