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Jennifer Nettles Band

Jennifer Nettles Band - rewind - 2002 - Self Released

Soul Miners Daughter was a relatively obscure band who formed in 1996 in Athens, Georgia. The band's nucleus was Jennifer Nettles and Cory Jones, who met in high school. In 1996 they released their great "The Sacred and the Profane" album and "Hallelujah" which both eventually sold over 20,000 units. Many styles of music are covered on both self released albums including soul, blues, country, and folk, with Jennifer and Cory providing wonderful harmonies. Soul Miners Daughter split in 1999, allegedly due to "musical differences". Jennifer went on to form the Jennifer Nettles Band releasing albums which include "Story Of Your Bones", "Gravity: Drag Me Down", and "Rewind". In 2003, Jennifer became involved with Kristen Hall and Kristian Bush in the Country music band, Sugarland, with which she has attained huge success. If you like Country music you will be well aware of Sugarland. However, some of Jennifer Nettles best work was in the songs she composed with Cory Jones in Soul Miners Daughter. ["I have been a fan of Jennifer Nettles and her band since shortly before the album came out. I have seen her in concert at least a dozen times. After almost 10 years, I never get tired of listening to this album ("Hallelujah"). It is my favorite of her works and probably my favorite album of all time. If you've never heard it, you must buy it. If you heard Jennifer singing at the CMA awards, you saw a hint of her old self - soulful singing without the country twang. If you liked that, you will love this! - from "one of the greatest" by & © someguy (Georgia): © 1996-2011, Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates]

"rewind" is an album of re-recorded folk/soul blues songs which were originally released by Soul Miner's Daughter. In 2003, Jennifer joined the successful country group, Sugarland. Many people are of the opinion that these songs composed with Cory Jones are representative of her best work. Listen to Soul Miners Daughter "The Sacred and the Profane" album and check out SMD's "Hallelujah" album on this blog


1 With Me
2 Tried Hard Enough
3 Beautiful Song
4 Good for You
5 She
6 Shade of the Hand of Fear
7 Crossties
8 Sometimes
9 That Man They Call Diablo
10 Know
11 On the Shoulders of Giants
12 At Stake
13 Causal Dread

All songs composed by Jennifer Nettles & Cory Jones


Jennifer Nettles - vocals, acoustic guitar, tambourine
Wesley Lupold - bass, accordion
Scott Nicholson - keys
Brad Sikes - drums
Mike Cebulski - percussion


If you follow country music, then you surely recognize the name of Jennifer Nettles. She and mandolin/guitar player Kristian Bush make up the band called "Sugarland." The group originally included Kristen Hall, a singer/songwriter from Sugarland, Texas. But she dropped out of the group early, deciding to stick with writing songs instead. Jennifer Nettles was born on September 12, 1974 in Douglas, Georgia. As she grew up, she loved performing at school, at her Southern Baptist church, and at every venue available. Besides singing and acting, she loved being a majorette in her high school marching band. After graduation, Nettles enrolled at Agnes Scott College, a liberal arts school in Georgia. A little known fact about Jennifer Nettles is that she started her first band, called "Soul Miner's Daughter", while in college. She hooked up with friend Cory Jones, a Classical guitarist. Soul Miner's Daughter recorded the folk albums, The Sacred and Profane (1996) and Hallelujah (1998). Later in 1998, Jennifer Nettles started her own self-named band. They recorded five albums, and won the "Independent Musician of the Year" award from Musician's Atlas in 2000. In 2003, the country group, Sugarland, was born, and the group has enjoyed riding high on the wave of musical success. Their debut album, Twice The Speed of Life, was released in 2004 under the Mercury Nashville label. The following year, Sugarland won the "Favorite New Artist" award at the AMA Awards. Their second album, Enjoy The Ride, was released in 2006, and turned Platinum in 2007. Nettles and Kristian Bush also won the "Duo Video of the Year" for "Want To" at the 2007 CMT Music Video Awards. And that's just a part of their successes so far! She has come a long way since she began writing and singing her own songs when she was seventeen years old. A little known fact about Jennifer Nettles is that the first royalty checks she earned paid her college loans off and bought a house in Georgia. It's interesting to see that Nettles has come a long way in her songwriting abilities as well. The first song she wrote was titled, "He Couldn't Give Up the Bottle So She Had to Give Back His Name." In 2006, Jennifer Nettles also stepped out of her role as Sugarland's lead singer to record a duet with Jon Bon Jovi. He and Richie Sambora wrote "Who Says You Can't Go Home?" for his 2005 album, Have A Nice Day." The country version of the song was set to be recorded by Bon Jovi and Keith Urban. A little known fact about Jennifer Nettles is that she stepped into Urban's part after it was decided that a female voice would sound better with Bon Jovi. Their version reached the number one slot on Billboard's Hot Country Singles chart and won a Grammy. Jennifer Nettles and her husband, night club owner Todd Van Sickle, divorced in 2007. She keeps busy touring, writing songs and recording with Sugarland. A little known fact about Jennifer Nettles is, the three essentials she says she needs when on the road, are a pair of "broken-in jeans", Listerine Whitening Quick Dissolving Strips, and light makeup that doesn't run when she's on stage. Another little known fact about Jennifer Nettles is, when she has the time at home, she loves to cook. She especially enjoys seafood like Scallops and Marinated Sea Bass. Nettles always makes time for Yoga. She says this ancient art balances her mind and body and builds up her immunity system. She also drinks healthful Green Tea. Nettles believes in lucky charms and symbols, is thankful to "the Universe and Creative Spirit", and has the word "Believe" tattooed on her wrist. © 2011 Yahoo! Inc. © http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/431398/little_known_facts_about_sugarlands.html?cat=33


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