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Twelve Bar Blues Band aka 12BBB


Twelve Bar Blues Band aka 12BBB - The Blues Has Got Me - 2006 - Tramp

"The Blues Has Got Me "is the debut album of this great Dutch band. A good mixture of British and Chicago electric blues. Blues veterans J.J. Sharp ( vocals & harp) and Kees Dusink ( solo and slide guitars ) play on the album, which includes some good original blues ballads. One reviewer called 12BBB's music "Blues that you get deep into your soul and gives you goose bumps." Check out 12BBB's great "E-mail from Heaven" album


The Blues Has Got Me
Cold Hearted Woman
Standing On Melting Ice
Love Is Pain
Graveyard Blues
Tell Nobody The Trouble I’m In
I Can’t Get Enough Of That Girl
Everyday I Have The Blues

All songs composed by J. J. Scherpenzeel / C. H. Dusink, except "Everyday I Have The Blues" by P. Chatman


Kees Dusink - lead & slide guitar
Randy Pears - guitar
Patrick "Sideburn" Obrist - bass
"Wild" Marcel Bakker - drums
Jan J. Scherpenzeel aka JJ Sharp - lead vocals & harmonica


The Twelve Bar Blues Band arrived on the Dutch blues scene in 2006. Within the first year of the band's formation, the group had already played most of the important venues in the Netherlands and impressed audiences with their down to earth blues. "They're terrific!! 12BBB definitely is the best bluesband of the Netherlands". - Frankie Bluescruiser NL. The band's first album "The Blues Has Got Me", became CD of the month on many blues radio stations and the CD was elected Blues CD of 2006 by one of the most prestigious blues sites in the Netherlands. 12BBB has already made an impression on the US market and the band has received great feedback. DWM Music (USA) is only one of the many US radio stations to praise the band very highly, saying "This is the best electric blues we've heard since a while". The band is headed by Jan J. Scherpenzeel aka JJ Sharp (vocals & harmonica), and Kees Dusink (lead & slide guitar. JJ and Kees Dusink are both blues veterans who have played the blues their whole life. Jan J. Scherpenzeel (J. J. Sharp) is reckoned to be one of the best blues vocalists in the Netherlands and he is a born entertainer on stage. He has a whiskey soaked warm, emotional voice, and is an excellent harmonica player. JJ has shared the stage with, among others, Junior Wells, Normal, The Hoax, Han Van Dam and Johnny and Gus Laporte (Barrelhouse), and Samuel Eddy. He played In Memphis USA as a special guest with blues legend Big Lucky Carter, boogie-pianist William "Boogie Man ' Hubbard (ex-Rufus Thomas) and bass player Melvin Lee (ex-Albert King). Kees Dusink is a great blues guitar player with a distinctive sound. He plays from the heart, and is a marvellous slide guitarist. Kees played in many bands. He played with the now deceased rocker Long Tall Ernie (& the Shakers) and he played on a jam session with the American blues great, Lonnie Brooks. Jan and Kees are seen as as the perfect combination on stage, and also as great composers. 12BBB also has a fantastic rhythm section, consisting of Patrick "Sideburn" Obrist (bass guitar) and Marcel Bakker (drums). Even without the presence of the two frontmen, it is really worthwile to see and hear them lay down some great traditional blues grooves. 12BBB's great sound is fundamentally based on simple, solid well executed blues rock in the modern and traditional New Orleans and Chicago blues style


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Anonymous said...

Guinea Pig

A.O.O.F.C said...

Thanks, Guinea Pig. It's great to hear the blues from this part of Europe. TTU soon

Titovenaer said...

Thanx again !!!
Also new for me!
Despite I'm from Holland.

Excellent choice.
I didn't follow the Dutch blues scene
for some long time :(
But in the past I did see the Dutch bluesband "Barrelhouse" several times a live,
one of my all time favorites.
I can recommend them to every blues lover! :D
A great live band with dual guitarists and a magnificent female
I'm not sure if they still exist.

A.O.O.F.C said...

Hi,Titovenaer. Some of the best bands are often at your doorstep! I've heard some Barrelhouse, and I'll check them out. Thanks

Titovenaer said...

You're welcome my friend.

Here you can find some more info about "Barrelhouse"

Including some nice tunes.

Some recent videos:



If you wish I can provide you some
albums of them!


A.O.O.F.C said...

Hi,Titovenaer. Great links.Thanks. I would like to hear some of the band's albums. Thanks for offer. Talk to you soon