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Rebecka Törnqvist

Rebecka Törnqvist - Tremble My Heart - 1998 - EMI

With its sophisticated, jazzy sound, "Tremble My Heart" demonstrates Rebecka's confident and secure vocals as well as her songwriting talents. Some of the backing musicians include part of the Swedish jazz elite, including Per "Texas" Johansson, Johan Lindström , Mats Lidstrom , and Sara Isaksson. With Sara, Rebecka recorded the classic Steely Dan covers album, "Fire In The Hole". Vocalists like Rebecka Törnqvist and Viktoria Tolstoy were crucial in starting the '90s wave of female jazz vocalists in Sweden, and were instrumental in promoting interest in the whole genre. This album is not strictly jazz, but is more in the jazz-pop mould. The instrumentation and sound is jazzy, while the approach leans towards pop. When Swedish jazz-pop had proved itself marketable in the late '90s, it lost much of it's quality, but Rebecka Törnqvist still produces very worthwhile albums and remains a talented songwriter. She penned six of the albums' tracks and was involved in composing the other five tracks. A really classy album, and HR by A.O.O.F.C. Listen to Rebecka's "A Night Like This" album and Sara Isaksson & Rebecka Törnqvist's inspired masterpiece "Fire In The Hole" album @ REB.TORN/SAR.ISAK/FITH [All tracks @ 128 Kbps: File size = 39.8 Mb] N.B: A higher bitrate does not always mean better audio quality. A lot depends on the audio source, and various audio conversion and compression factors. The album here is of excellent sonic quality


1 What I Thought Was Mine - Törnqvist 2:55
2 I Let Mine Go - Törnqvist 4:13
3 Make Believe (Is Always for Tonight) - Svenre, Törnqvist 4:50
4 I Couldn't Love You Anymore - Törnqvist 2:23
5 Tongue Tie - Johansson, Lindström, Törnqvist 3:38
6 I Have No Worries - Törnqvist 1:16
7 Tremble My Heart - Törnqvist 3:21
8 Princess Days - Johansson, Törnqvist 5:17
9 As I Am - Johansson, Törnqvist 2:20
10 Mayday - Lindström, Svenre, Törnqvist 4:09
11 Mutiny - Törnqvist 2:59


Rebecka Törnqvist - Piano, String Arrangements, Vocals, Background Vocals
Johan Lindström - Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Pedal Steel, Electric Bass, String Arrangements, Background Vocals
Per "Texas" Johansson - Guitar, Saxophone, Clarinet, Background Vocals
Pal Svenre - Electric Piano, Upright Piano, Synthesizer, String Arrangements, Background Vocals
Ulrika Frankmar, Ulf Forsberg - Violin
Mats Lidstrom - Cello
Leif Lindvall - Trumpet
Sara Isaksson - Duet, Vocals
Andre de Lange - Background Vocals


Rebecka Törnqvist was born in the university town Uppsala, north of the Swedish capital Stockholm. Daughter of a journalist/teacher mother and physicist/musician father, Törnqvist spent parts of her childhood in Lesotho and Kenya before returning home to boarding school. She began writing songs at the age of five and a few years later moved onto confiscating the family radio in the dead of night to record music from Radio Luxemburg and other foreign stations. Alongside classical and East African music and the songs of Alice Tégner it was pop music, which kept Törnqvist company and provided respite as the family uprooted itself at regular intervals. In 1993, the strongly jazz-derived debut album “A Night Like This” was released to critical and unexpected commercial success. The following album “Good Thing” played extensively on the radio and propelled Törnqvist onto the continental and Japanese markets. The collaboration with the Grammy Award-winning musician Per “Texas” Johansson led to the album ”The Stockholm Kaza Session”. It was produced on the Kaza label that Törnqvist had created with Kjell Andersson, legendary A&R at EMI. ”Tremble My Heart” (1998) was a milestone in Törnqvists work as she considers it to be her first “own” album, marking a change in her composing and of musical concept.. Pål Svenre remained as producer while Johan Lindström entered as arranger och guitarist. The collaboration with Lindström had great impact on Törnqvists music making, and 2006 he produced ”Melting Into Orange”, followed by ”The Cherry Blossom And the Skyline Rising from the Street” 2008. Earlier Törnqvist had joined forces with Sara Isaksson as singers in the new group “Gloria”. The song “Party On My Own” became a minor hit from the first album. Isaksson and Törnqvist returned as a duo a few years later to produce “Fire In The Hole”, acoustic interpretations of Steely Dan’s music. In 2006 Törnqvist worked with producer Jari Haapalainen on her contribution to the Olle Adolphson-homage album “Dubbeltrubbel”. Thoughts of a future and more extensive collaboration took hold and has now come to fruition with the upcoming album “Scorpions”. Törnqvist lives in the countryside where she is torn between her cosmopolitan yearnings and her gardening hermit romanticism. © http://www.rebeckatornqvist.se/me


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