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Skid Row (Ireland)

Skid Row - Gary Moore, Brush Shiels, Noel Bridgeman - 1990 - Castle Communications

This album is the first version, (Gary Moore version), of the original Irish Skid Row's third and final album. It was shelved and never released at the time due to the dissolving of the Irish Band. Skid Row recorded it twice in 1971, at De-Lane Lea Studios, London -- the first time with Gary Moore, and the second with Mick Bolton (UFO). This Gary Moore version was officially released in 1990 on the Castle Communications label. The album has also been issued as an "unofficial" recording entitled "Skid Row 2." There is nothing groundbreaking here, but it is still a good example of early Celtic progressive rock. It should be remembered that Gary Moore was a teenager when the album was recorded, and even at a young age he was a superb axeman. Although the band had previously recorded a couple of albums, they were still a fledgling group, especially in the songwriting department. "Crystal Ball" is a weak track, but the rest of the album is well above average, and the musicianship is very good for such a young band. Skid Row included the great Eric Bell, and Phil Lynott in it's various line-ups, and sowed the seeds for legendary bands like Thin Lizzy. Check out Skid Row's "Skid" and "34 Hours" albums, which are much better than this album. Check out Gary Moore's great "Still Got the Blues" album, and there is info on Eric Bell's great "Blues Night In Dublin" album @ EBELL/BNID The album posted here is a 128 version, but sound quality is ok. A.O.O.F.C will always recommend that you buy the original LPs/CDs when available, as sound quality will always be superior, plus you will nearly always get more band info, sleeve notes, etc.


1. Benedicts Cherry Wine - Brendan "Brush" Shiels/Noel Bridgeman/Gary Moore
2. Saturday Morning Man - Brendan "Brush" Shiels/Gary Moore
3. Crystal Ball - Brendan "Brush" Shiels/Noel Bridgeman/Gary Moore
4. Mr. De-Luxe - Brendan "Brush" Shiels/Noel Bridgeman/Gary Moore
5. Girl Called Winter - Brendan "Brush" Shiels/Noel Bridgeman/Gary Moore
6. Morning Star Avenue - Gary Moore
7. Silver Bird - Brendan "Brush" Shiels/Noel Bridgeman/Gary Moore


Bass, Vocals - Brush Shiels
Drums - Noel Bridgeman
Guitar, Vocals - Gary Moore


Irish Progressive Jazz Blues Rockers founded by the 16 year old guitarist GARY MOORE and his fellow guitarist Bernhard Chivers together with drummer Nollaug 'Noel' Bridgeman in Dublin during 1967. The band also included in its ranks PHIL LYNOTT as a vocalist before he left to journey through SUGERSHACK, ORPHANAGE and finally THIN LIZZY. Chivers also quit around the same time. SKID ROW regrouped as a trio pulling in Brush Shiels on vocals and bass. This unit opened for FLEETWOOD MAC in Dublin. The headline act's much respected guitarist PETER GREEN being so impressed by Moore's playing he recommended the band to several London labels. The band signed to the British arm of CBS Records for their debut album 'Skid', recorded in a paltry 11 hours. SKID ROW toured America opening for SAVOY BROWN and CANNED HEAT. A second album '34 hours', the title an indicator of the extravagant amount of time CBS allowed the band to record this time, was issued in 1971 but on the eve of further American dates Moore quit. The guitarist sessioned for Folk Rock act
DR. STRANGELY STRANGE and Rockers GRANNY'S INTENTIONS prior to juxtasupposing a worthy solo career (opening with 1973's 'Grinding Stone') with almost legendary
stints in and out of THIN LIZZY. With Moore's departure SKID ROW pulled in THIN LIZZY man Eric Bell as a stop gap measure. The position was then filled by ex-CHAIN REACTION and UNIVERSE Welshman PAUL CHAPMAN. The new trio re-recorded the guitar parts for the third album but CBS decided to scrap the project. Soon after Chapman opted out creating KIMLA TAZ then augmenting UFO on tour then founding IONA and LONE STAR before joining UFO full time. SKID ROW relocated back to Ireland and went through a succession of guitarists including Ed Dean and Jimmy Slevin. A 1976 live album 'Alive And Kickin' witnessed a band line up comprising Brush Shiels, ELMER FUDD guitarist Jody Pollard, Noel Bridgeman, Dave Gaynor, John Brady, Ian Anderson. Featuring two drummers at the time, this record oddly proved to be a double disc set of Rock n' Roll standards, opening up with a cover of BACHMAN TURNER OVERDRIVE's 'You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet'. The band subsequently evolved into BRUSH. Pollard, going on to work with Folk Rock act SHANTY DAM, would later have a near union with THIN LIZZY, being second choice after SNOWY WHITE. Tragically John Brady would be lose his life during the 90s, killed in an auto accident whilst
returning home from a gig. The shelved third studio album, with Moore's guitar parts, was issued finally in 1990. Bridgeman performed studio work with CLANNAD and THE WATERBOYS. © www.rockdetector.com/artist/ireland/skid+row

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