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Bobby Manriquez

Bobby Manriquez - Prayin' the Blues - 2004 - b-side-blues

"The superb string-work of Manriquez is once again more-than-outstanding, which would include him among the best guitar-players of our time......... "FT3" and "Unhooked" stand up to the power of the music of Prince.........."Prayin' the Blues" is, to understate, a musical hit for people with open minds and ears." © Dietmar Hoscher- CONCERTO Magazine, Austria

Bobby Manriquez, a native of Washington, D.C., plays the Blues -and so much more... If you're looking to hear some of your daddy's Blues, you might look elsewhere. Although Bobby's music is clearly rooted in the Blues, it's his Blues, his heart and his muse that he follows - and the results are fresh and vital. He coaxes modern yet timeless tones from his guitar, finding notes that seemingly aren't present on other players instruments. Stretching the boundaries of Blues through his compositions as wrell as his playing, Bobby's music deserves a listen by anyone seeking to expand their musical horizons. © Barrelhouseblues.com

In the 21st Century, the latest blues releases tend to be more of a history lesson than a progression of the movement. In some circles, the Blues has been relegated to the mantric stage that classical music has suffered from for centuries. That's why it was such a relief to hear the latest effort from Bobby Manriquez; Prayin' the Blues. Riding high on the accolades of his previous release, Another Shade of Blues, Bobby continues to push the blues envelope in his truly unique way. Once again, his, not so typical, arrangements and his absolute command of the guitar make for a wild ride. Ardent blues purists might scoff (because they always do) but no one can deny that Bobby Manriquez is an artist of limitless talent who's love for a Higher Power has obviously been returned in spades. Although it's clear Bobby's lyrical message is a spiritual one, the musical side of this release is all business. As in his last effort, Bobby's guitar work is stellar but he also plays many of the other instruments throughout: Even using some sampling here and there. When he does utilize the talents of his guests, he does it with Divine inspiration. Featuring appearances by musical giants like, Nils Lofgren, Bob Margolin, and Mark Wenner of the NightHawks - among others, Prayin' the Blues has something to offer everyone. From the mostly traditional sound of, 'Find that Love' to the gospel influenced, 'G-Blues' all the way to the experimental, 'FT-3', Bobby's original take on arrangements and his flawless guitar work heighten the listeners experience. His love of funk is evident throughout and listening to the entire cd, one can see the threads that tie blues and funk so closely together. Wenner's harp work on 'My Heart to Give' is spot-on and the result is one of the hardest, gut wrenching blues tunes released this year. Prayin' the Blues is one of those cd's you re-visit again and again because each time, you hear something new. It's refreshing in it's originality and bold in it's musicality. The cd may not be filled with the obvious progressions and hooks that make up popular blues music but "popular" music has typically had little to do with the advancement of any musical genre. Perhaps what makes Prayin' the Blues so successful is Bobby's sanguine message of hope and faith that resonates throughout his lyrics and arrangements, as well as his willingness to push the boundaries of traditional blues toward an equally hopeful future. Buy two copies, you'll want to turn on a friend! © Phillyblues.com

Looking for the ultimate in contemporary blues-influenced music? Check out the second solo effort by master guitarist and soul-seeker Bobby Manriquez. He¹s been tapped by Wilson Pickett and Nils Lofgren for their bands, and many of the reasons why are in evidence on Prayin¹ the Blues (blu funk). The disc is exploratory (dig “Black & Blue,” “Henpecked,” or “FT3") but also touches on tradition, with stone shuffles (“Find That Love”), trip-you-up funk (“Slinky”), and soul-deep ballads (“G-Blue”). Much of the album is Manriquez alone, playing all the instruments, but the contributions of sidemen and guests (Mark Wenner of the Nighthawks, Bob Margolin, and Mike Stern) up the ante. This one will amaze !... How did he get that tone on the live “Rock Me?” © Tom Hyslop, BLUES REVUE Magazine JAN, 2005

More of Bobby Manriquez’s unique "blu funk”. Blues Revue Magazine said, "this one will amaze". The album has been lauded by many music publications and musicians like guitarists Bobby Parker and Nils Lofgren. Little Feat’s great Bill Payne said, “If music is a conversation, then Bobby Manriquez has created a conversation very worthy of sharing. Enjoy it. Share it with others you care about. It all comes from the heart and soul." This album is brilliant blues funk with soul and gospel leanings. Bobby Manriquez’s albums are usually labelled “Christian Music”. Many people believe that Christian Music has nothing to do with rock music, which is untrue. There are enough problems in the world today with different religious and political beliefs. Bobby is obviously a spiritual and Christian person, but he can sure play some devilish music! (lol). Try not to be influenced by musical labelling and definitions. Bobby is not preaching to anybody, nor am I! This is great music from an inspiring guitarist, and that is all that matters. [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: File size = 134 Mb]


1. Find That Love 4:21
2. Grace 3:43
3. Blues Rockin' 4:55
4. Henpecked 4:32
5. My Heart to Give 5:31
6. Slinky 3:31
7. Black and Blue (first stone cast) 2:59
8. G-Blue (inspired) 5:42
9. FT3 2:05
10. Unhooked 4:31
11. Ft3.5 3:09
12. Rock Me (Baby) 9:09
13. Sweetest Love 4:45

All tracks composed by Bobby Manriquez except Track 12 (based on “Rockin' and Rollin’” composed by Melvin "Lil Son" Jackson)


Bobby Manriquez - Guitars, Electric & Upright Bass, Keyboards, Piano, Hammond Organ, Percussion, Vocals, Background Vocals
Mike Stern - Guitar
Tom Petroski - Electric Bass, Clavinet, Hammond Organ
Gary Grainger, Bobby Ray Watson - Bass
Nils Lofgren - Organ
Brian Alpert, Peter Cruickshank - Drums
Mark Wenner - Harmonica
Wes Beck - Background Vocals


Bobby Manriquez, a native of Washington, D.C., is a gifted guitarist and singer/songwriter who has repeatedly broken through what for most is a barrier rarely penetrated, having risen from local venues to perform on national and international stages. He is also very familiar around a drum kit. In the early '70s, he could be found sharing lead guitar duties in a prominent D.C.-based band climaxing on the A&M Records release of "Daddy's Girl" in 1976. During that same period, he was selected to be the lead guitarist for the touring band of Capitol Records artist Kathi McDonald. McDonald was a parts vocalist for the likes of the Rolling Stones and Tina Turner. Her most recent release, "Insane Asylum," had guest spots by guitar greats Neil Schon, of Journey, andRonnie Montrose. The new group shared the stage with Rufus, KISS, and Earth,Wind & Fire while entertaining stateside audiences. Work with the late, great producer David Briggs, who worked with Neil Young, Alice Cooper, and Nils Lofgren, began for Manriquez as Capitol Records anticipated the release of a second album for McDonald. The late '70s brought Manriquez a very successful affiliation with gifted guitarist/songwriter Lofgren, leading to extensive U.S. and European touring. This period proved to be a high point in Manriquez's career, as it marked a continuation and increase in very positive press from Rolling Stone Magazine, Billboard Magazine, and several other large city papers. Some acts Manriquez has shared the stage with are Carlos Santana, Jeff Beck, Fleetwood Mac, Rick Derringer, and other notable greats. The unforgettable TV appearance on the London BBC recording of the Old Grey Whistle Test was later released by Lofgren on a 1993 CD that went by the same title. What followed was a period of more than a decade which Manriquez endearingly calls "a self-induced change of life," where full attention was devoted to improving on the kind of lifestyle that so many fell victim to in the '70s and '80s: He simply stopped playing. Manriquez came back on the scene in the mid-'90s as the lead guitarist for soul legend Wilson Pickett. Obviously revitalized, Manriquez further broadened the spectrum of his musical portfolio with an authentic sureness while playing shows in the States and abroad. Manriquez' debut solo CD, another shade of blue(s), was ready for promotion and sales in 2000. © Larry Belanger © 2014 AllMusic, a division of All Media Network, LLC. | All Rights Reserved http://www.allmusic.com/artist/bobby-manriquez-mn0000474045/biography

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