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Eva Cassidy

Eva Cassidy - Live At Pearl's September 14th 1994 Annapolis, Maryland - 1994 - Unoff.

"Live at Pearl's" was taped at Pearl's Restaurant in Annapolis, Maryland on September 14th 1994 while Eva was giving a solo performance. On two nights, Eva's friend Bryan McCulley brought his video gear, plugged it into Eva's soundboard, and recorded her singing. On the first of these nights, Bryan had technical problems and recorded the audio only. Bryan later transferred this to cassette. Copies of this cassette circulated among Eva's friends and family after her death. The original cassettes were of excellent sound quality. However several home made copies of these tapes are in circulation, and the audio quality on many of them bears no comparison to the original recordings. It would be great to hear a remastered CD from the original tapes. The post here is of better SQ than many of the other albums circulating. [All tracks @ 192 Kbps: 1 file (2 x CD's): Size = 114 Mb]



1 If I Give You My Heart - John Pennell
2 Woodstock - Joni Mitchell
3 Early Morning Rain - Gordon Lightfoot
4 Imagine - John Lennon
5 Summertime - Ira Gershwin, Du Bose Heward
6 People Get Ready - Curtis Mayfield
7 American Tune - Paul Simon
8 I Wish I Was A Single Girl Again - Harlan Howard
9 Wayfaring Stranger - Trad.
10 Who Knows Where The Time Goes - Sandy Denny
11 Kathy's Song - Paul Simon


1 Autumn Leaves - Johnny Mercer, Joseph Kosma
2 Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain - Fred Rose
3 Bold Young Farmer - Trad.
4 Wade In The Water - Trad.
5 Songbird - Christine McVie
6 The Water Is Wide - Trad.
7 Tennessee Waltz - Pee Wee King, Redd Stewart
8 Drown In My Own Tears - Henry Glover
9 My Love Is Like A Red, Red Rose - Robert Burns
10 Bridge Over Troubled Water - Paul Simon
11 Over The Rainbow - Harlan Howard, E.Y. Harburg


vali_nash said...

This is great! I only had CD1 and the first three songs on CD2. Now it will be complete... thanks to you!

A.O.O.F.C said...

Hi, vali_nash. Thanks. Hopefully this will be officially released someday. TTU soon...P

Danneau said...

Thank you for putting this up.

A.O.O.F.C said...

No probs. TVM,Danneau

Anonymous said...

do you know if uploadking is still a useable site? I've tried to access it several times over the past week using your links to a couple of different files. I've tried using different web browsers, but haven't been able to connect to it. Thankx, BB

A.O.O.F.C said...

Hi,BB. Uploadking disappeared after Megaupload disappeared. I don't know how many files I had with Uploadking, but no filehost is foolproof. Thanks for comment. Here's ALT. LINKS to Live @ Pearls

Ron said...

Links are down!

A.O.O.F.C said...

Hi,Ron. Sorry I can't re-up that album. It was on a 1 Tb hard drive stolen on me. I lost hundreds of albums. Maybe somebody reading this could provide a new link? Many thanks....Paul