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Missy Burgess


Missy Burgess - Lemon Pie - 2008 - Missy Burgess

"Ottawa’s Missy Burgess is as credible a blues interpreter as she is a singer/songwriter. Here Burgess covers Robert Johnson’s suggestive “Come On In My Kitchen”, catches the moodiness of Jann Arden’s “It Looks Like Rain”, and delivers a rich, bittersweet take on her own lovelorn “Blue Sweater”. Front and centre, right where they belong, are Burgess’ direct, smoky vocals, sometimes reminiscent of her old pal Penny Lang’s. Exquisite playing. Good tunes and monstrous production from James Stephens. Willie P. Bennett can be found playing harmonica on this gem of a CD. Pick it up now!" - Pat Langston (Ottawa Citizen, Jan. 12/08)

Growing up in a large family had its benefits. You could train yourself to live in a different land even though chaos was all around you. As a young teen, Missy would climb into her brother's tree house and imagine herself singing late at night in some obscure small room in New York City and walking the streets alone as she thought all musicians did. By the time she was 15 years old she had heard all her father's jazz and big band albums over and over and had attended numerous concerts where her brother, Michael sang beautiful Gregorian chant with St. Michael's Choir School in downtown Toronto. She loved music, and belonged to many church choirs, but it took on new meaning when her father brought home a record of Fats Waller because it introduced a sound for her that made her want to sing. She bought a guitar and liked spending hours learning how to play it. But it took many years of living before Missy finally realized the need to take music seriously. Since 1996 Missy has performed on main stages from The National Arts Centre in Ottawa to Boston's Regent Theatre to The Angola Prison for Women in Louisiana.She has recorded 2 albums. Pour Me a Song features veteran folk singer Penny Lang as a guest singer. Her latest album Lemon Pie features the late Willie P. Bennett as a guest back up singer and harmonica player. As well Lemon Pie features the virtuoso guitar playing of Vince Half hide along with the wonderful sax of Petr Cancura. Website: Missyburgess.com

Great blend of roots blues with a touch of folk and jazz. Very much in the style of the early Maria Muldaur. Listen to her "Pour Me A Song" album


1. Blue Dog Man - Missy Burgess, Vince Halfhide
2. Lemon Pie - Missy Burgess, Vince Halfhide
3. Come On In My Kitchen - Robert Johnson
4. Sweet Dreams - Missy Burgess, Vince Halfhide
5. It Looks Like Rain - Jann Arden Richards, Robert Foster
6. Blue Sweater - Missy Burgess, Vince Halfhide
7. Make Me A Pallet On Your Floor - Trad.
8. Sparrows - Missy Burgess, Vince Halfhide
9. Just Like Roses Do - Missy Burgess, Vince Halfhide
10. Basket of Blues - Missy Burgess
11. Little Man - Teddy Edwards
12. When I Go - Alrick Huebener, Missy Burgess, Vince Halfhide


Missy Burgess - Vocals, Guitar
Vince Halfhide - Guitar
Alrick Huebener - Bass
Petr Cancura - Sax
Willie P. Bennett RIP - Harmonica, Backing Vocals
Penny Lang - Guest Vocals


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