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Patti Dahlstrom


Patti Dahlstrom - Your Place Or Mine - 1975 - 20th Century Records

The lovely Patti Dahlstrom was Born and raised in Houston, Texas and Went to LA in 1967 to become a pro songwriter...Wrote songs on weekends, pushed them to publishers and A&R departments during her lunch breaks; after a few turndowns from utter fools ...basically told she had no talent and to go back to Texas. GRRRR.... Signed to Motown's Jobete Music as a staff songwriter along with Severin Browne (Jackson's brother). She and Severin became co-writers for the length of her recording career. [from Emotion : The Music of Patti Dahlstrom crrev299 @ http://www.cherryred.co.uk/revola/artists/pattidahlstrom.php]

"Your Place Or Mine" is a great but forgotten mid '70's album by the wonderful songwriter and vocalist, Patti Dahlstrom. With her gritty, emotional voice, like a cross between Stevie Nicks, Maria Muldaur, and Carole King, she covers ten great tracks covering a myriad of musical styles including roots, jazz, blues, Motown and pop rock. The album includes Dean Parks and Jay Graydon on guitar, Klaus Voorman on bass, George Clinton on keys, Jim Keltner on drums, and Chuck Findley on horns. It would be great to hear a remixed and remastered version CD version of this album. Try and listen to her "Livin' It Thru" album


A1 Used To Be In Love With Love - Patti Dahlstrom, Al Staehely, Jimmy Howell
A2 If You Want It Easy - Patti Dahlstrom
A3 Break Of Day - Patti Dahlstrom, Andy Cahan, Jimmy Seals
A4 Painter - Patti Dahlstrom, Severin Browne
A5 Louisiana - Patti Dahlstrom, Al Staehely

B1 He Did Me Wrong, But He Did Right - Patti Dahlstrom, Al Staehely
B2 Runnin' Out Of World - Patti Dahlstrom, Artie Wayne
B3 When It Comes To You - Patti Dahlstrom
B4 Good To Be Alive - Patti Dahlstrom, Severin Browne
B5 Sending My Good Thoughts To You - Patti Dahlstrom, Artie Wayne


Vocals - Patti Dahlstrom
Guitar - Al Casey , Al Staehely , Art Munson , Dean Parks , Freddy Tackett, Jay Graydon , Steve Cropper
Bass - David Hungate , Jack Conrad , Klaus Voorman
Banjo, Fiddle, Guitar [Slide] - David Lindley
Keyboards - Andy Cahan , George Clinton, Larry Knechtel , Michael Utley
Drums - David Kemper , Gary Mallaber , Jim Keltner
Percussion - Milt Holland , Steve Foreman
Horns - Chuck Findley , Jackie Kelso , Jim Horn , Lon Van Eaton
Flute - Jim Horn
Accordion - Nick Decaro


Patti Dahlstrom is a widely respected singer/songwriter, recording artist and teacher. Born in Texas, she cut four albums in the seventies, and co-wrote the Helen Reddy hit "Emotion", before enjoying a renaissance and renewed visibility in 2010. Dahlstrom was one of five children born in Houston. Her aspirations to become a singer were evident from an early age. Having started to make up songs in her pre-teens, she was writing frequently by the time of her adolescence, and was given to examining record sleeves for the songwriting credits while burnishing dreams of seeing her own name in such a setting. In 1967, she left Texas to pursue a career in music in Los Angeles. After three years of struggling, Dahlstrom broke into the world of professional songwriting. She was signed to Jobete, the publishing division of Motown, where she was mentored by Berry Gordy. She also struck up a fruitful and enduring songwriting relationship with Severin Browne, brother of Jackson Browne. Russ Regan signed her to Uni Records and, in 1972, her first album, the Toxey French-produced Patti Dahlstrom, was released. Moving to 20th Century Records, which was also headed by Regan, she followed with three more albums, The Way I Am (1973), Your Place or Mine (1975), and Livin It Thru (1976), produced by Michael J Jackson and Michael Omartian, Jack Conrad and Bill Schnee, and Larry Knetchel respectively. The albums featured an impressive cast of musicians and prominently displayed Dahlstrom's gritty, engaging vocal style and her emotionally perspicacious songwriting. Among the notable songs from Dahlstrom's 20th Century tenure was 'Sending My Good Thoughts To You', which she co-wrote with Artie Wayne, and dedicated to her friend Jim Croce. Implicit in the song's lyric is the notion of continuing a loving friendship with someone after that person's death, and this consoling message has helped the it endure. In one of her most plaintive and subtly heart-rending vocal performances to date, Dahlstrom included the song on Your Place or Mine in 1975. Despite the fact that there was no break out hit single for Dahlstrom herself, her popularity as a songwriter for other recording artists was considerable. Notable among the recordings of her work are "Ain't No Way To Rise Above (Fallin' In Love)" by Anne Murray (1982); "Running Out of World" by Cilla Black (1976), "Emotion" by Helen Reddy and Shirley Bassey, "What If", "I'm Letting Go", and "I Never Did" by Thelma Houston (1972); "Dialogue" by Michael Johnson (1979); "Feels Like More Than Dancing" by Captain & Tenille, "Over The Line" by Johnny Rivers (1973); and "Even Texas Isn't Big Enough Now" by Riders in the Sky (1986) from the album New Trails. Dahlstrom's second album, The Way I Am, included "Emotion", a song that had arisen when Artie Wayne, Warner Brothers Publishing's General Manager, brought a copy of a Veronique Sanson album to Patti, with a view to her providing English lyrics. Dahlstrom was taken by the song Amoureuse, and set it to her own words to form "Emotion". Confusingly, there was another contemporaneous English version of the song, with translated lyrics by Gary Osborne, which retained the title 'Amoureuse'. However, it was Dahlstrom's version, recorded by Helen Reddy, that became a US #22 and US AC #1 hit in 1974. In 2009, Véronique Sanson declared in an interview to the french magazine Platine that Dahlstrom's version remains her favorite version of Amoureuse. In the seventies, Dahlstrom's recording career came to an end when she declined the opportunity to make a fifth album, and was, by her own request, released from her contract. She cited exhaustion among the reasons for the decision. Years later, Russ Regan publicly disclosed his surprise and confusion that Dahlstrom's albums had not been high profile successes, saying, "In my career there are two female singer/songwriters who I signed, that should've been stars, Patti Dahlstrom and Harriet Schock. She continued to pursue songwriting through the seventies and eighties, as well as branching out into photography. Photographic assignments included working on set with Robert Altman and shooting an album cover and 1978 tour book for John Denver. Returning to Texas in 1990, Dahlstrom taught songwriting at The Art Institute of Houston before swiftly being made Department Director. In addition to teaching, she pursued studies of her own, including a degree in Liberal Arts. Following a birthday trip to England in 2007, Dahlstrom decided to move to London in 2008, undertaking a Masters in Professional Writing, and has lived in the city ever since. In March 2010, the CD Emotion - The Music of Patti Dahlstrom was released by Rev-ola. The 20 track compilation, drawing on Dahlstrom's four albums, was the culmination of renewed internet-based interest in her music, which had been mounting for several years. The package contained a 24-page booklet with essay by Mick Patrick, revitalised sound quality consequent to work by Norman Blake and Joe Foster, and design and artwork by Andy Morten. Engineering was by Nick Robbins. Norman Seeff's striking photographs of Dahlstrom were used throughout. The compilation scored a four-star review by Kingsley Abbott in Record Collector magazine.


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