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Wamma Jamma

Wamma Jamma - Kominatcha - 2000 - Armadillo

WammaJamma are a powerful four-piece band formed in 1990 by founder member/front man Nick Parkes. Immediately identifiable, their original sound is derived from using sax, harp, Yamaha WX7 and guitar as frontline instruments, creating an incredible fullness of sound and a surprising range of dynamics. Gig guides have consistently struggled to pigeonhole their music; a blend of blues, jazz, funk and rock, so the band invented a new pigeonhole to describe it: "JAZZFUNKINRYTHMNSLEAZYUPTEMPOROCKIN": "SOULSEARCHINHARDDRINKINALKALINEBLUES": Having consistently toured they have built up a large following appearing at festivals including the main stage at The Great British Rhythm and Blues Festival at Colne, The Edinburgh Festival, The Gloucester Blues Festival, Bike rallies and The Heineken Big Top. They also have played universities, clubs and theatres on the British, Irish and European circuits and recorded a live session for the Paul Jones Radio 2 show. Now after taking some time out, Nick is back on the road with a new line-up and their current album Kominatcha. © Armadillo Music Ltd 2007 http://www.bluearmadillo.com/artistpage.php?artist=19

A great contemporary mix of blues, jazz, rock, and funk. These guys can really play. The main man, Nick Parkes, produces some dynamic sax and harp work, and the guitar work from Phil Jones is classy. The band were originally formed in Cornwall, England in 1990 by Nick Parkes and Mike Hellier (Waterboys, Johnny Thunders, Sherman Robertson, James Hunter). The band built up a successful reputation as a touring outfit in the '90's. They quit touring in 1996 and disbanded. A few band members got together to record Kominatcha in 2000, which is HR by A.O.O.F.C. Nick Parkes continued gigging in clubs and pubs throughout the UK, and reformed the band in 2010. Try and listen to the bands "Six By Four" album, and read more about the band @ http://www.movinmusic.co.uk/wamma_jamma.htm If these guys are playing in your area, try and catch them. Like so many other artists on this blog, this band could do with more recognition and promotion.


1. The Trip - Nick Parkes
2. Knowin It - Phil Jones, Nick Parkes
3. Wotcha Gonna Tell Me - Nick Parkes
4. Walk Away - Nick Parkes
5. C. Jay - Nick Parkes
6. It Gets You - Nick Parkes
7. Slow Walk - Sil Austin, Connie Moore, Irving Siders
8. Hangin on a String - Nick Parkes
9. Fool You - Nick Parkes
10. Dark - Phil Jones, Nick Parkes
11. 6/1 Too - Nick Parkes
12. Kominatcha - Phil Jones, Nick Parkes
13. Low Down and Dirty - Phil Jones
14. Harlem Nocturne - Earle Hagen


Phil Jones - Guitars
Dave Brown - Bass
Nick Parkes - Sax, Harp, Yamaha WX7, Vocals
Mike Rolling - Drums