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Hedras Ramos

Hedras Ramos - New Sounds - 2009 - Audio 7 Productions

“I want to improve as a guitar player and as a musician. I don’t want to stop, but I also want to tour and have fun on stage with more people. I want to compose more music and satisfy my soul and ears...” Hedras Ramos was born in Guatemala City, Guatemala during the year 1992. His interest in music began at the ripe old age of 6 when he began taking drum lessons from some of the best skin-pounders in the country. It wasn’t until a couple of years later, however, at the still very young age of 8 that Hedras received his first electric guitar. While his talent and interest were obvious, it took years before he finally became serious about the instrument... At age 13 Hedras really showed passion for the guitar. He started practicing 7 or more hours a day during the school year and then 12 or more hours during vacations. Part of the reason for this sudden switch was because of Hedras’ father, Hedras Ramos Sr., who introduced his son to the masters (i.e. Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, ect). Since then, they’ve both shared a liking for guitar-based instrumental tracks, which led to Hedras’ decision to pick up the guitar again (and this time, he was hooked). Some of Hedras’ influences include Guthrie Govan, Jonathan Kreisberg, John Petrucci, and Joe Satriani. He is also influenced by jazz music and any pop artists in the spotlight today, “...This doesn’t influence me in a musical way, like harmony,” Hedras points out, “But it does in other ways... ”Hedras went on to self-produce his own music in his early teens and has since then released three phenomenal albums. The first, New Sounds, was released in December of 2008 when he was just 16 years old. Following that was The Holy Gift of Shred in 2009 and his latest original album, Atoms And Space, was released during 2011, featuring amazing guest performers such as Jennifer Batten (former guitarist for Michael Jackson), Andy James, Billy Ashbaugh and more. In 2009, after about four years of intense practice and completing his first two albums, Hedras took 2nd place in the Guitar Idol competition (based in London, England) which had more than 1200 entrants of all ages and styles. At age 17, Hedras was the youngest guitar player to make it to the finals. Already the young guitar prodige has jammed with some very well-known bands (like Switchfoot, Kansas and Die Toten Hosen), and was chosen for Axl Rose himself to open for GUNS N’ ROSES for their Chinese Democracy tour in Guatemala. He is currently endorsed by Halo Guitars with whom Hedras designed his own signature guitar, a privilege few musicians have had the honor of receiving. In 2011 Hedras had his own Rock Band game created, currently available for all to play. The game features some of Hedras’ best works, including “Insanity of the Atoms” and “Stellar Crash”. Also in 2011, Hedras agreed to take on lead guitar for Sir Christopher Lee’s latest heavy metal album, CHARLEMAGNE: The Omens of Death. Sir Christopher Lee has been an actor since the 1940s, most notably for his part as Count Dracula from the Dracula film series of the 1900s, as well as for playing Lord Saruman in Lord of the Rings. Lee is also a singer and has produced many albums over the years. After guitarist Richie Faulkner left the project to join Judas Priest, Lee searched and searched until he finally found Hedras to take on all the guitar work for the album. As Hedras continues his career (and he’s just getting started), he travels the world performing his music for thousands. © 2013 Hedras Ramos - All Rights Reserved http://www.hedrasramos.com/index.php/teachers/bio

With his third album, this 17 year old guitarist from Guatemala displays talent way beyond his years and this virtuoso axe man is starting to catch the eye of the music industry outside of his native country, recently playing with some notable names such as Kansas and Whitecross. Playing music that ranges from rock to jazz fusion, Hedras, who is self taught, shows that he knows how to make his guitar perform acrobatics. There is a full mixture of finger shredding solos, laid back jazz funk and all manner of squeaks and pops emanating from his guitar. In what is a truly diverse offering, even a Scottish bagpipe makes an appearance in the aptly named "Something Else" which harks back to the days of Big Country. The cream of this recording however, is certainly found on tracks where the sound is stripped down to a driving bass and heavy guitar, such as "Writing A Story" where Hedras can really let rip over a simple platform. At 12 tracks this CD contains over an hours worth of enjoyable music, providing plenty of inspiration to would be guitar heroes. ***** © Ian Webber © http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/hedrasramos

Hedras Ramos was born in Guatemala City in 1992. Some of his influences include Guthrie Govan, Jonathan Kreisberg, John Petrucci, and Joe Satriani. He is taking the world by storm with his savage shredding and future-jazz stylings. Still only 22 y.o in 2014, he is bringing the guitar to an entirely new level, and is one of the new breed of young guitarists who is potentially a huge talent for the future. Hedras is a guy to watch. Listen to his “Atoms and Space” and “Holy Gift of Shred” albums and buy his next release [Tracks @ 193-230 Kbps: File size = 85.9 Mb]


1. New Sounds 5:00
2. Mr. Kool 4:54
3. Blue Rain 6:22
4. There Is Hope 4:44
5. Something Else 5:00
6. Souls of Heaven 4:45
7. Writing A History 5:09
8. Extenuation 4:19
9. Changing My Life 4:25
10. Dark Dream 4:32
11. 23:7 Mind 4:49
12. Acoustic Element 2:40

All tracks composed by Hedras Ramos


Hedras Ramos – Guitars, Keyboards
Hedras Ramos Sr. – Bass
Helbert Arias – Keyboards on Track 2
Billy Ashbaugh – Drums on Tracks 2,4,5,6,11
Phil Robertson – Drums on Tracks 1,3,7,8,10
John Seamans – Voice on Track 7


Hedras David Ramos Velasquez (colloquially: Hedras Ramos) (born February 3, 1992 in Guatemala City, Guatemala) is an instrumental rock guitarist and multi-instrumentalist. Throughout his career he has opened for popular bands such as Kansas, White Cross, Die Toten Hosen, and was personally chosen by Axl Rose to open for Guns N' Roses during their "Chinese Democracy" tour in Guatemala. Ramos began his musical career at age 6 by learning to play the drums. It wasn't until 2005 however (at age 13) when Ramos became interested in learning guitar. He typically practiced 7 or more hours every day, even playing up to 12 hours a day during vacations from school. Entirely self-taught, Ramos pushed himself hard to master the guitar and on December 15, 2009, by the time he was 16 years old, he had composed and produced his first instrumental album New Sounds. Following this release was his instrumental Christmas album The Holy Gift of Shred which became available for purchase in November 2009. Between writing and producing albums, Ramos began to play and compete in guitar contests in different areas of the globe. On June 16, 2009, he won second place at the Guitar Idol competition (a world-wide event held in London, UK in which undiscovered guitarists compete online for a chance to play at the London International Music Show). On September 18, 2010 Ramos won second place at another world-wide event held in Bucharest, Romania called the Ziua Chitarelor 3. In 2011 Ramos released his third instrumental album Atoms And Space, his biggest release of all three, which featured solos and guest performances by artists like Jennifer Batten (former guitarist for Michael Jackson), Andy James (guitarist), Billy Ashbaugh (former drummer for Greg Howe, 'N Sync, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears and Pat Benatar, Muris Varajic (keyboard) and Sergey Boykov (keyboard). In 2003, when Ramos was eleven years old, his father (Hedras Ramos Sr.) formed the Latin-jazz band BlueROJO with a friend to compete in the Antigua Jazz Festival (based in Antigua, Guatemala). As of January 1, 2012, the only album produced by the band is titled REVOLUX and has not yet been released. Ramos joined his father's band in 2010 and they have since played in several venues. Also in 2011, after guitarist Richie Faulkner left the project to join Judas Priest, Ramos agreed to take on all guitar work for Sir Christopher Lee's heavy metal album Charlemagne: The Omens of Death (2013). Endorsements: On February 13, 2011, Rock Band released a new game featuring Ramos and the single "Insanity of the Atoms" from his third album Atoms and Space. On September 2 of that same year, Rock Band released another game featuring the single "Stellar Crash", also from Atoms and Space. Both games are currently available for Xbox 360 users and are not yet rated. Ramos endorses a number of other products including Halo Guitars' Hedras Ramos Signature Guitar which was designed specifically as a signature product for him. At age 17, Ramos became an endorser of Dean Markley guitar strings and later Multisonus Audio. During the year 2012, Ramos became one of three Latin-American guitarists to be fully endorsed by Xotic (a company that produces guitars, basses and effects pedals).

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