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Robert R. Rodrigo

Robert R. Rodrigo - Half Finger On The Moon - 2007 - RRR Records

Known for his amazing speed on the six string through his work with the band Airless, Robert R. Rodrigo strikes back with his 2007 solo album "Half Finger On The Moon". His fleet fingers are showcased on energetic numbers such as "Fury Of The Universe" and "Race In Flames". Entirely self-produced and self-recorded, "Half Finger On The Moon" transcends virtuosity, offering a sonic landscape in which hard rock lovers can surround themselves. Songs like "Golden Tears" and "Three Minutes In San Francisco" feature an emerging sentiment, displaying both melancholy and euphoria. © 1996-2013 Guitar Nine All Rights Reserved http://www.guitar9.com/news2007-12.html

Phenomenal instrumental guitar disc by incredibly gifted axemaster Robert R. Rodrigo from Spain. Featuring 11 tracks of mind-blowing riffage/playing and remarkable bluesy lead solo's complete with super-human technique and feel. Strong compositions, outstanding "tones" and brilliant dynamic guitar playing rule in the world of Robert R. Rodrigo. Definitely, one of the best obscure guitarists we have heard in years, Rodrigo plays with vast amounts of style, class and authority...the sign of a true Guitar Hero. "Half Finger On The Moon" is not your typical, boring instrumental guitar "shred" disc. It is, however, a first-class, intelligent, superb, awe-inspiring 6 string "musical journey" from a gifted, obscure, world-class axemaster who has a lot to say on the instrument. Highly Recommended to fans of Richie Kotzen, Paul Gilbert, Greg Howe, Shawn Lane, Michael Lee Firkins and other outstanding shred-masters of the Guitar. © 1996 - 2014 CD Universe; Portions copyright 1948 - 2014 Muze Inc. http://www.cduniverse.com/productinfo.asp?pid=7793279&style=music&fulldesc=T

Exceptional melodic shred guitar fusion with neo-classical, hard rock, and blues touches from an incredibly gifted guitarist. Nine tracks are instrumental, while “Chain Reaction” has vocals by Bob Salazar. Check out Robert’s “Wrath” album [All tracks @ 320 Kbps: File size = 102 Mb]


1. Me Vs Me 2:46
2. Fury Of The Universe 4:13
3. Race In Flames 3:57
4. Brief Love 4:27
5. The Shadow Of Told's Club 5:06
6. Three Minutes In San Francisco 3:02
7. Tears 5:20
8. Christina 2:28
9. Half Finger On The Moon 4:32
10. Chain Reaction 4:16
11. To Be Continued.... 1:17

All tracks composed by Robert R. Rodrigo except Track 10 composed by Robert R. Rodrigo & Bob Salazar


Robert R. Rodrigo - All Instrumentation
Bob Salazar - Lead Vocals on Track 10


Robert Basque Country Guitar player, plays guitar since 7 years old . At the age of 14 started with the electric guitar being self-taught and taking as model the best guitar players follows up his learning. When he was 18, the first demo tape was recorded, called "La Primera" (The First) which made him play in the "Villa de Bilbao" music contest, as well as the Adagio Demo contest from Barcelona, which is sponsored by Guitar Player and Keyboard magazines and where he his demo is awarded with the second price. One year later, he recorded his second demo, titled: "Turn This Radio On". This demo drives him to the Guitar player Club in Barcelona and to the Fantasy Show Bike in Sestao (Bizkaia). Afterwards he continues playing in a couple of venues along with his brother Mikel Rodrigo on the bass and the drum genius Javi Ruano. At the age of 24 he signs his first record contract with a label called Evolution Records and his first album "Robert R. Rodrigo" came along. Greater shows came after that and he had the chance to share stage with more important artists. A new band, Airless is created in January 2002 and Robert joins them as guitar player. The contract with Vinny Records comes soon and after it, the self titled album in June produced by Carlos Creator and distributed across the whole Europe, Canada and Japan. One year later, the band appears on a worldwide distributed compilation record called "Singing to the World", dedicated to the memory of the people who died in the 911 terrorist attack. In this album we can also find songs from Jason Becker, Tesla, Doro, Paul Gilbert, Paul Nelson, Jimi Hendrix and many more. Their live career continues and that play with bands such as Tyketto, Harem Scarem, Danny Vaughn or Rosendo. In August 2005 Robert signs a contract with “Ibanez guitars” which makes him endorser of the firm and Airless publish their second album, entitled "2nd Round" under the Finnish company Lion Music, one of the big ones in the rock industry. In the very same year, Airless launch their first live album and play as support act for Dare and Riot in several cities. In September 2006 Robert joins Carlos Creator to record "Space Antz" which appears in "The Alchemists 2", where there also involved well known guitar players for worldwide. Finally the album was published by Liquid Not Records Company. In March 2007, Robert is invited to play in the in the 10th anniversary party of Bilborock venue along with more important artists. The show was filmed for a further DVD. In 2007 Robert has just finished recording his second solo instrumental album: "Half Finger On The Moon", In May 2008 is Endorser by DiMarzio Pickups and ORANGE amplifiers, and June 2008 distributed and promoted by Grooveyard Records In the U.S . Now (2009 ) has finished the third album with his band AIRLESS , “Fight” which LION MUSIC Discography. In september ( 2009) is endorser by ERNIE BALL strings. © 2014 Robert R. Rodrigo http://www.robertrodrigo.es/en/menu-footer-bio.html

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