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Micky Moody

Micky Moody - Electric Journeyman - 2009 - Armadillo Music

Guitarist Mick Moody is best known as a member of the inaugural lineup of Whitesnake, though he actually began his career years earlier as a member of Juicy Lucy. After exiting Juicy Lucy, Moody played with Snafu for a few years, as well as on several session gigs, before joining Whitesnake in 1978. When bandleader David Coverdale began tinkering with Whitesnake's lineup in the mid-'80s, Moody resumed his prior career as a session guitarist; he also formed a blues-rock outfit called the Moody & Marsden Band with Whitesnake cohort Bernie Marsden, which released an album titled Never Turn Our Back on the Blues in 1994. Moody and Marsden reunited again in the Whitesnake-affiliated supergroup Company of Snakes in 2000, and Moody released his first solo album, the bluesy I Eat Them for Breakfast, in 2001. © Steve Huey © 2012 Rovi Corp | All Rights Reserved http://www.allmusic.com/artist/Micky%20Moody-MN0000403626

On "Electric Journeyman" the ex-Whitesnake guitarist travels far beyond his pentatonic roots. This is good eclectic melodic instrumental rock that blends "smooth" jazz, jazz-rock fusion, 60's Hank Marvin style guitar dynamics, cinematic themes, as well as the duelling rock guitar sound of bands like Thin Lizzy and Wishbone Ash. Micky's hard rock and blues rock influences permeate the entire album. There are no exceptional tracks here but all in all a pleasant instrumental rock album with high calibre musicianship. This is an album that should have been expanded and developed more. Check out Micky Moody & Paul Williams' "Smokestacks, Broomsters and Hoochie Coochie Men" album [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: File size = 100 Mb]


1. Marcia Rockola (3:54)
2. Dia Hermoso (4:34)
3. Chunk O' Funk (4:30)
4. The Man With The Blue Guitar (4:08)
5. Galasphere 347 (4:31)
6. Through The Wormhole (0:24)
7. Day Of Reckoning (4:20)
8. Hookerized (2:17)
9. Dirty Pig Two-Step (6:26)
10. When Love Sneaks Up On You (2:47)
11. The Slithero Kid (3:25)
12. Pax Columba (1:10)

All tracks composed by Micky Moody except "Chunk O' Funk" by Micky Moody, Micky Moody Jr. & Neil Snozwell


Micky Moody - Electric, Acoustic, Slide, & Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Voices
Neil Snozwell - Bass Guitar, Groove Guitars on "Chunk O' Funk"
Neil Murray - Bass
Ollie Parfitt - Keyboards
Micky Moody Jr. - Drums, Percussion

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