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Virgil Donati

Virgil Donati - Just Add Water - 1997 - Thunder Drum

This independent release from Australian drummer Virgil Donati features guitarist Scott Henderson and bassist Ricc Fierabracci. Just Add Water is essentially an improvised jam session -- but when the players are of this high caliber, a jam session is not only a good thing, but a great thing. Sure, it's a treat to hear these players unashamedly wail away on their respective instruments, but the real magic is in hearing their creative minds work together to make one interesting musical statement after another. Henderson's bluesy playing is perfectly suited for the CD's jam-oriented style, while Fierabracci's bass playing shows why he is in such demand. However, the rhythmic propulsion of the session's leader is the cause of this recording's underground success. Due mainly to Donati's undeniable genius at the traps (and partly because of the relative obscurity of his recordings), he has become a drumming superstar. Donati is equally adept at playing Tribal Tech-style jazz-rock fusion, as he does here, or high-powered progressive metal (see Planet X). An underground classic from down under. © Robert Taylor © 2014 AllMusic, a division of All Media Network, LLC. | All Rights Reserved http://www.allmusic.com/album/just-add-water-mw0001149588

“Just Add Water” is "the result of a spontaneously, unrehearsed jam session", improvised on the first take, and with no overdubs. This brilliant album was recorded by three giants of the fusion scene, drummer Virgil Donati, guitarist Scott Henderson, and bassist Ric Fierrabracci. Virgil Donati has said that, “Just prior to my tour with Tribal Tech in 1997, I invited Scott Henderson and Ricc Fierrabracci in to the studio to record us simply jamming. We literally played straight through for about an hour and a quarter. TJ and I spent some time cutting it in suitable places, and created the tracks that make up this record”. The tracks were recorded in the M.I. Studio in Hollywood on December 22, 1996. It was edited and produced by Donati and T.J. Helmerich. Brett Garsed did the digital editing and Michael Costa mastered the whole thing. The album is HR by A.O.O.F.C. Listen to a few snippets from this album @ http://www.virgildonati.com/discography/disc-vdjad.php Read more about Virgil Donati @ http://www.virgildonati.com/about.php Scott Henderson @ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scott_Henderson and Ric Fierrabracci @ http://www.ricfierabracci.com/ric/Home.html [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: File size = 111 Mb]


1 The Arithmetic of Sin 2:28
2 Concerning Female Beauty 9:09
3 The Morals of Chess 1:49
4 On Manners 11:56
5 A Small Opening 2:50
6 A Dispute 8:27
7 Extremely Dirty 2:12
8 How to Grow Great Women 7:13

All tracks composed by Henderson, Fierrabracci, & Donati


Scott Henderson - Guitar
Ric Fierrabracci - Bass
Virgil Donati - Drums

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