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Stevie Nimmo

Stevie Nimmo - The Wynds of Life - 2010 - Armadillo Music Ltd

Don’t miss the chance to witness one of ‘Scotland’s finest singer songwriters’ up close and personal as he passes through the UK & Europe throughout 2013 – David Knowles, Maverick magazine

A bit more country and western than you probably expected. Pedal-steel guitars weep, accordions wheeze, lovesick dreamers endure lonely nights in Georgia... and it all hangs together pretty well ...- Henry Yates, Classic Rock, #151 Nov 10

Great album from one of Scotland’s finest singer/songwriters. - Dave Knowles, Maverick Magazine

Stevie’s wide embracing charm also extends out from the southern blues as some country blues rears via the instrumental ‘Winter’ plus, when it comes to soul it is delivered in fabulous fashion by way of ‘It’s a Hard Life’. Like with the majority of outstanding songs it was also written by Nimmo and is right up there with ‘Lonely Night In Georgia’ and the all-fired up ‘Good Day For The Blues’ only his I feel comes over a little better! Fresher and sharper in feel and production as Stevie reaches out to the listener. - Maurice Hope, Medicine Show

It is a magnificent compilation, which showcases Stevie’s sensitive side, particularly in respect of his vocal delivery and his songwriting skill. It is an absolute must ... - Lionel Ross, bluesinthenorthwest

A great brew of earthy and passionate Americana and blues with elements of gospel, soul, roots, country, and Louisiana style swamp rock by the great Glaswegian bluesman Stevie Nimmo (of the Nimmo Brothers), one of the hottest blues duos in the world. Check out The Nimmo Brothers' "New Moon Over Memphis" and King King Featuring Alan Nimmo's "Take My Hand" albums on this blog. Buy The Nimmo Brothers' "Live Cottiers Theatre" album and support real music. Check out any of James McMurtrys albums sometime for outstanding music in a similar genre. [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: File size = 144 Mb]


1 You'd Be On It - Boyd Tonner 4:58
2 Lonely Night In Georgia - Dave Barnes / Marc Broussard / Martin Sexton 5:11
3 Morning Sun, Midnight Rain - Stevie Nimmo 4:46
4 Dreams - Stevie Nimmo 4:16
5 Eye Of The Storm - Stevie Nimmo 5:53
6 Good Day For The Blues - David Grissom 4:28
7 Make It Up To You - Boyd Tonner 3:51
8 Long Road To Heaven - Stevie Nimmo 4:13
9 Coming Home To You - Stevie Nimmo 4:10
10 In Your Arms At Night - Stevie Nimmo 4:10
11 Winter - Stevie Nimmo 2:52
12 Sometimes - Stevie Nimmo 4:05
13 It's A Hard Life - Stevie Nimmo 4:51
14 Everything Is Gonna Be Alright - Stevie Nimmo 4:50


Stevie Nimmo - Acoustic, Slide, & Electric Guitar, Vocals, Backing Vocals
Lloyd Maines - Pedal Steel, Dobro, Slide Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo
David Lee Holt - Lead Guitar on Track 2: Guitar with Stevie Nimmo on Track 6
George Reiff - Bass Guitar, Bass Piano, Percussion
Michael Ramos - Hammond B3, Wurlitzer, Piano, Accordion
Pat Manske - Drums, Percussion
Stevie Nimmo & The Hill Country Graveyard Choir - Backing Vocals


Over the past decade and a half, Stevie and Alan Nimmo, as The Nimmo Brothers, from Glasgow, Scotland have proved themselves to be one of the most respected exponents of modern blues the UK has seen since the blues boom of the 1960’s. Firstly in the guise of The Blackwater Blues Band with their debut album ‘Breaking out the Blues’ showcasing an incredible energy and talent in ones so young; Alan was just 19 at the time! 1998 saw the first Nimmo Brothers album ‘Moving On’ with a more varied collection of songs than their previous offering, giving an insight into the strength and power of the Nimmo Brothers arrangements yet to come. Come they did in 2001 with ‘Coming Your Way’, marking the beginning of a hugely successful relationship with Armadillo Music. This album not only captured the true spirit and energy of the Nimmo Brothers but also showed a level of song writing maturity. It was with this batch of songs that the Nimmo Brothers found themselves catapulted to the forefront of the British and European blues scenes – winning best UK blues album and best UK blues band at the 2002 British Blues Connection Awards - as well as headlining festivals and leaving sold out signs in the windows of clubs throughout the UK and Europe. 2003 was time for a change of pace and the brothers achieved this with their acoustic album ‘New Moon over Memphis’; a beautiful and highly emotional recording which focused on the vocal and song writing talents of The Nimmo Brothers. When they first showcased this new material at the Low County Blues Bash in Charleston, South Carolina they were given two consecutive standing ovations by the audience, who were genuinely moved by the power and honesty of the songs they heard. One observer was the US blues artist Debbie Davis who immediately invited the guys to join her on stage that night at her own show. In 2006, after a period where the brothers had concentrated on various solo projects, Armadillo released their ‘Live’ album; recorded in 2003, at The Cottiers Theatre, in their home town of Glasgow. The Nimmo Brothers were back with a bombardment of new killer songs, touring the ‘Live’ album with dates in the UK, Ireland and Europe. In 2009 The Nimmo’s dusted down their amps and hauled out their treasured Les Pauls and Strat’s to promote ‘Picking up the Pieces’ and once again become THE BAND to be reckoned with on the blues scene. Musically stunning, they never fail to impress audience after audience with their show. The Nimmo Brothers have recently been in Austin, Texas, recording a new CD for release in Spring 2012. Sounding stronger and more powerful than ever, The Nimmo’s played and recorded with three top Austin musicians, Bill Whitbeck, bass player with Robert Earl Keen; Jimmy Pettit, bass with Joe Ely, The Flatlanders etc; also joining them on drums, the long time Eric Clapton collaborator and band member, Jamie Oldaker. © Armadillo Music Ltd 2007 http://www.bluearmadillo.com/artistpage.php?artist=16#


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