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The Force

The Force - The Force - 2005 - Earforce

With a british singer/guitarist, swiss bassist and a german drummer this hardrock-trio presents a top class CD. This compact hammer-sound with fat guitar-riffs, pregnant “straight into the face!” solos and a precisely working rhythm-section reminds in a discreet and competent way of bands like Thin Lizzy (track 4 & 6 - with monster grooves and wild guitar leads), Molly Hatchet (1), Krokus ( 3 & 10), Victory (12) or Great White (5) at their best times - but without copying these acts. A superb production, a sound like a wall and an outstanding musical performance will highly please all fans of the above mentioned bands. - www.southern-rock.de

The Force is hard bluesful rock music with solid guitar and rhythm --section work. The production is straight and direct and it sounds raw on a high energy level. Elliotts rough blues-voice fits perfectly to the sound. Although the sound is not very innovative but highly effective. A beautiful example is “Wild Horses” with it’s smooth guitar melody. The Force guitar-riffs remind of bands like AC/DC, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Krokus. The chorus of “Bad Luck” sounds like Jimi Hendrix’ “Voodoo Chile”, the “Boogie On Down” riff was stolen from Vaughan and “Road To Nowhere” is known as Lukather’s “Never Walk Alone”. But for all that the album is convincing because it is simply superb. - Rolf Zellweger - music.ch

A genuine handmade rocksound is the result when three musicians with a love for blues rooted bands like Led Zeppelin, Free, Thin Lizzy or Lynyrd Skynyrd get together. The Force delivers exactly this sound (…) and presents - against the common trend - 12 hard and bluesbased rock songs. - H.Elias Fröhlich - BLICK

We don't really know this band that just issued a cd in Switzerland on Disctrade records, and where plays an Englishman Mark Eliott (that had previously worked with Gallagher, Clapton, Dire Straits… before), a German Hanns Haurein on drums (who previously played with the Edgar Broughton Band, Company of Wolves, Not' n' nasty, etc…), and a Swiss boy Beat Schaub on bass guitar. So we don't really know a lot about them, but we just can say that The Force, in a Boogie-Hard-Bluesy style, should be enjoyed by a lot of big sound and hard guitar choruses -on a heavy rhythm network- fans. So I know that the music they give us is not really new or innovative, but when I listen to a song such as 'Road to Nowhere', I only can say they are good and they made a good job. Nice women, Bikers and Rock n' Roll, that a famous compilation and this record has to be listened as soon as possible ! - John Molet - Road To Jacksonville (French Online-Music-Magagzine)

Nothing spectacular or original here, but if you've ever longed for good old fashioned hard rock in the style of bands like Golden Earring or hard drivin' Southern style blues rock like Lynyrd Skynyrd, you can't help enjoying this rockin' album, and the experienced Mark Elliott is one great guitarist. Check out The Force's "Voodoo Cock's Revenge" album


1. Feel Alright (On A Saturday Night) 3:27
2. Bad Luck 5:50
3. Stray Dogs 4:52
4. Ain't Talking About Love 4:01
5. Wild Horses 6:33
6. When The Night Comes Down 3:41
7. Ain't Enough Love 4:09
8. Boogie On Down 3:08
9. Double Trouble 3:16
10. Road To Nowhere 4:46
11. Keep On Running 3:24
12. Woman On My Mind 3:47

All songs composed by Mark Elliott, Beat Schaub, Hanns Haurein


Mark Elliott - Guitars, Lead Vocals
Beat Schaub - Bass Guitar, Vocals
Hanns Haurein - Drums, Vocals


The year 2002 british guitarist/singer MARK ELLIOTT first met german drummer HANNS HAUREIN in Switzerland, where they both have their domicile. Together with swiss Bassist BEAT SCHAUB they started as backing band on a German Rock production.It was clear right from the begining, the three musicians had found what they had been searching for, and developed a good friendship. Already after a few sessions together, the trio had found their roots and perfect musical harmonies. It was easy because they all felt a deep love for 70's Blues based rock bands as Led Zeppelin, Free, Thin Lizzy, Lynyrd Skynyrd etc.- hand made Rock! Against all the newest musical trends The FORCE are keeping the tradition. For a start the trio selected a series of cover versions from Popa Chubby, ZZ Top, Robin Trower, Free to Joe Bonamassa, but after a heavy song writing period the band added their own material to their new live set list. In 2003 at a live comeback concert from 70s Supergroup HUMBLE PIE, HANNS HAUREIN met Guitarist/Singer BOB TENCH who was replacing the great STEVE MARRIOTT after his death. HAUREIN had great respect for Bob Tench, one of the most respected musicians that never made his fame but still remains a legend as side man (singer/guitarist) from JEFF BECK, VAN MORRISON, ROGER CHAPMAN, STREETWALKERS, GARY MOORE, PETER GREEN, just a few names to a never ending list. HAUREIN and TENCH were on the same level of thinking, Tench was impressed from an idea from Haurein of using The FORCE as backing band for a small European tour. Although both parties still had unfinished business, a future tour is planed. The Force worked on their own songs and in the beginning of 2006 the self-titled album "The Force" was released with 12 hard rocking, blues rooted original songs. © http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/force


Back in 2002 the British Guitarist Mark Elliot and the German Drummer Hans Haurein who both live in Switzerland, meet up with the Swiss Bassist Beat Schaub to record the backings for a German Rock production. It was clear right from the start that these three had found each other and they quickly formed a tight friendship. After a few sessions they realized that they had very similar musical interests as well, which goes back to their love of ground breaking rootsy blues bands of the 70s such as Led Zeppelin, Free, Thin Lizzy, Lynyrd Skynyrd, etc. home grown, honest Guitar Rock of course. Going against all musical trends, at the time, The Force came up with their own repertoire in the tradition of their musical role models. All though in the beginning their Live shows included mostly covers of artists such as Popa Chubby, ZZ Top, Robin Trower and Free all the way to Joe Bonamassa they were soon replaced by The Force’s own songs. The first The Force CD “ First Takes” was recorded live in the studio in 2004. A Mini CD with 6 tracks by Bob Tench (ex Jeff Beck, Van Morrison, Streetwalkers, Humble Pie etc) and The Force was released almost simultaneously. The Force supported the exceptional British musician as his backing band on tour, the tracks were recorded live at the Swiss Rock temple Z7. Both CD’s are not available in stores, since they were originally thought of as demos for Promoters and Events. In the Spring of 2005 The Force started recording their first CD in the Little Creek Studios run by V. O. Pulver who is also well known as the front man of the Swiss Metal Band Gurd. The result were 12 hard, blues soaked Rock songs with outstanding guitar and vocal work by Mark Elliot and recorded with a skin and bones attitude. The CD which was simply titled “The Force” was released in November of 2005. The CD received great Europe as well as US wide critiques and established The Force as one of the leading new bands in the hard, southern, blues genre. The 2nd official “The Force” CD called “ Voodoo Cock’s Revenge” was released in August of 2007. It was yet again recorded at the Little Creek Studios and convinces with a fully fat production and a total length of 70 minutes. The first media reactions surpass the outstanding reviews of the previous CD by far. The largest German speaking Genre Online Magazine souther-rock.de for example raves about “ Voodoo Cock’s Revenge” and nominates it not only for Album of the month but also Hard rock release of the year. © http://www.theforcewebsite.com/english/bio.htm


Mark started his career in 1977 with rock band ( CAIRO ) and was known as one of Hull's fastest guitar slingers at the time, Mark moved on to join A.O.R band ( MOSELLE ) probably one of the best Hull based rock bands of all time, unfortunately they never crossed the line. Been hungry for fame, Mark realised that Hull was the end of the road, and in 1980 moved to London as professional searching for the real deal. After a few months Mark found his ground and had his first offer to join a Luton based pro rock band fronted by Nikki Moore on vocals from rock band ( SAMSON ) we went straight in the studio to cut an album that was to be produced by Benny Gallagher of successfull scotch duo (GALLAGHER and LYLE ) due to management and money problems the project came to an end .Mark moved back to London and made connections with a local recording studio and started doing a lot of session work which opend up a whole new world, meeting so many famous artist and playing on tons of demo's and records etc,after the studio thing Mark needed to get back on the road and play live gigs again, Mark got heavily involved in the blues scene and joined a great local blues band with bassist Algy Ward from ( TANK ) and brother Ian Ward on harmonica, we played the London circuit night after night, Mark met great irish blues guitarist Rory Gallagher on his travels and we jammed out a few times together, Mark knew blues was the road for him, Mark travelled the whole of europe with the blues band that led him to his final destination, in 1991 Mark moved to Switzerland with his new Swiss/French wife Monique to start his new music career , after a short time Mark met up with top rock singer from Malta Marc Storace frontman from the biggest selling swiss band of all time ( KROKUS ) Mark recorded some songs together in a studio in Germany and had some radio air play in Sweden, Norway etc, after a while Marc S rejoined ( KROKUS ), we still meet up from time to time as he's a local lad lives just down the road. Switzerland has a very small music scene and is easy to make connections, so Mark immediatly put his own blues band together and started touring around, been on the borders of France, Germany, Italy, makes it quite easy to gig around,so for the blues project Mark changed his name around, so he's known in the blues scene as, ( aka ) Elliott Marks, ( EMG ). Mark was also founder member of Irish pop rock band ( RELIC ), Mark did many sessions including ( FIERIN, DANKNER, PIERO ESTERIORE ) etc....Mark met up with Phil Palmer from (ex DIRE STRAITS and the ERIC CLAPTON BAND) to do a blues gig for a swiss magazine Life Style live at the Bar Rouge Basel, with other star guests. In 2005 Mark met well known German drummer Hanns Haurein who was working at the time together with famous singer guitarist from London Bob Tench (ex JEFF BECK, STREET WALKERS, HUMBLE PIE) etc, we put a band together and toured switzerland and germany and cut a live album live at z7, after a while Bob returned to London as producer and toured with Alan Price. after the tour Mark and Hanns decided to keep the band together, and with bass player Beat Schaub we formed the power rock trio ( THE FORCE ), the band went straight in the studio to record there first album called First Takes the band made the headlines and joined the label (EARFORCE), we then cut the second album (The Force) and played the french rock TV show 100% scene live in concert, the ball kept on rolling and in 2007 the band recorded there third album titled Voodoo Cocks Revenge voted rock album of the year in Germany, Mark decided to step down as singer front man and concentrate more on guitar playing, we joined forces with top rock singer Oni Logan ( LYNCH MOB ) and did many shows with ( FOREIGNER, WISHBONE ASH, TEN YEARS AFTER, M3, GOLDEN EARRING, GREAT WHITE, MOLLY HATCHET ) etc. Oni left the Force to rejoin ( LYNCH MOB ) to do an American tour, we still have close contact and work in the studio together from time to time, so now Mark's back as frontman singer and mad axeman burning the fretboard, thats what the fans wanted!!! During Mark's career as Guitarist he was influanced by (Jimi Hendrix, Richie Blackmore, Jimmy Page, Paul Kossoff, Gary Moore, Micheal Schenker, Neal Schon, Steve Lukather, Stevie Ray Vaughan). Mark's also currently working as guitar technician and guitar teacher, stay tuned.......................© http://markelliottsite.com/mebio.html


Beat started his career as guitarist, playing in local hardrock and metal bands, then changed over to bass guitar. He developed a solid drive and punching technique that led him to success as one of Switzerlands hardest working and most respected blues and rock players around. Worked with such names like MANY MAURER/Krokus, Aint Dead Yet, Grandmother’s Painkiller © http://www.theforcewebsite.com/english/bio.htm


In Switzerland the man that counts from north germany is one of the most successful drummers, songwriters and producers of all time. Well known for his work with VERA KAA BAND, PHIL CARMEN, EDGAR BROUGHTON BAND, COMPANY OF WOLVES, HOT’N’NASTY, FOOLHOUSE, THE RAMBLERS etc. Together with the two Krokus stars FERNANDO VON ARB and TONY CASTELL, Haurein formed the power rock trio BUTTHUNTER, touring Switzerland and Europe for some years until Krokus reformed in 2002 © http://www.theforcewebsite.com/english/bio.htm