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Dave Weckl

Dave Weckl - The Zone - 2001 - Stretch Records

A too-good-to-be-true package for aspiring jazz drummers everywhere, this incredible product features one disc of the best selections of the legendary fusion drummer's last three Stretch Records releases, and a special DVD with highlights from his three instructional videos put out by Carl Fischer. The ten tracks arguably feature some of modern jazz fusion's most adventurous jams and give hope that the genre that's not either traditional or smooth jazz can still thrive. The funk-drenched "Wet Skin" is Weckl's retro-soul-minded tribute to James Brown, with Brandon Fields' sax doubling ensembling with Jay Oliver's sly organ harmonies and Buzz Feiton's crisp and punch-rock guitar licks. "Alegria" means happiness, and the tune with that title is in turn wild and optimistic, a honking jam featuring Fields on tenor, soprano, and alto flute. Steve Weingart's feisty Fender Rhodes improvisations also give off an old soul fusion effect. The same sort of powerfully electric, intensely rhythmic horn-section vibe pervades the disc, with Weckl experimenting with meters and bringing in outside percussion on occasion. Steve Tavalione is also featured in sax on a few cuts, as is guitarist Frank Gambale -- all the best Los Angeles fusion freaks. Disc two is a DVD video sampler containing highlights from Weckl's three instructional videos available from Carl Fischer, in which the drummer provides insights into how to play effortlessly and organically (or "In the Zone"), how to develop technique, how to practice, and how to develop an original sound. Weckl writes in his liner notes that to him The Zone is a state "in which everything appears to be working on its own, with no effort involved." That pretty much describes his natural ability with the skins, and this set shows that he's eager to pass on the legacy. © 2014 AllMusic, a division of All Media Network, LLC. | All Rights Reserved Jonathan Widran ©2014 AllMusic, a division of All Media Network, LLC. | All Rights Reserved http://www.allmusic.com/album/the-zone-mw0000015548

The Zone is in effect, a "best of" CD, with remastered selections from previous Stretch/Concord releases of the Dave Weckl Band, and a few never previously released tracks (in the USA) as well. The album comes with a DVD (not posted here) which is really surplus to requirements unless of course, you are learning the drums and need to see these sounds being created. The audio CD features some of Dave’s best work with driving guitar leads from the master guitarists "Buzz" Feiten, and Frank Gambale. Brandon Fields, Steve Tavaglione, and the great Bob Malach play fabulous sax. Jay Oliver on keys and Tom Kennedy on bass are inspirational. The world renowned Dave Weckl is a genius and this album of authentic R&B flavoured fusion grooves is VHR by A.O.O.F.C. Check out Dave Weckl Band’s “Synergy” album on this blog. Listen to the Dave Weckl Band’s outstanding “Transition” album. Support real musical creativity. There’s too much great talent out there deliberately being ignored by the music media. Dave Weckl is an established artist, but there are other talented musicians out there who never even make “the subs bench” because of the commercially driven "X Factor mentality". Please support the lesser known artists. [All tracks @ 160 Kbps: File size = 76 Mb]


1 Wet Skin - Howard "Buzz" Feiten / Brandon Fields / Tom Kennedy / Jay Oliver / Dave Weckl 6:11
2 Alegria - Tom Kennedy / Dave Weckl / Steve Weingart 5:34
3 High Life - Howard "Buzz" Feiten / Tom Kennedy / Jay Oliver / Dave Weckl 7:47
4 The Zone - Jay Oliver / Dave Weckl 6:09
5 Wake Up - Brandon Fields / Tom Kennedy / Dave Weckl / Steve Weingart 6:49
6 Luck Seven - Brandon Fields 5:57
7 Tee Funk - Jay Oliver / Dave Weckl 7:05
8 Rhythm Dance - Jay Oliver / Dave Weckl 6:00
9 Serenalin - Steve Weingart 5:57
10 Amanecer - Tom Kennedy / Dave Weckl / Steve Weingart 8:30


Howard "Buzz" Feiten, Frank Gambale - Guitar
Tom Kennedy - Bass
Jay Oliver - Keyboards
Dave Weckl - Drums, Percussion, Tambourine
Brandon Fields - Flute, Alto, Tenor, & Soprano Sax
Steve Tavaglione - Saxophone
Bob Malach - Tenor Sax


Dave Weckl is one of fusion's most acclaimed drummers, making his name during a six-year-stint with Chick Corea. Weckl was born in St. Louis and grew up listening to soul and jazz; he received his first drum set at age eight and developed his playing by listening to drummers like Buddy Rich, as well as R&B grooves. He majored in jazz at the University of Bridgeport, but left after two years to become involved in the New York jazz scene, also touring Europe with various bands. Weckl joined a fusion group called Nitesprite, where he attracted the attention of drummer Peter Erskine; Erskine helped him get a gig with French Toast, a band also featuring pianist Michel Camilo and bassist Anthony Jackson. From French Toast, Weckl branched out into session work, playing on numerous early-'80s sessions with the likes of Bill Connors (Return to Forever), the Brecker Brothers, Tânia Maria, Paquito D'Rivera, Eliane Elias, and George Benson, as well as pop and soul albums for Diana Ross, Madonna, and Robert Plant. In 1986, Chick Corea saw Weckl performing in New York with guitarist Connors and invited the drummer to join his new Elektric Band. Weckl spent a total of seven years with Corea, performing on numerous albums and also appearing with Corea's Akoustic Band; his skills received considerable esteem, and he augmented his work with Corea by continuing his session work and appearing often with the GRP All-Star Big Band. Weckl also released a series of instructional videos, and in 1990 he led his first solo date, with Master Plan for GRP. Heads Up followed in 1992, as well as Hard-Wired in 1994. Upon leaving Corea, Weckl's primary focus was recording and touring with guitarist Mike Stern; he also continued his work as a sideman. In 1998, Weckl led the R&B-oriented date Rhythm of the Soul, a return to his other boyhood musical love, and the like-minded Synergy followed in 1999. The Dave Weckl Band had really gelled by the time of Transition's 2000 release, but Weckl didn't leave teaching behind, either, and released another instructional recording, The Zone, in 2001. After working extensively with a quartet for the last few years, he debuted their efforts with 2002's improv-heavy Perpetual Motion. Multiplicity followed three years later. © Steve Huey © 2013 AllMusic, a division of All Media Network, LLC. | All Rights Reserved http://www.allmusic.com/artist/dave-weckl-mn0000939549/biography


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Hola amigo. excelente blog. Muchas Gracias. Esta link no se corresponde con lo anunciado. No es Dave weckl, sino Caravan. Gracias de nuevo.

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just downloaded and find 1998 - Caravan - Back Of The Tracks (Live On The Continent)instead of "Dave Weckl"


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Caravan - Live On The Continent.....Dave Weckle has left the building ??

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DAVE WECKLE HAS LEFT THE BUILDING........ONLY TO BE REPLACED BY Caravan - Live On The Continent (Back On The Tracks)

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